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If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

Knowledge is power, and the ultimate civil power resides in every individual in America. By studying the following links in the order presented, you will know more about freedom and what the creator expected from us and endowed us with Through His Divine Son, and you will know your responsibility in that regard.
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Anna has two books. They are both very important to freedom. Here are the links.

"Disclosure 101" is a compilation of some of her earlier writings: Disclosure 101
"You Know Something Is Wrong When... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" is the blockbuster you need to read. This book blows the lid off the corrupt corporate entity calling itself our Federal government, and shows the entire history of Fraud, Deception, Threat, Duress, Coercion, and Intimidation the perpeTRAITORS have used to steal our entire heritage and prosperity for over 150 years: Get it Here at Amazon
177.Very important solution oriented article you need to read.
Solid Resources and Brief Explanations from Anna Von Reitz

299.Fundamental American Government Structure
What most people completely miss about American Government

313.Estate Claim Filed with the Pope
Estate Claim Filed with the Pope

383. A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse"

736. A Brief Report for Those Trying to Understand the New World.

2468. The Constitution for the united States of America"

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A NOTE FROM JUDGE ANNA about this information: Please post my apologies that I cannot practice law while sitting as a judge and cannot possibly respond to literally millions of foreclosure cases and custody cases and so on. I have one set of hands and only 24 hours each day, like everyone else. The facts of the fraud have been established and presented. All members of the Bar Associations are liable. We have placed a huge lien on them. See articles #86 and #87 on this page. People all over this country need to be filing claims and going after these corporations. Look up commercial obligation liens and liquidation of corporations guilty of criminal activity-- and see what you will see.

Important Notice!
Up until February 23, 2019 Anna had recommended the Michigan General Jural Assembly and the National Assembly as a method or way to organize local, state and national assemblies to correct the problems in our country. Unfortunately, as you can see by reading Article # 1609 and following articles below, that is no longer the case, so ignore those references before that date in her articles until such time as the MGJA gets their train back on the rails of freedom.

The Jural Assembly Handbook     The Coordinators Handbook    State Coordinators List

All of Anna's articles for the Jural Assemblies in one place, and updated as required. These will appear as each article is written in the index of articles below, and in addition we will update the master PDF file at the link above as needed so you don't have to hunt for them. We hope this will make your efforts to form Jural Assemblies a little easier. Thanks to Max Emmons Taylor Jr. for compiling these and sending each new addition to us. You will be able to copy just one PDF file and send it around, and it will be up to date about twice per week or as required to keep this up to date.

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Before you begin your studies Read This Introduction.

639. The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance

This page is indexed roughly in cronological order by date of publication with the newest articles at the bottom.
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Before you begin:
" Come Holy Ghost, into the hearts of thy Faithful and kindle in them the fire of Thy Love. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created, and Thou shalt renew the face of the Earth. Oh God, who didst instruct the hearts of Thy Faithful by the light of Thy Holy Spirit, grant us by the gift of the same Spirit, that we may be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen."

INTRODUCTION: Notice To Congress

1. My Dear Archbishop George

2. The Nut is Cracked

3. For a Deeper Understanding

4. Open Letter to Karen Hudes

5. Final Judgment and Civil Orders

6. Final Judgment with Addendums

7. Civil Orders 6 10 2014

8. Civil Orders 7 4 2014

9. Notice of Default

10. Regarding "Political Action"

11. The Cheapest, Most Efficient Prison of all, Your Mind

12. I am Your Anchorbaby

13. Defined: The Source of the Fraud! From the Beginning!

14. To the adults in the room

15. An in depth explanation of the games that have been played on the American sovereigns

16. Open letter to Jack Lew Secretary of the Treasury

17. Starting at first base

18. Second base What "They" have done "For" You

19. Third base The Guilty Parties

20. General Civil Orders

21. (W)rit of Assistance and Affidavit of Truth

22. Signed - Sealed - Proof of Delivery

23. Confirmation of Delivery by USPS

24. Final Judgment and Civil Orders with Final Addendums updated 10-14-14

25. Live People seal documents with an autograph; Corporations use signatures

26. The Real Criminals

27. US Corporation Fraud: Why the Courts are at Fault

28. US Corporation Fraud: What Can Be Done

29. What is the Constitution?

30. Your Offer to Contract is Rejected

31. Did you give your Consent to any of this?

32. Role of the Trustee - Members of Congress

33. Anna's Vetted Notice to the World

34. Anna's Will to the American People

35. Anna's Letter to Angela Merkel

36. Words of Wisdom from Anna

37. Sovereignty vs 515 members of Congress

38. Just So You Know

39. How the US Corporation changes shells

40. Dissecting the Maze

41. Honor ... The Lack of..

42. The Constitution is a LAW for rulers and the people in war and peace.

43. The Rod Class Case

44. One more time…Judge Anna attempts to Straighten out the old man.

45. A lot of information for individual people

46. The "Condo Association" Analogy - Re: the united States

47. Removing the Fangs

48. A statement of fact for the Bundy family in Nevada

49. Writ of Quo Warranto
I can't verify yet that the above document was authored by Anna von Reitz but it sounds like it might be.

50. Dear John - Regarding the IRS

51. Top 5 Banking Acts – UNITED STATES of AMERICA Inc Released from Bankruptcy July 1, 2013

52. Kevin Annett vs. Russell Means, Leonard Peltier, and Me — Or What’s Real –

53. Many politicians are just now beginning to wake up

54. America is a corporation and the state owns your children

55. Look up Public Laws governing Citizen’s Arrest in your state; get ready to use them.

56. The federal fiat U.S. dollar VS. The New Treasury Dollar

57. An Update from Anna von Reitz

58. The specific details of how you were defrauded

59. Declaration of Law by Anna Von Reitz

60. They cannot say that they were not told the truth!

61. The Civil Judge Advocates Council

62. Relief Is NOT Remedy

63. Before Things Get Out of Hand

64. In our quest for a “JUST” Society – Judge Anna von Reitz offers the following:

65. Public Order Document  http://public-order-with-cover-2.pdf

66. Public Order Timeline Document

67. Twelve Steps to Take if You Are Trapped in Court

68. Public Notice - Buyer Beware

69. Acting as a judge of a superior court

70. Folks, think about what you are doing

71. The Fourteenth Amendment Hoax

72. Alaska State Superior Court Judge, Anna von Reitz

73. Public Notice to Law Enforcement

74. Wait a Moment - How can it be illegal for people to get married?

75. It's In The Box

76. Anna von Reitz shares an important document

77. Another Book coming from Anna von Reitz

78. The "Pope" in America

79. The Correct Gun Control Argument

80. The Diabolical Nature of What Has Been Done

81. For the [Stupid] Love of Money

82. Here You Go.... Hot Off the Presses from Judge Anna

83. Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 1

84. Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 2

85. The Importance of County Sheriffs

86. Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien against the American Bar Association

87. The actual document of the Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien against the American Bar Association

88. Dead Man Pays Multiple Mortgages 34 Years After His Death -- Notice to Sheriffs, Troopers, FBI, Militia

89. New Post About Karen Hudes and "The Rule of Law"

90. Be aware, a huge war is going on"

91. So What Does It All Mean?"

92. A Reply to Karen Hudes"

93. Far Behind the Curve - For Marge"

94. Begin at the Beginning

95. An Open Letter to General Dunford and the Joint Chiefs of Staff

96. Judge Anna on the Second Amendment

97. Open Letter to Sheriff Ward

98. Dear Federal Agents

99. Letter to Pope Francis 12 10 2015

100. Updated Live Affidavit

101. Letter to John Kerry and Ban Ki Moon

102. A Reply to Snopes and all others.

103. The Truth About Karen Hudes, The World Bank, and Your Gold

104. Solving the problem of Individual Freedom and Sovereignty

105. A Message To, For, and About Great Britain

106. Second Letter to Sheriff Ward

107. Response from Karen Hudes to Judge Anna Von Reitz

108. Another note from Karen Hudes and Judge Anna's Reply

109. Criminals on Our Shores

110. Steps to Take, Who To Notify, What to Be Aware Of

111. How you can help us make peace and real freedom in the world

112. Discussion with Neil Keenan, December 22, 2015, from Judge Anna

113. The Truth and Thomas Deegan

114. Christmas message For Veterans from Judge Anna and James Clinton Belcher

115. Third Round with Karen Hudes

116. Lawful Money versus Legal Tender

117. Land at peace, sea at war for 150 years

118. Deny the crooks jurisdiction over you, and destroy their power.

119. Questions for Judge Anna about the postmaster

120. Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States

121. Final Notice of Commercial Obligation Lien to World Bank/IBRD/IMF

122. An Open Report to Pope Francis Regarding the Situation in Oregon and Other Matters

123. Brief Explanation of the Fundamental Fraud Against Us

124. My Answer to "Snopes", NBC, CBS, Ted Turner, and the American Press Club, Too.

125. Today's Missoulian about the Oregon situation

126. A Reply to Stewart Rhode's Recommended Honorable Exit Strategy For Ammon Bundy From Judge Anna

127. Open Swim for Lawyers!

128. Was Common Law shut down years ago?

129. Specifics for Sheriffs and Federal Agents

130. Questions from Montana for Judge Anna Von Reitz

131. Three part document on Karen Hudes by Judge Anna


133. The Lunatic Fringe Round Two, Gurus Be Damned

134. The Essential Five Second Statement of Why You Can Choose to Be Free Right NOW

135. To Betsy Hammond of the Oregonian RE "self appointed judge" showing up.

136. This is Karen Hudes' latest excuse---

137. How to Restore the Land Jurisdiction Government Owed to Your County

138. About Federal Title 12 USC 95a and b2 - Who owns your property?

139. Where We Are In The Fraud Process Briefly Explained

140. Ode to Sheriff Mack --- How To Get Enforcement of the Actual Law of the Land?

141. The Northwest Ordinance, Federal Proprietorship, and the Western States

142. Another American Speaks to Betsy Hammond and Provides References

143. Why Unrest of Any Kind Defeats Both Versions of America

144. Important Details for Everyone Regarding 12 USC 95a and 95 (2) b:

145. Round Four With Karen Hudes

146. Round Five with Karen Hudes--- Judge Anna, January 16, 2016

147. A Reply from Judge Anna About the National Debt, the National Credit, and the Pope's Role

148. ROUND SIX : Karen Hudes v. Judge Anna

149. Why All Contracts Are Void and Fraud By Nature -- Language and Parse Syntax

150. Question and Answers about Freedom to Travel and Other Freedoms and Responsibilities

151. In Regard to "Burning Question" Below:

152. Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy

153. Is The FBI Assembling Death Squads - Round Seven with Karen Hudes - A Commentary by Judge Anna Von Reitz

154. Cover Letter to Pope Francis - From Anna Von Reitz

155. General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. , American Armed Forces

156. Open Letter to Congress and the Federal Governors

157. Extra-Judicial Notice Issued to the Justices of THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES

158. What China Can Expect and Needs to be Told - Judge Anna Von Reitz

159. Essential Knowledge for Every American to Know from Judge Anna

160. Instructions Regarding "FBI" Murderers Still Terrifying Burns, Oregon


162. The END of 400 Years of European Meddling and Predation in America

163. Answers for Tom--- and the Rest of the World, Too.

164. For Arnie Rosner-- Reply to Suggestions

165. Is America Under a Judgment?

166. Clarification -- What We Have Done from Anna Von Reitz

167. There IS No National Debt Owed by Americans

168. Are You Aware - This is crucial for Ammon Bundy

169. Update from Judge Anna -- February 10, 2016

170. The Need to Dismantle the Machine

171. Answer to Ralph Kermit Winterrowd and Anyone Else Who THINKS I Am Not a Judge:

172. Letter of Support for Sheriff Palmer, Grant County, Oregon

173. Me and the NLA by Anna Von Reitz

174. Global Currency Reset? Hello? This Isn't a "Reset"

175. Know Anyone in Canada Doing Anna's Work?

176. My Reply to John Daresh and NLA --- Round One

177. Solid Resources and Brief Explanations from Anna Von Reitz

178. NLA Shows Its True Colors - by Anna Von Reitz

179. Am I Worried About John Daresh, His Attacks and His False Charges?

180. Notice in Regard to Continuing Abuses

181. Nationality - A question for Anna Von Reitz

182. No Free Lunch, No Santa Claus, and No Tooth Fairy, Either

183. The Down and Dirty for Thomas Deegan, Ammon Bundy, and Everyone Else

184. To All Who Care About Justice

185. Long Form Birth Certificate Question - Who are you?

186. Questions for Judge Anna - Can't find you on the cabal's list of Judges?

187. The Genesis of the Fake Corporate "Personas"

188. De Facto versus De Jure - more questions for Judge Anna

189. A Report to the World - from Judge Anna Von Reitz

190. What is in a NAME? An Appeal for Pesach (Passover)

191. Anu:hotep/anaroth - what does this mean.

192. Comment on Arches of Ba-El Temple of Marduk Being Built in London and New York

193. Banker Truth - Global Currency Reset - by Anna Von Reitz

194. Elections? What Elections? Big News. BIG.

195. A Note About Money and Foreclosures---- Pun Intended

196. Disclosure is about to take place, re. Notice to the world

197. Questions for Anna - Please provide us with direction. How do we stop this evil?

198. Where Does Law Come From? -- Everything You Need To Know and Were Afraid to Ask

199. Step by Step -- Emancipation

200. Passport Fraud

201. Debunking We Go --- An Endless Game of Whump the Weasels

202. Claim Your Babies Now - Stop the Crime at the Source

203. People's Awareness Coalition Comments About

204. Law of Contract is Void; Law of Covenant is Valid

205. The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of Trusts

206. LB Bork, the Red Amendment, and The Dual System of Law

207. An Interview with Judge Anna Von Reitz About Our History

208. Restoring America, In Response to Bill Goode, Kingman, AZ

209. A One Page Reduction of the Situation

210. Letter to the Pope - 14 April 2016 from Anna Maria Riezinger

211. Your Future is at Stake

212. Definitions You Need to Know

213. Modus Operandi of Satanists - Recognizing the Hidden Hand

214. What to Expect on April 19, 2016

215. Neil Keenan, the Chinese, the "All of It" -- by Judge Anna

216. Repeat of What Anna Says About Contracts and Quantum Grammar

217. History Hash by Anna Von Reitz

218. Finally--- a Simple Fraud-Killing Remedy

219. Formal Notice to Congress Regarding Fraud -- 22 April 2016

220. Let's Get This Straight, Once and For All....Birth Certificate Fraud

221. Calling Out John Daresh and NLA

222. Common Law v. Admiralty Law, People v. Persons

223. How To Identify Liars and Fools --- They Talk About "Sovereign Citizens"

224. Calling Out John Daresh and NLA--- Round Two

225. Crazy Like a Fox -- Unanswered Letters 1 -- A Reply to John Smith

226. Which Is The Real American Government? --- Unanswered Letters 2 -- Reply to Pat Anderson

227. Salute to Lisa Havens: Just When You Thought American Journalism Was Dead.....

228. Crisis --- Letter to Pope Francis - Via Email, April 30, 2016

229. Slavery --- Unanswered Letters 3 -- Reply for Emily

230. The Role of Evil --- Unanswered Letters 4 --- Reply for Doreen

231. Fool Me Once.... Unanswered Letters 5 -- Reply for Robyna

232. Dr. William Mount, Le Neu Republique, and NESARA On the Hot Plate

233. Regarding Dunford as POTUS ---- Unanswered Letters 6 --- Reply for Richard

234. A Very Critical Point to Understand --- Unanswered Letters 7 -- Reply for Charles

235. Our Government v. Their Government -- Unanswered Letters 8 -- Reply to Jayne

236. Idiocy Abounds - Global Currency Reset? Ya - right.

237. Emergency Review About "Money"

238. "Network of Corporate Global Control" ---- My Fat Foot

239. More Evidence of IMF Sponsored Crime and Crisis --- May 5 Letter to Pope Francis

240. The Straight Skinny and What You Need to Do

241. Our Actual Credit Balance -- Unanswered Letters 9 -- For Emily Again

242. Mr. Jacob Rothschild ---- Let Me Ask You.....

243. To Kyle Rearden--- Try to Get the Labels Right

244. There Are No "Fake Judges" and No "Sovereign Citizens" Either

245. Apples or Oranges?

246. About the "Presidential Transition" --- Unanswered Letters 10---- for Sylvia (Thank You!)

247. Payment in Full Tendered for All Debts of the UNITED STATES

248. Calling Out John Daresh, and NLA --- Third Round

249. More Confusion About Common Law Courts --- Unanswered Letters 11 -- Reply to Sir David Andrew

250. Shinola Talks and America Walks - Who are you Ammon Bundy?

251. Wake Up, Please, and Tell Me----- Are You A Puerto Rican?

252. Dear Mr. Rothschild --- Payment of Account and Contract Status

253. Revocation of Election to Pay Income Tax -- Unanswered Letters 12 -- For "Princess"

254. Little Words --- Unanswered Letters 13 -- For Richard

255. "Naturalized Citizenship" -- Unanswered Letters 14 --- For Mors

256. Sheriff Mack -- Unanswered Letters 15 -- for Ron

257. Synopsis of Situation - To Whom it May Concern, or To Those it May Tend to Incriminate

258. Calling Out John Daresh and the NLA --- Round 4

259. Conference Settlement

260. May 10 Debt Transmittal Letter

261. May 10 Bank for International Settlements

262. Notice of Withdrawal of Appearance as Agent -- Example

263. Notice of Non-Representative Capacity -- Example

264. Reply for Tony --- Unanswered Letters 16 -- No, Not Like Karen Hudes in Any Respect

265. More Disinfo and Hogwash --- Unanswered Letters 17 --- For "Highly"

266. Hague Notice of Fraud, Order to Cease and Desist

267. Judge in International Capacity, Justice at Home --- Unanswered Letters 18 -- for Patriot Jenn

268. How To Use The Glossa Judicial Notice and Order

269. Letter to Pope Francis-- Memorial Day 2016

270. The Destruction of the constitution

271. Neu Republique II --- Unanswered Letters 19 --- For Nina

272. Regarding More Idiot-Speak About "Secession"

273. Once Again, What Kind of Judge Are You? ---- Unanswered Letters #20----- for laurence

274. The truth has come out finally and conclusively, by Judge Anna von Reitz

275. "Neu Republique" v. Old Republic--- Another Birthday Party Disaster by Judge Anna

276. "Why NLA Grand Juries Don't Work--- Unanswered Letters 20a --- for Joseph

277. Analysis of Latest Fulford Report ---- Unanswered Letters 21 ---- for Lorna

278. "US Citizenship" ---- Why Won't You Believe That You Have Made a Wrong Assumption?

279. For Our British Friends --- Unanswered Letter 22 --- for Roger

280. June 6: A Requiem for a Birthday

281. NLA and Karen Hudes ----Unanswered Letters 23 --- For Concerned Parties

282. Comments About Anarchy As a Solution-- Unanswered Letters 24 -- For Michael

283. Red Alert! Shout Out from Judge Anna Von Reitz!

284. Eric Williams' response 6-10-2016 from Anna Von Reitz

285. Are You a Citizen or a National?

286. We Are All "Indigenous" --- Like It or Not

287. Should Democrats Be Disarmed?

288. Progress and Flaming #@$!@s

289. What Do I Need Money For?----- The People's Law Firm

290. Why Do We Need a Totally Different Kind of Law Firm --- And Why NOW?

291. Why You Don't Hear About All These Bankruptcies

292. Question and Answer -- June 19, 2016 -- The Only Living Law Firm in the United States

293. The Living Law Firm: 20 to Nothing on Foreclosures Tonight--- All Wins for Our Side

294. James Belcher, July 4, and Sons of the Revolution

295. Citizen v. National Using Georgia as an Example

296. Reply Regarding "Global Connection" Piece for Sandra

297. Several Major Updates -- June 27, 2016 from Anna Von Reitz

298. Money is a Product Like Pork and Beans

299. Fundamental American Government Structure

300. Social Security and the Government of FRANCE

301. Question for David Crayford and An Answer

302. Breaking Our Contracts with the Dead

303. American States and Nations Bank Partners With Karatbars, International

304. No Need For Confusion of Any Kind

305. Answer to David Crayford and "American Lawyer" -- Round 2

306. For Jed --- More Questions and Answers About American States and Nations Bank

307. Independence Day - What are we celebrating?

308. Quite Possibly the Most Important Announcement You Ever Receive

309. The Definitive Reason Why General Dunford CANNOT Restore America

310. Why You Are Special

311. Monday -- Support Needed for the Living Law Firm

312. Trust No-Thing by Anna Von Reitz

313. Estate Claim Filed with the Pope - From Anna Von Reitz

314. Rumor that U.S. and NATO to Attack Russia

315. Welcome Home!

316. Please Pray For Mainstreet

317. Six Million Cases of Foreclosure

318. The United States is NOT America

319. Men and Angels

320. For SOME Indian Chiefs - Your claims violate Your Traditions

321. Reply to "American Lawyer"--- by Judge Anna

322. American States and Nations Bank Update

323. Question About Affects of Tribal Membership on Political Status

324. Reply to Tyron Parsons --- False Gods and Men Who Worship Them

325. Cow Patties and Shoe Shine --- My Challenge Back to Tyron Parsons and His Ilk

326. Two Kinds of "Money"

327. In Eve's Defense

328. The Final PUSH -- Update on Living Law Firm and Foreclosure Fraud

329. Great Quote from Make War Unprofitable

330. Obama Bans Gold Ownership for "United States Citizens"? So Who's a "Citizen"?

331. Source for your article on Obama banning gold

332. They Stole Our Names.....And Now, They've Lost Them.

333. Where's the Mandate?

334. Rebuttal Versus Reclamation -- Exodus to the Land

335. Why I Am Polite to the Devil

336. As a Thing Is Bound -- Or, What Goes Around

337. My Slogan--- Keep Calm and Get Even

338. Proper Wording for the Necessary Actions and Documents Part One

339. The Big Switch – An Open Accusation of Worldwide Fraud

340. Why Do Corporations Exist? What Can We Do About It?

341. Holy Crap Corporations

342. The Smell of the Rose - Anna Von Reitz

343. The Once and Future Story--- and One Simple Correction

344. From England Where All This Crappola Began --- The Word Goes Forth

345. Reply to Karen Hudes --- Again, Date Stamped August 10, 2016

346. The Two Are Not Two. They Are One.

347. Toward A More Complete Understanding

348. Update: Time to End the Civil War: the Necessity of Expatriation

349. Trusts or No Trusts - How they should work, and where they came from.

350. From the Trenches to the Sidelines - Questions Answered by Anna

351. Why A Name Change is Vital

352. The Second Summit -- British Government Gratitude Explained

353. What Your Donations Buy - From Anna Von Reitz

354. Unanswered Letters -- Second Batch, Number 1--- For Woody and Arnie Rosner

355. Hello? Earth? This is Anna....... Houston? We've Got a Problem Here....

356. A Heart-Breaking Call for Help

357. The People of the Whole World Have Been Defrauded

358. Be Inspired. Be VERY Inspired.....

359. Update on Living Law Firm Progress

360. The Watchmen - by Anna Von Reitz

361. The Bundys - An article by Anna Von Reitz

362. "I Don't Know, But I've Been Told"

363. State UCC Filings -- The way you want it

364. New comment on State UCC Filings -- The way you want it.

365. Congressman Louis T. McFadden Speaks

Congressman McFadden's complete speech of May 23rd, 1933 as compiled and assembled by John White

366. Unanswered Letters, 2 of Second Batch---- For Rodger

367. My Prince Charming and the Battle of New Ulm

368. Prejudice is as Prejudice Does

369. Come Out of Babylon

370. What Happened to Checks and Balances?

371. Savvy Served Up Hot Every Thursday Night!

372. Ammon Bundy Totally Vindicated and Now......

373. Me and Walter Cronkite

374. Ancient Molmutine Laws of Britain

375. The Big One - 20 years of work filed in your behalf

376. A New World, Not a New World Order

377. The Arrogance of Central Planning

378. Jacob Rothschild = The New Republic = La Neu Republique

379. Most Beloved Francis -- Update September 26, 2016

380. No Dog in the Fight

381. Reply to Aptly Named "Son of Wind"

382. Regarding Calls for My "Arrest" and My Turn to Ask Questions

383. A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse"

384. There is Nothing Occult

385. Comment on Luis Ewing, Larry Becraft, and Admiralty Lawyers, et Alia

386. New comment on A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse".

387. Another comment adding to A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse"

388. Update: Bank Foreclosures and Mountain Climbing

389. COLB's, Social Security, RV's, Gold Hoards and Ponzi Schemes

390. Advantages of Just Saying----No! -- and Boycotting the Election

391. Comment on Fulford Report of October 3, 2016: FED v. IMF

392. Postmasters and Post Masters, Who Has the Post Master?

393. Dear Vladimir: It's Not Us

394. Answer Regarding Confusion

395. Housekeeping 101 --- Us and Them by Anna Von Reitz

396. Your Name, Please?

397. More to Know About Your Name

398. The Odious Karen Hudes, Once More Revisited

399. Waking Up 101 Revisited

400. Cleaning Up The Civil War --- 150 Years Later

401. GESARA and NESARA and NO-SERA about 90% correct

402. The Vanishing Act

403. The "False Flap" Over Bruce Doucette

404. Postscript to The "False Flap" Over Bruce Doucette

405. The Basics

406. A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations --- Reply for Ron

407. Late in the Evening Comes the Dawn -- The Bundys Exonerated

408. A Crash Course in Skepticism--- and Hope

409. Postscript to "A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations"

410. Clarification of What Happened to Our Government

411. An Open Letter to General Dunford - From Anna Von Reitz

412. Standing Rock - Beyond Tribalism

413. You Want to Be Free? By-Pass Temptation to Vote

414. Preet Bharara --- The Hero You Never Heard Of

415. Why Would Canada "Help" the United States Clean House?

416. American States and Nations (Trading) Bank -- Part One

417. American States and Nations (Trading) Bank --- Part Two

418. Valley Forge 2.0 - Help Needed

419. So Trump is President- Elect

420. Good Morning, America…. from Anna Von Reitz

421. Living Law Firm Update -- November 2016

422. Attention, Please. The Answer to Standing Rock. Again.

423. Mainstream Media Corruption --- Tell Donald Trump

424. Dung Beetles, Vietnam and Donald Trump

425. Guys, I Know I Need to Do Videos

426. The Amazing Vanishing Debtors

427. Two Crocks in One Week

428. The Importance of Your State

429. International Notice Back to “The United States of America Government” --- And All Other Pretenders

430. What I Know About the "Reign of Heaven Society" and "The United States of America"

431. Settling Some Intel Hash

432. Feel Good BS as opposed to Scare Us Silly BS!

433. The Rest of the Story--- and a Correction (or Two or Three….)

434. More Bogus Claims from Keith Livingway and "The United States of America"

435. The Short List

436. What Donald Trump is Telling You

437. Cousin Bubba --- Call Out to All Serious Historical Researchers

438. The True History of the Income Tax and IRS ---- Again

439. The Legacy of Easy Eddie ..... Or, Stop Being Stupid

440. The Old World Order, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Two

441. About "Targeted" People and Weather Warfare, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 3

442. The Only Adult in the Room.... Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 4

443. Divide and Conquer....Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 5

444. Who Benefits?.....Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 6

445. Answer to Milt Farrow, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Seven

446. Chinese Gold, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 8

447. American Civil War, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 9

448. Woe to Babylon, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 10

449. States of States, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 11

450. New Year's Eve 2016 Greeting

451. US v. Federal Districts, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 12

452. The Trading Companies, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 13

453. Fast Forward, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 14

454. Mortgage Fraud, Political Status and Law, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 15

455. The Rest of the Story, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 16

456. Hypothecation, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 17

457. Long Ago, Far Away -- Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 18

458. Words and Terms, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 19

459. It's the Language and the Court, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 20

460. Dear Doctor Trowbridge.....

461. The Final Lamb, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 21

462. It's the Banks, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 22

463. It's the Oil, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 23

464. It's the Media, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 24

465. The Sweet Spots, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 25

466. Practical Education -- Pure and Simple: Lighthouse Law Club

467. Interregnum My Rump, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 26

468. Ford and Carter's Bicentennial, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 27

469. The Pope and the Pontiff, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 28

470. The Government That Isn't, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 29

471. Thank You, and No, I Can't Keep Up.....And Did You Know You Are in The Service?

472. It's the Political System, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 30

473. It's the "ISMS"-- Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 31

474. It's Your Copyright, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 32


476. It’s Your Land, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 33

477. The Final End of the Fraud - Hail, the Emperor's New Clothes

478. The Constitution

479. Trump Card will be played this month, or will it?

480. Continental Marshals - History You May Not Know

481. Clarification ----Exactly What Is the "Fourth Branch of Government" Justice Antonin Scalia Referenced?

482. The Situation Report

483. Reply to Michael R. Hamilton in Regard to Continental Marshals Service

484. What We Know About "YOU"

485. An End to My Association with Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton

486. Vetting. Think About It.

487. Anna Goes Queen for a Day.....

488. Anna Goes Queen for a Day.....

489. Just the Facts, Ma'am

490. Your Political Status and Your Oaths -- Bella Haywood's Case

491. What Has Been Done For You

492. The Right Way and the Wrong Way

493. Dear Monique--- The Nature of My Work With the Vatican

494. Clarification Regarding the Continental Marshals Service

495. Vital Terms and History

496. Issues of Sovereignty -- by James Belcher

497. Truly Off Base -- The Tempest in the Teapot Phenomenon

498. Incompetence -- and Really Crazy Stuff --on Parade

499. Things We DON'T Have to Research AGAIN

500. Your State is Your Nation

501. Badge Buffoonery -- Tempest in Teapot 2

502. Solutions? You Guys Want SOLUTIONS???

503. Ten Important Facts for Americans

504. About Oaths, Offices, and Civics -- For "Court of Record"......

505. 150 Years of British Criminality -- The Very Short Version

506. Mayhem and Misunderstanding in Illinois

507. About the Supposedly "Missing" Original 13th Amendment.... A Recap of the Scam

508. Public Offices Belong to the Public

509. Public Notice of Gross Judicial Misconduct

510. A Guide to Choosing Your Leaders

511. Our mission is to restore the lawful government that is owed to us.

512. Please Prevent Wholesale Anti-Semitism

513. So, I Am a Vatican Spy?

514. Continental, Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.....

515. Reply to Bruce Doucette Concerning the Continental Marshals Service

516. Not Overtaken, Reborn

517. Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

518. Do Your Ears Hang Low?

519. To Kevin --- RE: Mission Priorities, Militias, and Continental Marshals

520. For Kevin 2: The Fifty States Claim and You

521. Rogue Sabre --- Truth and Lies, Land and Sea

522. March 31, 2009 -- Take Note

523. The Very Short Explanation of Everything

524. Why Clinging to Your Chains is Not the Answer

525. Are We Idiots?

526. Blood Oath Fulfilled

527. A Life and A Reason

528. The Truth About Contracts, Parse Syntax, and Us

529. Global Collateral Accounts -- What's the Hold Up?

530. No Democracy, Not Now, Not Ever

531. Collapsing the Fraud -- April 15th is a National Holiday

532. Arrests

533. Your Mission, Jim, If You Decide to Accept It.....

534. Turkey Farming in Colorado

535. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 --- Reply to Arnie Rosner

536. The Fifty States Claim -- Update

537. FBI Informers, the Bundys, and Watering Horses

538. There Are No Secrets

539. Letter to President Trump on April 11, 2017

540. Why Would Catholic Bishops Pray for the Death of America?

541. Foxes in the Hen House

542. The Big Job --- Reply to Arnie Rosner

543. Exactly Why the Trump Administration Needs to Cooperate

544. The Truth About Larry Becraft and the "Federal Income Tax"

545. Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

546. Public Notice to the United States/UNITED STATES

547. Good Friday and the Kingdom of Heaven

548. Public Notice to Feds

549. Red Alert! Another Bankruptcy Fraud in Progress! Please Post Notice!

550. Business Letter to U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Sessions

551. Letter to the Hague Prosecutor's Office

552. American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium

553. Repost from The Rebel Madman Blog

554. Why Civil Rights Are the Key to National Solidarity

555. Let's Send Them a Bill, Shall We?

556. Seeking the Truth as a Way of Life

557. The Doctrine of Scarcity -- Calling Out Pope Francis

558. Another Declaration of Independence --- Everyone Take Note, Share, Go Viral!

559. A Very Important Announcement--- The Nature of the Battle

560. How to Correct Your Political Status and Why

561. Trojan Horse Alert!

562. The Fruits of Endless War --- How Insurance Fraud Funds "Your" Government(s)

563. Let's Settle This Hash......

564. Pass the Word to Mr. Trump

565. What Was Done For You --- 2.0

566. Your Help is Needed

567. Reply to Bundy Stand-Off : A Century of Abuse

568. What is the UN? --- Probably Not What You Think

569. Rumors of "The Republic" -- What It Means, Actually.

570. Cookie Jar Money For "Cookie"

571. The "Situation" in Colorado

572. The Littlest Billy Goat Gruff -- Puerto Rico

573. Re-Flagging Your Vessels

574. Details of the Treason Against the Actual United States

575. General Dunford, Mr. Trump, Everyone Concerned ---Courage Is The First Virtue

576. The Best Explanation of "The System" -- Right From the Horse's Mouth

577. Your Right to Travel Freely - State V Marple

578. Final Reply to Thomas Deegan

579. Who or What Is At the Bottom of All This?

580. A Message of Hope for Pope Francis

581. What Every American Needs to Know About Sir Lancelot

582. Now What With Puerto Rico?

583. The Very Brief Explanation of the Corruption Process

584. The End of the "Re-Flagging" Controversy

585. Update on Cookie and a Couple Notes

586. "A" Does Not Equal "A"

587. For the Record, Rothschilds v. Rockefellers

588. Common Law, COMMON LAW, English Common Law, American Common Law....

589. A Canadian Leveraged Buy Out of the US Corp? Hahahahahahah!

590. An Overlooked Truth About the Shemitah

591. For the British Prime Minister and Principle Parties

592. The Concept of Common Wealth

593. Jeff Sessions Public Notice 2.0

594. Happy Mother's Day, Mr. Trump. Court Order Enclosed.

595. Mother's Day Decrees

596. The First Sin -- Update on State Non-Assumpsit Actions

597. The Truth About Governments -- Including Ours: Public Notice 3.0

598. Land Justices, The Bundys, and Pesticide Spraying of Azure Farms, Oregon

599. Until the New Bank Comes

600. Time Line of Territorial Fraud

601. To the Perpetrators:

602. What Is the Name of the Crime? ---Unlawful Conversion

603. Donald J. Trump and Jeff Sessions 3.0

604. Templar Treaties

605. Update on Cookie and Three Law Suits

606. More Personal (as in "Private Natural Person") Notes

607. Dear Lucretia --- Mortgage Relief -- and The Rest of the Story

608. Get Your Bearings -- in One Paragraph

609. Memorial Day 2017 --

610. Bank Update

611. Key Information---Everyone Read This

612. When You Deal With the Federales -- Either Territorial or Municipal

613. More Shinola 10.0

614. Christians Who Hate

615. Apologists

616. It's Spring. Look at the Garden....

617. Facts of Love

618. Climate Change. Uh-Huh.

619. "Power to Sell" -- The Latest Land Grab

620. "Pay Attention! -- If You Want to Save Your Butts!

621. Paul Harvey and the Reign of Heavens

622. What I Think. Really.

623. A Reply to "One Who Knows"---- And Apparently Knows Nothing

624. Thoughts About Kings and Brothers

625. The "UN", Swamp Draining, and Today's Situation Report

626. Improved Act of Expatriation

627. Retired Means Retired!

628. My Thanks to Mary

629. The "Federal Reserve" is Only The Whipping Boy

630. Title, Lien, and Bond

631. Step One Complete..... Now What? Dear Ernie.

632. The Four Kinds

633. International Commercial Obligation Lien status

634. IRS Claims of "Frivolous Return"

635. Four Unions. Two Are Bankrupt. How to Handle Obstructive Clerks

636. Letter to the Governor of Puerto Rico

637. We Delivered. And Now We Need Your Help.

638. To The Generals -- Get the Lead Out

639. The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance

640. Judicial Notice of Claim - June 29, 2017

641. To The Leaders On The Earth

642. Medical Licensing, Yankee Doodle, Inc., and the Way Things Work

643. International Trade Bank? What?

644. The Great Fraud of Today - Part One: The Corruption of the Judicial Branch

645. The Great Fraud of Today - Part Two: Corporations Are Not Governments

646. The Great Fraud of Today, Part Three: Redemption

647. Why We Need Funds

648. The Fifth of July -- James Clinton Belcher

649. Both Flags Belong to Us

650. Dear George.... All White Hats See Actual Letter PDF Attached

651. Another Quick Explanation

652. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number One

653. The M1 Bond Scam

654. The Simple Fact of the Matter

655. Caution About Bonds

656. Rat Roping and the GCR

657. A Personal Note

658. Grandma Anna's Investment Advice

659. The Meeting of the Grand Poobahs

660. Clarifications About Bonds and Birth Certificates

661. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number Two

662. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number Three

663. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number Four

664. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number Five

665. Release of the Interest of the Holy See

666. Two Jurisdictions Down, One to Go

667. People-- You Must Learn From Your Mistakes

668. Hello? Campers? WAKE UP!!!

669. Just the Facts Ma'am --- AGAIN....

670. First Instruction Letter

671. The Secret Isn't Secret Anymore

672. Follow the Logic

673. Two Different Populations

674. Comptroller of the Currency Letter, July 2017

675. Gift Horses

676. Warning About Swissindo and Any Similar Offers

677. Actual Judicial Notice now up on Anna's Website

678. Forty Aces and a Mule -- Swissindo and Bondage in America

679. TDAs --- Not for Americans

680. The Misuse of Trusts

681. The Change in Presumptions

682. Arrests

683. Why I Am One of the Few "Judges" Left in America

684. Unfortunately, I Am Right Again

685. Our National Probate v. Their National Bankruptcy

686. Now Let's See

687. The Public Employee Fraud Against You in a Nutshell

688. The Simplest Answer -- Nationalize the Banks, Keep the Account Structure

689. Clarification Regarding Copyright to Your Trade Name

690. The Other Guys and We, the Cows

691. Public Announcement to the World: We Have Re-Venued

692. For the Babies

693. Dear President Putin 2.0 --- A Message From the Actual USA

694. Situation Update for August 8, 2017

695. Why World War Three?

696. The Bundys--- Again

697. My Apologies and Thanks

698. My Twentieth Anniversary

699. Full Court Press for The Historic Trusts

700. Immunity to Lies and the Lure of Power

701. What You Have Done

702. The Power of the Jury -- The Beginning of the End

703. The Monsters Under Our Beds -- Take 20 Minutes to Face Them

704. Monsters 2.0

705. Legal Kung-Fu

706. Urgent Message for Donald Trump

707. Additional Facts About Re-Venue

708. Psst...... What the Corporations Don't Know

709. A Reply to Concerns


711. So-Called Republic of North America

712. Claim Your Name and Estate -- the EZ Way

713. To All White Hats Everywhere

714. The Greatest Fraud of All

715. Notice of American Claim

716. New Assignment For the GCR Committee

717. Important Notice Regarding Territorial Claims

718. Third Party Claim of Interest and Paramount Security Interest Holder Status

719. Dear Clifford J. White, III: Please Get It Straight -- Unincorporated Versus Incorporated

720. Definitive Reply to: H.E. HRH Royal Prime Minister Earnest Rauthschild

721. Proof in The Pudding

722. The Importance of Sand

723. Private Jokes, Land, and Political Reality

724. Your Inheritance

725. The Shadow Government Testimony

726. Hurricane IRMA -- "War Goddess" --- Hahahahah!

727. Thuggery USA -- $10,000 an Ounce for Gold -- Because We Say So!

728. The Magic Beans Phenomenon

729. To Give You All a Cat-Bird's Seat

730. Calling Out Ben Fulford

731. Please Shepherd - Jurisdiction, Air, Land, and Sea

732. So You Took An Oath to Defend and Preserve the Constitution.....For All Members of the Military and Police Forces

733. New Republic-----My Big, Fat Rump!

734. A Message for American Bar Association Members

735. Let's Make It Very Simple For The Generals

736. A Brief Report for Those Trying to Understand the New World.

737. A Note Is A Note Is A Note Is A Note

738. Me and YouTube and Jerry Day

739. The Cynic in Me

740. Oldie But Goodie -- Zip Code Double-Dealing

741. Where Did Political Parties Come From?

742. Our Situation Report

743. Evil in High Places

744. A Walk In China's Slippers

745. 46,000 Arrests

746. Thank You, Cookie Jars of America!

747. Two Critical Documents sent to Judge Anna from RBY in Montana

748. The Truth at Last -- A Message to General Dunford

749. Suffering Fools But Not Gladly

750. Selling What Isn't Theirs

751. Rumors About A Congress in Philly----

752. Evil in High Places -- Part One

753. Conference Week

754. Conference Week - First Two Days

755. Conference Ends, Mountain Moving Begins

756. The Truth About Dunford -- Get Ready

757. Please Note

758. More Answers From the Field Manuals -- Who Is Responsible For This Mess?

759. Finally --- The Reason the Courts Are Corrupt

760. Morning Star

761. You Are Among the First to Know

762. Showtime

763. My Testament For My Sons and Daughters

764. Scanned Testament

765. Civilian Property Emblem - In the Case of Martial Law Intensifying

766. 226 Pages

767. Don't Worry Unduly

768. Dear Supreme World Settlement Commander

769. The Great Fraud in 25 Words Or Less

770. Memo to General Kelly

771. Global. Collateral. Accounts.

772. Jubilee

773. Money, Value, and Time

774. One Ticked-Off American

775. A Righteous Man in a Crazy World

776. The Sides of a Coin

777. The Un-Vacation Phenomenon

778. Property, Property Taxes, and The Whole Picture to Date

779. Communications About the Mess For the Military

780. This Will Leave Your Head Whirling

781. A Most Valuable Process

782. Special Message for the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DIA, MI6, MI5, etc., etc., etc.,

783. JFK: Bethesda Autopsy Photos not JFK / Oswald Framed, Warren Report a Sham

784. Here Are the Rats Responsible for the Foreclosures:Dinner-Time!

785. The Logic of the Thing

786. On Death, Killing, and CopWatch

787. And We Do the Hokey-Pokey and We Turn It All Around....

788. Are You a Hue-Man? The Entrapment Game on a Global Scale

789. Anna in Wonderland

790. Big News for the World

791. Step By Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One

792. Step By Step -- Part Two -- The Gas

793. This Time of Year

794. The Reason Why You Have to Get Moving

795. Here Are the Smoking Guns, Mr. Trump....

796. How Many Times Do I Have to Say This?

797. No, China Does Not Own California

798. For Those Incapable of Connecting the Dots

799. More Specious BS From the "Bar"

800. Intra-governmental Memo to President Trump

801. Something in the Air

802. BLM and FBI Criminality Exposed, Exposed, Exposed....

803. The Crux of Non-Representation

804. Please Note -- The State Chartered Credit Unions Are Ours

805. Commercial Feudalism

806. The Simple Solution and the Simplest Solution: Notice to Pontiff and United Nations

807. Why a Woman?

808. Special Treat for the Video-Minded

809. hristmas Thoughts - From Anna Von Reitz

810. Causes for Peace

811. 2018

812. Zig and Zag

813. The Hole in Our Mind

814. The Goat Standard

815. A Worthy Question--- A Name or a Name?

816. To Major General Kenneth A. Nava and Donald J. Trump

817. The REAL Scandal of the Hammond and Bundy Trials....

818. Color Code the Judges

819. Why Neither Gold Nor Silver Hold Any Answers


821. Special Message About Marijuana "Law"

822. Bundys Freed -- Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!

823. America's Grandma

824. Apologies, Again

825. Where Are the Koch Brothers and T-Boone Pickens When You Need Them?

826. Progress in Texas, the MGJA, and Everywhere Else

827. Access to Republic of Texas Teleconference

828. England, Again and Always

829. NOL's and Court System Basics

830. America: Some Assembly Required

831. Urgent Public Message for President Trump from Judge Anna

832. America: Some Assembly Required now released for immediate publication world wide.

833. The Tenth Leper.... A Call to Conscience

834. Why Equity Law is Evil

835. Global Currency Reset Comment for January 2018

836. Seventies and Eighties and Nineties

837. A Great Big Fat Misunderstanding

838. One More Time S-L-O-W-L-Y

839. Sample of a Mandatory FSIA Notice

840. Whether to Laugh or to Cry

841. Know Your Enemy

842. What to Want

843. Lies, Lies, and Liars

844. Protect Yourself

845. 150 Years of Non-Performance

846. Why Incorporating and Privatizing Government is Evil

847. Charity at Home

848. Euphemisms, Labeling, and Deceit--- More Tricks from Satan's Closet

849. The Government Under Contract

850. If You Understand Nothing Else, Ever --- Understand This

851. Service and Taxation

852. Be Grateful.....For the Russians???

853. Valentine's Day 2018 Letter to Donald J. Trump

854. Manna World Holding Trust: Pilate Attempts to Wash His Hands

855. Thomas Williams gives an update on the World Trust

856. Manna World Holdings Trust--- Again

857. The Cat by Anna Von Reitz

858. A Note For General Kelly

859. Now, I Am Mad. Officially.

860. About "The UN"

861. Another Reply to Manna "With Truth and Integrity"---

862. Blow by Blow from The Informer

863. An Education on the Birth Certificate from Frank O'Collins

864. Use Your Heads

865. The End of the Great Fraud Begins Here and Now

866. For The Legal Eagles -- Certificate of Live Birth Synopsis

867. Good News from Friends in the Territorial/Municipal Trenches

868. Names, Capacities, and Jurisdictions

869. The Americans Are Coming! The Americans Are Coming!

870. Gun Grabbers Are Idiots; Pay Them No Mind

871. Bundys, Rod Class, and Michigan General Jural Assembly News

872. Continuity of Evidence and The Time Line You All Need to Know:

873. Warning About Increased Vermin Activity

874. So Much Confusion Resolved

875. Persistent Questions

876. What Isn't There and Why It Is Important

877. End of the Month Review - February 2018

878. SEDM and Family Guardian

879. Let Those Who Have Understanding See

880. What Does Anna Want? --- Again

881. For Dick Cheney, aka, "The Black Dragon"

882. About Hammers and Men

883. Google Infringing Free Speech--- Again?

884. Dear Mr. Trump -- March 2, 2018

885. Gun Control 101

886. A Modest Proposal Update for 2018


888. False Information About Continental Marshals

889. Remember Who You Are!

890. Books Already Answer Most Questions

891. Status Update March 12, 2018

892. The So-Called Republic, the Living Law Firm and Claims Update

893. About April LaJune

894. Trump Prepares To Declare California "In State Of Rebellion"-Then Establish New Government

895. Graphic Organization and Update

896. Fundamentals 1 -- Your Ship of State

897. Fundamentals 2: Are You a Citizen?

898. Fundamentals 3: Your Flags

899. The Problem and the Solution

900. The Turning of the Seasons and the Tides

901. Banking for Bankers

902. Making Sense of the World - Update March 23, 2018

903. Corrections!

904. Big Picture

905. Why Trump Signed the Budget

906. Alaska Assembling

907. Song Lyrics That Tell the Story....

908. Only Nine (9) to Go!

909. Land and Sea -- Peacekeepers and Law Enforcement, Continental Marshals and US Marshals.... ???

910. The Principles of Heaven

911. The Principles of Hell

912. Fun Facts to Know and Remember

913. The Vengeance of the Lord Has Come

914. Good Friday

915. The Simplest Outline

916. To President Trump and UN Inspector General on Easter Sunday 2018

917. Stop Imagining That "America" is Mystery Babylon

918. America: Some Assembly Required --- Literally.

919. The Confession of Sin

920. My Final Answer to Larry Becraft and Bob Hurt, Et Alia.

921. Public Notice, Anna Von Reitz Special Guest Speaker

922. Blocked Transfer of Funds

923. Our Flags, Our History

924. Capacity - The Root of Confusion

925. Death to Democracy

926. Dear Mr. Trump, Don't Be a Chump!

927. The Eighth Covenant

928. Basic Package of Editable Forms

To get personal help filling out and recording the documents in article 928, scroll to the bottom of this page and fill out the Get Help form. If you are competent on the computer you can go here:

929. Territorial Hypocrites

930. THEY Are Bankrupt

931. Structure of the Original Government Being Restored Using the Example of The Republic of Texas

932. Once Again, In Color

933. The TWO Unions -- Our Dominion and Order

934. The Courts Aren't Courts

935. The Continental Marshals Service

936. My Opinion -- Turn It Off

937. Just the Facts, Ma'am 2.0

938. Answers to Questions About Our Authority and Organization

939. Follow Up on Marshals Services and Piracy

940. Answer to Hiring Attorneys

941. Answer to Status Change for Naturalized U.S. Citizens --- Again.

942. Answer to "Virgo Triad"

943. Dear President Trump --- April 25, 2018"

944. Today's Daily Dose of Ignorance from "Virgo Triad"

945. A Letter to the People of the British Isles -- From Everyone Else Everywhere

946. How to Read, How to Sign Your Name, and WTH is an ILB?

947. Thomas Jefferson and the Troll Army

948. Leaving Babylon

949. Worthy Research Project -- Who Owns the "UN"?

950. Basic Math for Atheists

951. Settlement of USA, Inc. Bankruptcy Imminent

952. Who Really Owns What --- Notice of Prohibition

953. New York City Is the United Nations? Really?

954. Bunko and Bad Bookkeeping -- Public Notice of World Court Liability

955. More "UN" Exposure -- Get Your Popcorn!

956. What the "Federal Reserve System" Did to You

957. The Facts of Life

958. Choose Your Court --- Before or After "Equity"

959. Insight for Churches, LLC's, S-Corps, Foundations, Trusts and Cooperatives

960. The Flannel-Mouths Among Us

961. Trillionaires for a Day

962. Regarding the Israeli-Iran Document Dump

963. Another Victim of Human Trafficking. Meet Thasja

964. Let's Make This Perfectly Clear

965. The Most Important Part

966. Letter to President Trump - May 3, 2018

967. And Here, At Last, Is "The" Real Problem

968. Judge Anna Replies to Idiots / Dinar Chronicles Posting

969. Thasja Update -- And Other Kinds of Human Trafficking

970. Pssst!-----

971. An Explanation of the May 3 Letter and The Delegated Powers

972. About the Art of Bunk

973. I Don't Know April LaJeune / Controversy about A4V

974. Use Your Heads -- Then Lift Them

975. Missing Tax Money? Not Really

976. Nonsense and Sense

977. For All to See

978. No Thanks. It's Not Lack of Money. It's Lack of Value

979. White Hats--- Pay Attention Please

980. Shout Out!

981. The Bundy Documentary Response

982. Message to William Mount, Christine LaGarde and President Donald J. Trump

983. The Enemy is Now in View -- For All Americans

984. The States Are Summoned to Assemble

985. The Source of Your Sovereignty

986. Your Mission

987. A Reply for Michigan General Jural Assembly to "T-ROH"

988. More Proof That T-ROH is Crazy Crap

989. Proof that Our Federal Government Was Usurped By Foreign Corporations

990. Comment About NLA From Judge Anna

991. Facts About the "Judicial" System

992. Final Reply to Larry Becraft

993. Shills, Shillings, and the King's Shillings

994. Mothers Day

995. There's Pikers, and Then.... There's Bob Hurt

996. My Comment on the T-ROH Warrant

997. You See, Bob......

998. Planetary Location Check -- Where is Bob Hurt?

999. The Con is On

1000. Whoa, Wonder Ann! - The Truth v. The Mirror

1001. Trolls and Tribulations

1002. Statehood is a Capacity

1003. The [Municipal] United States Corporation -- a Lesson About Larry Becraft

1004. The Long and Short of All of It

1005. Here It Is AGAIN for All Those Who Need to Know

1006. The Long and Short of It All -- Part 2

1007. Another Voice Heard -- A New Avenue of Relief

1008. The Historic Trusts, the World Economy, and You

1009. Yes, There Are No States .... Wake Up, Oh, Glory, Wake Up!!!

1010. Hey, Fake Lawyer Larry! The Definition of Bar Attorney Is.....

1011. This United States or That United States?

1012. Clearfield Doctrine

1013. The Public Law and the Private "Law"

1014. The UN Trusteeship

1015. Meet the Raj

1016. Don't Make This Common Mistake

1017. Burning Books 101

1018. Holy Moly!!!!!!! This Is the BIG ONE!

1019. SERCO, SES, Comments

1020. Follow Up on Affidavits

1021. Carpetbagger Courts -- Part 1

1022. Oldie But Goodie -- Rod Class Forever!

1023. Urgent Information for Political Candidates

1024. The Biggest Back-Fire in History

1025. A Few Update Comments

1026. As Part of the Ongoing Effort

1027. Again, So Everyone "Gets" It

1028. Postal Fraud and Breach of Trust

1029. Masters of Deceit

1030. "Tim White" With Egg All Over His Face ---and More

1031. The Eighth Covenant Decree

1032. Ditto, Ditto to "Virgo Triad"

1033. Another Great Project Doomed to Failure

1034. About the Current Monetary System and Situation....

1035. Comment on Doucette Sentencing

1036. The Short, Short Version

1037. No, I Am Not Arrested. Not Charged. Not in Any Trouble at All

1038. George Washington's Oaths

1039. Why Is The Rest of the World Angry?

1040. And Once Again, Britain at the Bottom of the Dog Pile

1041. Two Confederations of the Original National States of States

1042. Why Extend Sovereignty?

1043. Legislation is Not Law

1044. Your Copy of Our Public Notice

1045. The Deadening Effect

1046. No "Article III" Courts, Because There is No National Government --Except Ours

1047. The Even Shorter and More Complete Summation

1048. "Virgo Triad" is Just Another Name for Kim Goguen

1049. The Pot Always Calls the Kettle Black

1050. Official Private and Public Notice

1051. Public and Private Notice II - Second Notice Issued Regarding Other Entities

1052. Follow Up From the Personal Representatives of The United States of America

1053. For Our Flag Officers

1054. Reply to "A KIng's Charter Which Refuses to Die"

1055. Definitions Related to Civil Death

1056. Your Government

1057. What to Do With Your Government

1058. The Rest of the Story

1059. Federation and Confederation

1060. Looks Like A Bank "Revision" June 8

1061. The Queen of The Chair of Estates and The King of "Persons"

1062. A World of Oxymorons

1063. Bob Hurt Pretends, But.... Read On, Campers!

1064. Situation Report June 3, 2018

1065. What Does North Carolina Say?

1066. The Latest Red Herring Argument

1067. Important Point!

1068. D-Day's Birthday

1069. Still More Than Just North Carolina

1070. RB, Mountain Mission, and The Marines

1071. Insurance Against Stupid People?

1072. British--- Not Russian--- Meddling

1073. Mark Robinson Takes On Gun Rights

1074. Gross Ignorance

1075. Rat Legacy

1076. Asset Decree

1077. Our Address For The Queen

1078. Michael McKibben? ---- American Intelligence? ---- Hellloooo!

1079. Just So Everyone Knows FOR Sure....

1080. Fear of Populism

1081. The Kingdom of the Dead

1082. Mandates in Democracies, Refusals of Commercial Contract Offers

1083. The Power of the Non-domestic No

1084. Baby Slave Trade

1085. Call Out to Frank O'Collins --- It's Time

1086. Fifty Shades of Black and White - Crime Report and Notices to JBER and JAG

1087. Open Letter Reply From Frank O'Collins

1088. Flattening the Hot Air Claim that Britain Owns Us

1089. American Un-Intelligence Network -- All Actual White Hats Be Aware

1090. Domicile -- The Governing Issue

1091. Please Note Again

1092. The Actual Status Report

1093. Wooo-hooo! Fellow Campers!

1094. Charnel Houses and Shinola Sensors

1095. So Simple -- Person or People?

1096. As it Began, So it Ends.....

1097. A Thank You and a Call to Action

1098. Who or What is in Control of the "Federal Government"?

1099. My Name, My Name, My Name

1100. Call Out to Rhode Island!

1101. Q Anon and The Plan

1102. My Court and Pernicious Disinformation

1103. Confusion About the Indemnity Bond

1104. Yaaaaay, Rhode Island! Fifty of Fifty!

1105. The Indemnity Bond and Court Process -- Step by Step

1106. More "Masonic Conspiracy" Bushwah

1107. Dear Mr. Bundy..... Answering Your Call for Help

1108. The 2018 Bah, Humbug Awards

1109. Tragic "Misunderstandings" -- Number One

1110. The Real Story of the Star-Spangled Banner

1111. Mailing List Migration!

1112. Our "Great Work" Versus THEIR "Great Work"

1113. Blockbuster Find From Walter Burien ---- Here is Where Your Wealth Went

1114. Gig Line Time -- Late Report Doozie!

1115. For a Young(er) Lawyer

1116. Comment on "Natural Law" and "Indigenous" Claims

1117. A Tragic "Misunderstanding" -- Number 2

1118. For All Attorneys Through Larry Becraft

1119. Status Report -- Grandma's New Shoes

1120. The "Secret" of 1954....

1121. The Purpose of the National Assembly and Continental Marshals

1122. Trump Pardons the Hammonds ---- Another Step Forward

1123. Catholic Church Exonerated; Bankers Implicated

1124. The Move to China

1125. Deliberate Confusion Between Fact and Fiction

1126. June 6 Decree and Demand

1127. The False Claims of the World Bank and IMF

1128. "These References Don't Match Up!" --- There Is A Reason Why

1129. Trade Wars and Trade Polices

1130. The Federal Reserve and China

1131. And Another Tidbit and Proof of the Guilty Parties

1132. Bank Trolls

1133. More of "Our" History With China

1134. Page 2: False Claims by World Bank and IMF

1135. House Joint Resolution 192 and Congressional "Intent"

1136. Prisons For Profit Run by Foreigners

1137. Manna World Trust, AI, Quantum, and More

1138. I Stand Corrected --- Mysteriously So

1139. Agencies Are the "Shadow Government" -- Worldwide

1140. Proof of World Bank "Gang of 300" Collusion and Criminality

1141. Have No Part of Any "Warrants" --- Warning!!!!

1142. Two Important Links to Share, Share, Share....

1143. Never Doubt It

1144. Answers to Questions

1145. More Ammo in the Territorial United States Code

1146. The Nature of the Crime

1147. Additional Explanation About 18 USC 911

1148. A Brief Comment to "With All Due Respect", Kim et alia

1149. A Sad Day for OPPT

1150. George Washington's Obituary

1151. The Devil Went Down to....... Alaska?

1152. Trying not to lose my property

1153. Who to Light a Fire Under.....?

1154. Here It Is, Tied Up With a Bow

1155. More Nitty-Gritty: How the Bar Associations Contrived to Overcome the Constitutions and Common Law

1156. Not Alone

1157. How to Recognize the Walking Dead -- aka, Undeclared Federal Agents

1158. Self-Governing

1159. America's First Lutheran Jesuit?

1160. Decoys and Ducks

1161. Member of WHAT? AAIA?

1162. Magic Words

1163. Another Victim of Human Trafficking?

1164. Trump Crossing the Delaware -- "Swamp Hunters"

1165. Jon McNaughton - Artist

1166. To All White Hats Everywhere

1167. Whiskey and Why Writs of Habeas Corpus Don't Work

1168. Thank You

1169. The Logic of the Situation --- Again, For All Those Not Quite Understanding....

1170. Why Every Non-Federal American Needs to Declare Their Actual Political Status

1171. Fence Sitting Gets People Nowhere

1172. Scam Artists Warning

1173. Who Started the Rot?

1174. Updates on Process

1175. A BIG Mistake

1176. Example of My "Claim for the Life - Lineage Treaty"

1177. Not an A4V Process -- A Substitute Process"

1178. One Page Situation Update for August 8, 2018

1179. Public Notary or Notary Public?

1180. Passports

1181. Pernicious Confusion About Milligan Ex Parte

1182. The Civil War Fraud

1183. Email and Letter to Pope Francis, August 9, 2018

1184. Demand and Decree of the Sovereign Government

1185. Ready to Tear Hair

1186. Native Leaders -- Use Your Heads

1187. By Operation of Law

1188. How to Deal with a Dysfunctional Media and Press Corps

1189. About Hartford Van Dyke

1190. For All Those Who are Scared

1191. More Blind Staggers.....

1192. A Further Note About Copyrights

1193. HOW Stupid Are We?

1194. There Isn't "A" Republic. Period.

1195. Uh, Duh.... Red Alert....Uh....

1196. What Do I Want?

1197. "Government" Sponsored Terrorism Revealed

1198. To the Jural Assemblies

1199. For Doctors, Lawyers and Indian Chiefs

1200. Important Point:

1201. Exact Original Citation:

1202. The Big Switch

1203. Bingo, Crime and Politics

1204. As Things Now Stand

1205. The Department of Injustice

1206. Lions, and Tigers, and Bears....and oh, my! World Trusts!

1207. The Fetid Stench From Benghazi

1208. To Be Clear About the Paperwork

1209. Cancellation of All Powers of Attorney

1210. Indigenous --- What?

1211. So, You're in Hell. Now what?

1212. Space Suits

1213. Basics of Birth Certificates

1214. More Basics. Social Security: Impact On?

1215. Where We Are--- and Why

1216. Two Gods -- Which Do You Follow?

1217. Dear President Trump: August 23, 2018

1218. The Weapon of Indignation

1219. There is No Doubt

1220. A Court Order is Like an Order for French Fries, Okay?

1221. Two Capitols, Three Kingdoms

1222. News for Westminster

1223. Whining and Blaming

1224. More Big Lies From Britain

1225. To Our British, Aussie, and Canadian Friends

1226. The War Against, Within, and Around the Church

1227. A New Proposal for Half-Staff Protocol

1228. Science Lecture

1229. News for All U.S. Vets -----

1230. Dear President Trump -- August 28, 2018

1231. Satanic Reasoning --- Again: DD 2168

1232. Thank You, 333 Club!

1233. How to Suppress Bad Courts

1234. Give Us This Day Our Oxymoron?

1235. Urgent Notice to All Jural Assemblies

1236. This Is Your Story, America

1237. Quote Me

1238. Daniel

1239. For All Those Who Are Still Dead Asleep

1240. A Pathetically Wrong Assumption

1241. News for NYC

1242. Adam's Punishment

1243. The Blood Oath

1244. News Flash: Law Derives From Religion

1245. "Social Security" Fears

1246. The Intent of Evil

1247. A Big Thank You --- Heartfelt and True

1248. Prepare Your Minds and Hearts

1249. The History and Current Status of The White Snake

1250. How Do You Want and Need to Operate?

1251. A Plea for Common Sense and Brotherhood

1252. The Queen Found Guilty

1253. First Fraud, Second Fraud, Kavanaugh Proves His Prowess --- and Gets My Approval

1254. Your Land, One, Two, Three....

1255. My Bad Attitude

1256. Ignorance as a Defense --- A Reply for "Eeyore 2.0"

1257. Light Unto the Peacekeepers

1258. Witches V. Satanists

1259. Lazy Man's Guide to the Last 150 Years in America

1260. But Which "God"?

1261. Attention, Please! This is Crucial Information for All Concerned....

1262. Notice and Demand Issued to Westminster

1263. The Baby and the Bath Water -- The Church and the Temple of Ba'al

1264. Karen Hudes Tries Selling Another Big, Fat One

1265. Why The Articles of Confederation Matter -- Today

1266. They Raped Me

1267. Backwash --- Initial Emergency Alert

1268. Remember George Bailey?

1269. The Problem: "Nobody Knows the Value of Anything"

1270. The Other Side of The Law

1271. Which "Supreme Court"?

1272. Mr. Trump, What's Wrong With This Picture?

1273. The Pillar and Post Revisited

1274. It's Official. Hell Has Frozen Over.

1275. Who or What is [Wrongly] Holding Equitable Title to Your Name and Estate?

1276. Pernicious Claims of "Incompetency" in Conflict of Interest

1277. Remember Henry George

1278. The "War" You Haven't Known About

1279. Did You Go to Law School or Legal School?

1280. Words and Labels Create Delusions

1281. Don't Petition and Don't Register

1282. For All the Generals, the Popes, and the Monarchs:

1283. Stealing Title to Babies

1284. Additional P.S. For the Generals, the Popes, and the Monarchs:

1285. Your Own Experience

1286. Martial Law Schmartial Law

1287. More Reminders: For the Generals, the Popes, and the Monarchs:

1288. About "Foreclosure" -- a Simple Plan to Get the Upper Hand

1289. Changing Jurisdiction

1290. Important Message About Karen Hudes

1291. The Seventh Angle and the 45th "Day"

1292. White Hats-- Get This to Trump, ASAP, Please?

1293. "The National Credit" -- My First YouTube Video -- By Me -- Ever

1294. A Tale of Four Companies

1295. The "Historic" Trusts

1296. A Note of Explanation For Melania Trump:

1297. Why There is No Change in Treaty Status and Why There is No "Numbers" Requirement

1298. Stop Talking About "The" Republic. There Isn't One.

1299. Come On, Donald Trump. You Are a Smart Man.

1300. Christmas "TROVE" from FEMA

1301. For Those Just Now Awakening

1302. Note to the Rest of the World:

1303. A Donation and Something More Precious Than Gold --- Thank You!

1304. American Armed Forces. See That Word--- American?

1305. France? Liquidate the UN Corp and All Successors and Derivatives

1306. No Hate or Fear Mongering Here

1307. How Simple Is This, Really?

1308. Weep With Me

1309. Get It Together, People

1310. The Paperwork Debate

1311. For the General Staff About Nathan Rothschild

1312. About Federal Code....

1313. Helpful Analogies for President Trump and the General Staff

1314. More Pollocks Needed

1315. Abel Danger to the Rescue

1316. The Accounting

1317. About Winston Shrout

1318. Common Sense 2018

1319. A Quick ReCap

1320. Hot Foot It

1321. So Much for the Goldfish Report....

1322. Your Grandfather's Clock

1323. It's Almost Dark

1324. The Maxim of Law That Applies

1325. Good News

1326. Regarding the Treaty of Paris 1947

1327. Bretton Woods 2?

1328. Getting Wise to It

1329. Yes, He Can and No, He Can't

1330. Notice to All Wannabe Interlopers:

1331. Urgent Message to Americans Age 80 and Over

1332. IMF "Take Over" of Federal Reserve

1333. The Wage of Fraud

1334. $100 Reward --- Find the Missing "Republic"

1335. Dual Versus Singular Citizenship

1336. Analysis of FDR's First Inaugural Speech - Why No American Should Vote Democrat. Ever.

1337. Letter of Notice and Demand to the Pope and Elizabeth II

1338. Judge Not, Indeed

1339. What Elections?

1340. A Note About Roman Civil Law

1341. Who Owns the Philippines?

1342. Acceptance of Titles -- International Notice

1343. Your History

1344. The Iteration Method of Stopping Any Court Action Before It Starts

1345. The Brother's Keeper Government

1346. The Trial of the Century -- Your Opinions, Please?

1347. For Richard: A "Good One" From Benjamin Bengal:

1348. Moms of America

1349. Manna World Holdings Trust --- Fraud and Piracy Explained

1350. The Missing Republic Found!

1351. More Smoke and Mirrors from Manna World Holdings Trust

1352. What ISN'T There 2.0

1353. What ISN'T There 3.0

1354. What ISN'T There 4.0

1355. What ISN'T There 5.0

1356. For the Bar Members to See and Know--- And Everyone Else, Too

1357. Securitization is Illegal and Unlawful

1358. P.S. About Ram-Bubba.... and My Position Regarding Manna Trust

1359. Veteran's Day 2018

1360. Counter-Offer to Manna World Holdings Trust, November 11, 2018

1361. Dear Kim -- A Reply, November 12, 2018

1362. Clarifications About Kim's Problem, Oil, and Money Systems

1363. Ah-ha Moment Regarding Health and the DOD

1364. RFID? Beat Them With Their Own Stick.

1365. Red Light, Green Light....

1366. The Druid's Last Defense

1367. Hold the Presses! This is Incredible 1.0

1368. Pedigree of the IRS

1369. Call Out to Ken Cousins! --- "It's Time!"

1370. Hold the Presses -- This is Incredible 2.0 Recap

1371. For Uriah, the Hittite

1372. Nineteen Services?

1373. Hold The Presses! -- This is Incredible 3.0 Recap -- The Public Trust

1374. Paper Monsters

1375. The Right Way, the Wrong Way, and No Way

1376. The Siege of Seal 7

1377. Status Report November 19, 2018

1378. Money As Language

1379. Answers for Critics

1380. A Perilous Thanksgiving

1381. Hopefully Final Comment on the Manna World Holdings Trust

1382. Unincorporated, Corporate, and Incorporated

1383. Tips for Healing the Earth

1384. Like I Said Months Ago -- It's Not the Russians, It's the Brits, Again


1386. More Than Two Billion Years Ago

1387. Chicken or Egg? Attaching Value to Things--- and People

1388. Christmas Turkeys

1389. A Different Kind of Royal Service Award

1390. The SPLC and What to Do?

1391. False Gods

1392. Trustees, My Rump, and the Price of a Cup of Coffee

1393. Dear Mr. Trump: November 29, 2018

1394. Make No Mistake

1395. Status Report - December First 2018

1396. Parting Shot From "Poppy" Bush and Threats from the Treasury

1397. Disaster Update

1398. The Final Straw?

1399. Disaster Update Day Four

1400. Why Can't President Trump Stop This?

1401. News For Knotheads

1402. What Is Important About December 5th?

1403. Parse Syntax, Memes, and Men

1404. Fall Guys

1405. Day Five Disaster Update -- Incoming

1406. Before Anyone Misunderstands or Misinterprets....

1407. "To Live, and Not Die"

1408. Day Six Disaster Update

1409. A Fundamental Understanding

1410. The Saga of the Philippine Gold

1411. Modus Operandi

1412. Yes, It's True

1413. Just One Bird

1414. Arkansas is "Blowing Apart"

1415. The Federal Code is Dead

1416. So, How Am I?

1417. December Seventh, Seventy-Seven Years Ago Today

1418. Co-Inhabiting Nations

1419. Yes, of Course, I Noticed.....

1420. Please Note:

1421. Eight Days In

1422. Why No Political Organization?

1423. Motors Running

1424. The Implications for Police

1425. Day Nine, Grandma's Christmas

1426. My Predictions

1427. Anna Quote for the Day

1428. Name One -- Day Eleven

1429. Dorothy, Come Home!

1430. Money and Favorite Uncles

1431. Why PARSE is Another Fraud

1432. Calling Out the Roman Curia

1433. Michael Hayden: Post-Truth Society?

1434. As Regards Martial Law

1435. Kill the IRS? It's Already Dead

1436. Agencies --- A Clarification for Boneheads

1437. In Memorium: Paradise, California

1438. ET Propaganda and the Seventh Seal

1439. "National" Bankruptcies and Qanon

1440. The Fastest Move Ever Against The IRS


1442. Committee of 300 v. 7,000,000,000 Victims

1443. The Danger of "Fraternal" and "Secret" Organizations

1444. Are You One of Those Appointed?

1445. Over the Hills and Far Away

1446. Why Fight So Hard for the Life of a Dog?

1447. Tin Hats United

1448. 1862

1449. What I Know About Warnings and Arrests

1450. Speaking of Tin Hats....

1451. And Speaking of Tavistock

1452. Government Shut Down? Do Your Miss Them Yet?

1453. What They Do, What You Do

1454. The Short Explanation?

1455. Statesmen Three! -- The 100 Billion Dollar Robbery

1456. Why Subrogation Provides Relief, But Not Remedy....

1457. And Now, Comes the Basement....

1458. Clinton Indictment

1459. Blue Beam, Green Beam, and Now, White Beam

1460. A Question For You

1461. 2019 Awakening

1462. Ordo ab Chao

1463. Bearing Public Office

1464. The Kingdom of the Dead

1465. Notice and Demand X Three

1466. Basic Misunderstanding

1467. Passing Along "CROWNgate" and More....

1468. Their "Satanic Majesties"

1469. The Principle of Substitution

1470. True and False Nobility

1471. Two Foreign Governments

1472. The Big Con

1473. So Now, The Payseur Myth

1474. Border Security Of, For, and By

1475. My Father's Question

1476. Walking the Walk

1477. The Basement 2.0

1478. Man or Human Self-Test

1479. Swindle School 101

1480. 800,000 "Non-Essential" Employees?

1481. Think of it as Rival Gangs

1482. The Exchange Stabilization Fund

1483. Dear Mister Trump --- January 11, 2019

1484. About the Christians and the Bankers

1485. An Innocent Question

1486. Thirteen Angry Democrats

1487. Important! State of the Nation! T R E A S O N !! CROWNGATE

1488. Thank You SOTN and AIM

1489. Judas Iscariot

1490. Emergency Powers?

1491. Replies to World Leaders

1492. "Municipal Bankruptcy" Means Municipal Bankruptcy

1493. Authority of Executive Orders is Limited to Fictional Entities

1494. The "Terms of the Gift"

1495. A Hint to Donald J. Trump

1496. Living People Are the Creditors; Corporations Are the Debtors

1497. You Are in School

1498. Owning Trillionaires -- Read This Conversation

1499. The Payseur Myth

1500. $950T Owed to You and Me

1501. For All The Jural Assemblies

1502. For All The Jural Assemblies 2 -- Law and Religion

1503. For All The Jural Assemblies - 3 This is Not "Opinion"

1504. Oh, For Once and All Time.... The Godhead of Freemasonry

1505. For Targeted Individuals

1506. For All The Jural Assemblies 4 - Juror Qualifications and Membership

1507. To All The Jural Assemblies 5 - Mission Statement and Membership Agreement

1508. Uh-Duh....

1509. For All The Jural Assemblies - 6 Pointers and Questions

1510. For All The Jural Assemblies -7 Discipline

1511. For All The Jural Assemblies -8 A Nation of Bastards?

1512. Why I Use the Description, "Our Father"

1513. For All The Jural Assemblies - 9 Grand Theories and "Responses" Debunked

1514. For All The Jural Assemblies 10 - Existing Contracts

1515. For All The Jural Assemblies - 11 "Committees of Safety"

1516. For All The Jural Assemblies - 12 Recordkeepers

1517. Ah, So Now I Am a "Filthy C--t"?

1518. For All The Jural Assemblies - 13 Judges, Justices, and Hired Jurists /Judge Anna Blows the Whistle on the Whistle Blowers

1519. Go Figure

1520. Deegan Recants

1521. It's This Simple

1522. Payseurs Revisited

1523. Pernicious Ignorance -- For Richard

1524. For the Texians:

1525. Is Nancy Pelosi Roman? Catholic? Or Roman-Catholic?

1526. For All The Jural Assemblies - 14 Sheriffs, State Militias, and Marshals

1527. Regarding the BIG Arbitration Award.... the Quadrillion Dollar Question

1528. To All the Jural Assemblies - 15 Coroners

1529. Do I Miss Them Yet? Do You?

1530. To All The Jural Assemblies - 16 Notaries

1531. Newsflash!

1532. Another Newsflash!

1533. Dear Mr. Trump - January 27, 2019

1534. Fairytales?

1535. A Big Thank You!

1536. What Have You Done For Your State?

1537. Manna vs. Why I Am Here

1538. The Missing Pieces

1539. For All The Jural Assemblies -17 Clerks and Bondsmen

1540. Wake up, Beijing!

1541. Reply to Video Attacks--If I Am a Fake

1542. My Status

1543. Confusion About "In Order to Form a More Perfect Union"

1544. ICB's More Dangerous Than ICBMs

1545. To Democrat True Believers

1546. But Who is the Anti-Christ?

1547. Exactly Why You Must Return Home

1548. For All The Jural Assemblies - 18 Jurors and Citizenships

1549. The Fountain of Broceliande

1550. Note About The Great Abomination

1551. The Duplicity of Evil

1552. For All The Jural Assemblies - 19 The Public and Organic Law

1553. For All The Jural Assemblies - 20 Jurisdiction of the People

1554. For All The Jural Assemblies -- 21 Capacity of the People

1555. No Such Thing As An American "Constitutional Citizen"

1556. For All The Jural Assemblies - 22 Overcoming Indoctrination

1557. The Last American Judges

1558. Praying Without Words

1559. For All The Jural Assemblies - 23 Prior and Concurrent Assemblies

1560. For All The Jural Assemblies - 24 The American Government

1561. Letter to Destry and the National Assembly Effort in Total

1562. The Tale of Two Governments

1563. Comment On Pope's Agreement With Imam

1564. No Valid Convention of States Possible

1565. Answers to Common Questions and Misconceptions for the Jural Assemblies

1566. For All The State Jural Assemblies - 25 State Electors, State Nationals, and State Citizens

1567. By Their Works

1568. For All The State Jural Assemblies - 26 The National Jurisdiction: Soil

1569. For All The Jural Assemblies - 27 International Jurisdiction

1570. For All The Jural Assemblies - 28 Global Municipal Jurisdiction

1571. For All The Jural Assemblies - 29 The Confederation of States

1572. For All The Jural Assemblies - 30 The Constitutions

1573. National Assembly Call

1574. For All The State Jural Assemblies - 31 Mandatory Citizenship Requirements

1575. For All The State Jural Assemblies - 32 The Federal States of States

1576. For All The State Jural Assemblies - 33 The American Civil War

1577. Necessary Paperwork to Establish State National and State Citizen Status

1578. Against Fear

1579. My Situation: February 15, 2019

1580. For All The Jural Assemblies - 34 Reconstruction: Your Mission

1581. Clearing the Air

1582. Quick Permanent Remedy

1583. Do We Really Have to Reconstruct the Federal States of States?

1584. Reply to Sun Tzu

1585. For the Pope and All My English Friends

1586. Second Reply to Sun-Tzu

1587. Idiots Abound -- Basic Facts About Citizenship

1588. Use Your Eyes

1589. Hear the Birds Sing, All You "Citizens"

1590. Go Viral = Fly, My Monkeys, Fly!

1591. From Paul Hellyer

1592. For All The Jural Assemblies - 35 Lawful Persons

1593. Third Reply to Sun-Tzu

1594. Soros Corporations in Alphabetical Order via a PDF file.

1595. No, You Can't Charter Yourselves

1596. Today, February 19, 2019

1597. Reply IV to Sun Tzu, aka, Jeff Dougherty

1598. Minnesota Rule 220

1599. Why Federal Dual Citizenship Does Not Protect You

1600. The Fence

1601. Residency, Public, and Free

1602. 5 G --- the "Stupidest Idea in the History of the World"

1603. Beware the Words "Civil Liberties"

1604. For Eric Jon Phelps

1605. More Idiocy from Jeff Dougherty, aka Sun-Tzu

1606. Reply to Sun-Tzu's "Von Reitz's Cock Block Road Block" -Poppycock

1607. To Comfort You

1608. For All The Jural Assemblies - 36 State Assemblies

1609. Please Remove All References to Destry Payne and "His" Organizations

1610. Confusion About Gun Control Legislation

1611. About T-ROH and Their Garbage

1612. Close, But No Banana

1613. Please Note:

1614. For All The Jural Assemblies - 37 The Interface

1615. For All The Jural Assemblies - 38 The American Government Structure

1616. For All The Jural Assemblies -39 Parting of the Waters

1617. Great Address to the Rhode Island State of State House

1618. Third Time and Out --- PaperUpNow.Com

1619. Wet Cats - Final Word on Destry and MGJA

1620. For All The State Jural Assemblies - 40 Grocery Shopping

1621. Attacks Against President Trump - The Wrong Focus

1622. For All The Jural Assemblies Handbook Volume One Published

1623. Why What We Are Doing Is Different

1624. For All The State Jural Assemblies - 41 Who Owns What

1625. Wet Cats vs. The United States of America

1626. Just Confirmed

1627. Use Your Heads

1628. What's Right, Not Who Is Right - Me and the Military

1629. Attempt to Repeat Past History

1630. Sovereignty and Why Spain is Ultimately Important

1631. Civil is Not Civilian - A Short Explanation of Corporate Feudalism

1632. How To Use Your Paperwork

1633. For All The Jural Assemblies - 42 The United States Raj

1634. Baseball or Football?

1635. About Social Security....

1636. Cattywumpus, Catawumpus, and Kittywimpus

1637. The Philippines, MacArthur, and Our Gold - International Notice

1638. Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire. Good-bye, MGJA

1639. Basic Nomenclature

1640. Special Note to The Seven Grumpy Old Men

1641. Actual Reader Response From Colorado -- The Truth Again

1642. Thoughts About Undeclared Federal Agents

1643. Red Alert - Which Came First?

1644. Correction: Notaries Cannot Lose Their Bonds

1645. Act of State is Insufficient

1646. The Reason Why

1647. Help Is Here!

1648. Big Announcements and Things I Have to Ask Myself

1649. A Repeat of Answers Already Given

1650. Dear Bobby...

1651. Points of View, Terms of Art, and Where Pedal Meets Metal

1652. Ours v. Theirs

1653. Dear Mr. Trump, On This Day

1654. The Continuing Debacle and The Remnant

1655. For All The Jural Assemblies - 43 Legal Persons

1656. For All The Jural Assemblies - 44 Legal Persons and Territorial Courts

1657. Cheat Sheet to End Confusion

1658. Open Challenge

1659. Hats Off

1660. Do I Have to Draw You Guys a Picture?

1661. Don't Blame Trump --- Blame the Pig Farmers

1662. Useful Historical Data Site for State Assemblies/Jural Assemblies

1663. Virtually All Arguments Based On or About The Constitutions

1664. The Maiden Voyage

1665. To The Supreme Commander of the Joint British Armed Forces

1666. Two "Occupying" Forces

1667. Recap of Our Maiden Voyage

1668. Outting Arnie Rosner (Scanned Retina)

1669. Horribly Misrepresented

1670. Logic, Logic, Logic....

1671. The International Trade Bank Answer

1672. You Cannot be a PAG and a State Citizen at the Same Time

1673. The Situation, the Ledger, and You

1674. Proof that Sun-Tzu Can't Read and My Comment on MGJA

1675. Get "YOUR" BC's Now

1676. The American States Assembly Reminder

1677. March 17, 2019: Dear Mr. Trump

1678. More Sanctimonious Garbage from "Unknown Sources"

1679. Good News for Colored People

1680. Why Q Anon Matters

1681. The Hornet's Nest

1682. For All the Jural Assemblies - 45 Religion and State Assemblies

1683. The Power of the Paperwork -- Private v. Public Ownership

1684. The US National Debt vs. The American States National Credit

1685. Anyone Who Calls Me "Mrs. Belcher" Had Better Be Prepared...

1686. The Service Contract(s)

1687. BC Witnesses

1688. No, It's Not "Simple", But..... It Is Do-Able

1689. Recipe for Disaster:

1690. Anatomy of a Birth Certificate - What It Means

1691. PAGs Are Wonderful, But No Solid Answer Yet

1692. What "Virgo Triad" Means:

1693. New Helpful Forms and Examples

1694. Helpful Forms 2

1695. The Mueller Nuthin

1696. An Apology to Robert

1697. Who to Trust?

1698. The Truth About "Southern Poverty Law Center"

1699. My Nightstand

1700. The Reason for All the Paperwork

1701. Ron Vrooman is Simply Wrong

1702. About Law and Lawyers and Practice Thereof

1703. The Jester's Defense

1704. Factoids From Tonight's Conference Call -- March 25, 2019

1705. Fiduciary Deputies v. "Representatives"

1706. RED ALERT! BWAH! BWAH! [Fire Alarm Sounds] Kurt Kallenbach is Right -- Protect Your DNA and the RV!

1707. FBI Rumors

1708. Warning to All True State Assemblies

1709. History Lesson for Marilyn of Minnesota

1710. Carts and Horses

1711. Why So Many Lies and So Many Liars?

1712. American. Proud of It.

1713. The American National Credit

1714. Amorica and America

1715. A Further Insight About Amorica

1716. The Army Mules Are Here

1717. Adrenalin Addiction Crisis

1718. Linus Pauling Was No Fool

1719. Update on the Money Situation

1720. Update on the Money Situation

1721. Heads Up Federal Civil and Military Retirees!

1722. Especially For Lawyers --- Public Notice

1723. For The Confused Texans

1724. What Are The States and Why Do We Need to Assemble Them?

1725. Confederate "States" v. Federation States

1726. I Am Stunned by The Evil

1727. Advantages of Being an American -- And Not Being a "US Citizen"

1728. How To Tell Bears From Buckwheat

1729. No Applications for DBAs for NAMES!

1730. I Repeat and Repeat...

1731. These Aren't EMP Attacks

1732. Maxims of Law for Americans

1733. Yes, the FBI is Investigating "State" Assemblies.

1734. Three Levels of Pecking Order

1735. Why So MUCH Confusion?

1736. It Is Simple, Mr. Trump

1737. For All The Jural Assemblies 46 -- No Pledges Ever

1738. A little dust-up at Rumor Mill News

1739. Why Are You Here, Reading This?

1740. March 6, 1933

1741. Passing The Hat

1742. Faces of the Cross

1743. Three Keys, One Chapter and One Psalm: Your Future?

1744. State Citizens v. US Citizens Status

1745. Read It and Weep

1746. The Cost of Freedom

1747. The US Citizen Blues

1748. A Very Powerful Tool and a Warning:

1749. The Federal and State Constitutions, Vol. I United States-Alabama-District of Columbia - Online Library of Liberty

1750. The Practice of Gratitude

1751. Be Forewarned

1752. The Welfare Trap

1753. I'd Like to Help Donald Trump

1754. Notre Dame - Pope Leo - A Letter to Pope Francis

1755. Jamie Dimon and JP Morgan, Arch-Criminals

1756. For America - Help!

1757. Roll Call! Listen Up!

1758. To Make It Explicit:

1759. For Jenn and the White House

1760. Grandma's Rewrite of The Three Little Pigs

1761. The Treaty of Versailles, FDR, and Us --- Not

1762. The Original Equity Contract, the Codicils, and Us

1763. There is More Than a Grain of Truth.... from Julian Rose, Via Daisy Luther and The Garden Rebels

1764. Moving the Cheese

1765. "Beacon 37" Just New Version of the Same Old Scam

1766. For All the Jural Assemblies - 47 Actual Constitution and Codicils

1767. For All the Jural Assemblies - 48 Banking Corrections

1768. The GIFT - Pillar to Post

1769. Fact One, Fact Two....

1770. The Day Before Easter


1772. For All The Jural Assemblies- 49 Republic or Republican, Civil or Civilian

1773. For All the Jural Assemblies - 50 Congresses

1774. For All the Jural Assemblies - 51 NAMES and Debts

1775. Guilt by Association

1776. Bombshell, Indeed

1777. For All the Jural Assemblies - 52 "Committees of Safety"

1778. The German Idiom Fits

1779. For All The Jural Assemblies - 53 The Actual Legislative History

1780. For All The Jural Assemblies - 54 Two Courts Systems, Neither One Ours

1781. For All The Jural Assemblies - 55 MUNICIPAL COURTS, DEATH and TAXES

1782. US Citizens Going to Jail for Insurrection

1783. A Very Important Grab Bag

1784. The Push --- Assembly Coordinators and Current Listings

1785. Unraveling the Spider's Web

1786. "Why Do You Need Money?"

1787. Europe and America

1788. Yes, You've Got It!

1789. Just MORE Evidence Against Them

1790. Would-Be Settlors

1791. Situation Update -- Fire in the Hole

1792. The Pope and I, The Ten Commandments and the Five-Pointed Star

1793. Lest We Forget --- and Continue Paying

1794. "Lawful" in What Sense?

1795. NOT Rocket Science, But....

1796. My Update

1797. Deadly Assessment Letter to End IRS False Claims

1798. Comment on MGJA Notice to Donald Trump

1799. The Last Men Standing

1800. Second Comment on Michigan General Jural Assembly

1801. Persons and Personage:

1802. Me? Zim? Threats???


1804. Please NOTE:

1805. More Corroboration -- From David Straight

1806. Special Maritime Territorial Jurisdiction

1807. Counties, Names, and Government by Contract

1808. Lincoln and Illinois

1809. Colorado Confusion

1810. For All the Jural Assemblies -- 56 The United States of America

1811. For All The Jural Assemblies - 57 Expatriation and Repatriation

1812. The Golden Goose Speaks About Donations

1813. For All The Jural Assemblies - 58 Reading the Constitutions Correctly

1814. Enough is Enough: How to Deal With Nuisance "Charges" and False Claims and Harassment

1815. In Our Names -- Prayer, Order, and Demand

1816. We Take Exception

1817. Fake States

1818. What is SO Difficult About This Concept, Tim?

1819. The Banking Game

1820. Proven Right Again

1821. Crazy Like a Fox, Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves


1823. Keep Calm and Get Even


1825. Public Declaration of My Collective Entity

1826. The Plot Thickens

1827. For All The Jural Assemblies - 59 Lessons in Sovereignty

1828. Bottom of the Ninth....

1829. The Existential Problem

1830. The Smelly Roses -- Public Notice and Demand

1831. Title 50, Sole Relief and Remedy...

1832. Lawful People, Lawful Money, Lawful Remedy.....

1833. Lawful Marriage

1834. Court Action versus Private Arbitration

1835. Gossip and Dangers in Common

1836. One Brilliant Deceit Too Many

1837. The Logic of It

1838. Enough, Arizona

1839. Memorial Day Visitation


1841. Daylight in the Swamp!

1842. State Assemblies and Jural Assemblies



1845. Flag With Blue Stripes?

1846. Dear Mr. Trump --- May 29th, 2019

1847. The Two Deals -- Not Just the New Deal

1848. Lawful Military Service v. Legal Military Service

1849. "Tax Processing Centers" --- Public Warning Notice --- Demand for Action

1850. Please Inform Mike Pompeo

1851. The Big Baloney -- QE II and Pope Francis -- My Humble Suggestion

1852. In The Tiger Suit

1853. Bear With Me

1854. The Chicken and Eggs Identity Theft Gambit

1855. Translation Key For Everyone

1856. Impersonation -- The Cause of World War I

1857. Remembering RB Young

1858. A Spiritual War

1859. Dog Report and La-La-Land Again

1860. The Act of 1871 -- A Correct Analysis by Team Law

1861. States vs. States of States

1862. A Word to John Best

1863. Know The Commonwealth History or Else

1864. News Flash for the US Department of State....

1865. What the Evidence Suggests

1866. The Meek Plot - So-Called

1867. Our Debt to Jailhouse Lawyers - Good News for "Criminals"

1868. The Parts and Pieces of a State Assembly

1869. Same Set Up, Different Day

1870. Proof in Their Own Words

1871. How the Jews Were Used and Why

1872. The National Credit Redemption

1873. The Irony and the Elephant

1874. A Proclamation: To Attorney General Barr and Secretary of State Michael Pompeo

1875. About Small Contributions

1876. Modus Operandi 1.0

1877. Modus Operandi 2.0

1878. Modus Operandi 3.0

1879. Yes, Virginia, Incorporated Entities Are Trusts

1880. Modus Operandi 4.0

1881. Modus Operandi 5.0

1882. Modus Operandi 6.0

1883. The Long and Short of It: the RFK Assassination Truth Reduced to Two Paragraphs:

1884. Modus Operandi 7.0

1885. Modus Operandi 8.0

1886. Trading With the Enemy Act Deconstructed

1887. Situation Recap Report and Resolution

1888. This Week's Sickening Disinformation

1889. Why NOT to Incorporate a Town

1890. Don't Claim Any "Tribal Rights" or Memberships

1891. In the Engine Room

1892. Note to Pope and Congress: There Are No 14th Amendment Citizens

1893. Never Trust the Navy

1894. Wrong Again

1895. Answer to "Information" Coming Out of "Texas Republic"

1896. The Second Message: Life or Death

1897. Professional Liars and Actors

1898. Barr's Call to the Scottish Templars

1899. For Confused Continental Marshals

1900. The Status and Operations of the United States in 30 Points

1901. Operation Wet Back

1902. Time, Work, and Being There

1903. Bah, Humbug on the Democrats. And the Republicans.

1904. Heads Up, State Department!

1905. The Politics of Love

1906. The Third of July

1907. In Celebration

1908. Independence Day 2019

1909. November 1999

1910. What's Really Going On?

1911. States Are Not States-of-States

1912. Citizenship Is the Issue --- in a Way, It's the Only Issue

1913. Are You Ready For This?

1914. Are You Ready for This -- 2.0

1915. Meet Your Strawman -- For Bodhi

1916. Loose Ends and Ties that Bind

1917. Please Get This Out

1918. Status Report: Self-Government

1919. The Rain and Belief

1920. Beyond Words

1921. It's Very Simple and Exactly the Opposite of What You Suppose....

1922. The Dogon--a Tale of Gross Ingratitude

1923. The Dogons -- Part 2

1924. Debtors and Creditors

1925. Why I Oppose Manna World Holding Trust, Etc.

1926. For Ernest

1927. A Short Reply to Thomas "Tank" Williams

1928. The Lion and the Crocodile

1929. The US Navy Conflict of Interest

1930. Facts of Ownership

1931. The Big Billy Goat Gruff

1932. An Unavoidable Realization

1933. Economic Flying Factoids

1934. To the World:

1935. Why We Should All Buy Art

1936. Regarding All Federal Retirees --- Civil and Military

1937. Sheriffs and Marshals -- The Enforcement

1938. The Municipal Debt Scam

1939. Hey! All You Slaves Out There!

1940. Dear Sheriff....

1941. Good Advice From Grandma

1942. Dear Mr. Trump, You'd Better Move Now

1943. Hope Porn 101

1944. Dear Uriah-- Part Two

1945. International Public Notice Regarding The Dead Baby Scam

1946. Additional Information Regarding Dead Baby Scam

1947. Letter of Severance for Roman Catholics

1948. The Dead Baby Scam - Part 3

1949. A Useful Screed, But.... An Important Edit

1950. Prayer - Review and Fine Points

1951. For the Alliance: From The Fiduciary of The United States of America

1952. Why It Is Important to Have a Hereditary Head of State

1953. Extraordinary Effort -- EE -- Message for White Hats

1954. The Land Grab

1955. Now What?

1956. The Mindless Pursuit

1957. Plaintiffs are Debtors, Defendants are Creditors

1958. The End of Days

1959. How to Kill an Archon

1960. Red Alert! I'm Baaaack!

1961. An Answer and an Invitation to Greg Hallett:

1962. To the Burmese Shaolin Brotherhood

1963. Dear Greg -- In Response to Your Response

1964. About the "International Arrest Warrant".....

1965. Say, "Aye", Patrick Byrne

1966. They Even Lied --- Successfully --- to the Russians

1967. Sometimes the Things I Write About.... Homework

1968. Red Alert! Red Alert!

1969. International Protest, Claim, and Counter-Claim

1970. Clarification for All

1971. Understanding Britain and the British "Crisis"

1972. For Young People

1973. No Pledge of Allegiance

1974. Jackson Hole and You

1975. The Marshall Plan and a Message to the Department of Defense, Labor Day, 2019:

1976. My Ten Billion Dollar Request to the Vatican Bank

1977. Your First Clue --- "Christian Communism"

1978. Situation With the Alaska Assembly

1979. Revenge of the Robber Barons

1980. Revenge of the Robber Barons Part Two: Control Mechanisms

1981. More Red Flags for Fairbanks and Elsewhere

1982. The Great Principles

1983. The Unknown Past

1984. They Are Attacking Us

1985. The Unknown Past - Part 2

1986. Bone Heads

1987. The Most Succinct Explanation of the Banking Problem Ever

1988. Demonyns

1989. Quick Primer

1990. My Opinion?

1991. Good Questions!

1992. Whoa! Find Your Butts.... A Message for the White Hats

1993. A Restatement for the Confused

1994. Bringing Everyone Up to Speed

1995. More Useful Idiots

1996. Look Upward

1997. Identity Theft and Fraud

1998. Calling All Continental Marshals, Constitutional Sheriffs, and LEO's

1999. Austin Meeting OUR LAND JURISDICTION

2000. The Time of God's Tears

2001. Wall Street

2002. Unsealed Specific General Orders

2003. About the Austin Event

2004. Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 2

2005. Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 3

2006. The Point Is....

2007. To the Governor of Ottawa: It's Too Late

2008. Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 4

2009. Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials --- Part 5

2010. Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials -- Part 6 and part 7

2011. A Wake For Michael O'Sullivan

2012. Constitutional Enforcement Pre-Study Materials - Part 8

2013. Two Bad Choices, Followed by One Bad Choice, As Usual

2014. Constitutional Enforcement Seminar

2015. Diabolical Thinking

2016. In America

2017. Examples of Operant Conditioning

2018. So, You're A Mouse....

2019. Coming to Texas

2020. Good News--

2021. Morning Session with David Straight

2022. More Nuggets -- David Straight Seminar Afternoon

2023. Day Two

2024. It's the Same Story

2025. Notice of Political Status and Situation Report

2026. About Phil Hudok, Et Alia....

2027. From America, With Love.....

2028. The Big Fraud in Very Simple Terms

2029. Why No Excitement Here Over Arbitration Awards

2030. Remembering Where We Are In Time

2031. Again, About the Arbitration by Phil Hudok and Others

2032. Notice to Pope: Babylon is Fallen, is Fallen

2033. The Revolving Door

2034. Simon Bean --- Super Urgent

2035. To the Flag Officers:

2036. Further Clarification for the Flag Officers and Everyone Else:

2037. More to the Flag Officers

2038. I Will Make This Very Clear

2039. For the Pope, the Queen, and the Flag Officers

2040. Silly People

2041. Be at Peace -- 9 October 2019

2042. Long Overdue

2043. Still More for the [Misled] Flag Officers:

2044. Why Peace Treaty 2020 Won't Work

2045. The Spirit of the True God Moves Us

2046. My Reply to More Questions --- Purportedly from Flag Officers

2047. Ewww! Half a Billion Stolen From Our Collective "Income Taxes"

2048. Navy Issues in RE: Hudok Arbitration

2049. Incorrigible Ignorance

2050. About California, Feinstein, the Bar, Etc.

2051. Assets and Control via Fraud

2052. Response from the Doorstop

2053. Treason Does Have a Cost -- and Protocol

2054. Follow Up for the Flag Officers

2055. Transcript of "The Illuminati and the CFR by Myron Fagan (1887-1972)

2056. The Pigeons and I

2057. Uh-Duh....The United States of America, Not the States of America

2058. Self-Governance for the Rest of Us

2059. That Rotten Little Word-- "Of"

2060. May Day! May Day!

2061. Evaluate the Options

2062. Blind Greed

2063. Political Parties v. Public Fiduciaries

2064. People v. Persons

2065. Decree Over Mandate

2066. Call Out for Continental Marshal Support

2067. The Issue of Slavery

2068. Infinity Accounts, Infinite Quantitative Easing, and Other Lies

2069. A Letter to Donald Trump and the Joint Chiefs - 19 October 2019

2070. Secondhand Salvation

2071. Hoax and Hoaxers

2072. Calling Out Pope Francis and "the Republic"

2073. Still More Proof of the Insular States Criminality

2074. Oldie But Goodie

2075. Government by Proxy

2076. Don't Give a Rip

2077. For Those Who Grieve for Our Country - 22 October 2019

2078. Money is a Commodity

2079. The Offices of the President -- Where the Bear Went Through Buckwheat

2080. The Long Shadow of the Norman Conquest

2081. The Only Currently Available "Common Law"

2082. Talk v. Walk

2083. Not a Re-Set -- A Re-Venue

2084. It's This Simple

2085. Good Old Joe

2086. Out of Thin Air --- and Your Pockets

2087. Pope Promises to Obey Himself --- Again

2088. Our Government v. Their Government

2089. My Take on NLA -- October 30, 2019

2090. Get Sharp, Stay Sharp, and Be Honest

2091. The Public Employee Union Problem - 31 October 2019

2092. Dear Mr. Trump.... 31 October 2019

2093. Liars, Liars, Pants on Fire.... 31 October 2019

2094. From Tom Tancredo and Team America: Re-Posting:

2095. Weeding Through Similar Names: People v. Persons

2096. A Thought For All the Would-Be Whistleblowers

2097. The Dry Bones

2098. What Are THEY Hiding?

2099. Complete and Utter Hokum from Richard, Again

2100. My Apologies to Kevin Annett

2101. Do You Have Eyes?

2102. Once More, Slowly.

2103. Worthy Questions

2104. More Straight Talk About "Money"

2105. Folks, Credit is Not Money

2106. To Monroe

2107. About Field McConnell

2108. Excellent Presentation About IOIA

2109. Mailbag

2110. The Gra-El Kings

2111. Think, Grasshopper --- Public Law? Private Law?

2112. Encouragement to Act and to Choose

2113. You Wanted It, You Got It

2114. May God Have Mercy

2115. An Imperfect Perfect World

2116. More Deceit Regarding "the" Republic

2117. Crazy Crap

2118. Final Wake Up Call for the Flag Officers - Veterans Day 2019

2119. Cut to the Chase on This Veterans Day

2120. Proof? You Want Proof?

2121. For Everyone's Benefit

2122. International Notice to the Pope and the British Monarch - IRS Operations, Etc., Etc.

2123. Bottom Line Regarding "Opt-In" Bill of Goods

2124. A Roster of Failures for Richard and by Association, Phil Hudok

2125. The Apple

2126. For Richard and Company

2127. Re-Posting More Proof

2128. Reply to Richard - 15 November 2019

2129. Implosion of NATO?

2130. About Our State Assemblies and Our State Citizenship

2131. Vampires Coming to Dinner

2132. Pope Francis’ Signature

2133. No "Peace Treaty" Needed

2134. Urgent Alert from The Living Law Firm

2135. The World Fulcrum

2136. "Benefit" is a Dirty Word

2137. Mailbag 17 November 2019

2138. White Hats Report 48: The Tale is Told

2139. To Understand the Second, You Have to Understand the First

2140. About Republic of Texas

2141. Read the Words!

2142. Correction: Blackheath not Blackwell

2143. Facts on Fraud: the Gold Confiscation Bail-Out in FDR's Own Words

2144. Jon Rappoport, Amen!

2145. Your Life or Your Money

2146. Are You "Stateless" or "State of Stateless"???

2147. The Municipal United States Government

2148. Yes, Martin, It Was 56 Years Ago Today....

2149. For David:

2150. My Thanksgiving

2151. 185,000 Mistakes?

2152. Please Note:

2153. Grandma

2154. What We See

2155. The Only Solution

2156. Why It's Always the Navy

2157. Ambulance Call -- Nation on Life Support

2158. What State Assemblies Can Do

2159. American Catholics

2160. The Montana Question

2161. Expanding Westwards map

2162. Understanding Source and Cause; Q and The Plan

2163. A Reply for "No One" ---- The Proof is in the Pudding.

2164. For Steven Charles

2165. For the State Assemblies and New Readers -- 30 November 2019

2166. My Beef --- Military, Get a Clue: 30 November 2019

2167. Understanding States

2168. The Biggest Lies

2169. Schmanking = Crooked Banking

2170. Notice Given April 22nd 2016

2171. Impeached For Doing His Job

2172. Eight Minutes You Need to Hear and Understand

2173. For Ernest and All the White Hats

2174. Shoes and Justices

2175. Sending THEM Home

2176. Dear Kirk Pendergrass

2177. BWAAAH! What Have I Been Telling You???

2178. About Us Working With Karen Hudes

2179. Keep These Facts Firmly in Mind

2180. America Never Sold, Just Foreign Corporations Abusing Our Names

2181. United States Corp Registration

2182. Frustration on the Home Front - Mine

2183. IRS Fraud 101 - Tacit Admission

2184. New Book - A Visit at Grandma's House by Anna Von Reitz

2185. Glitzy Christians and Sunshine Patriots

2186. The Bar Association and US Democracy

2187. Robert David Steele Challenge

2188. Another One Pager

2189. A Third One-Pager

2190. The Truth About the Presidency

2191. It is Cognitive Dissonance

2192. Practical Help for State Nationals

2193. More Practical Help for State Nationals -- Banking

2194. The Cards Are Called

2195. To a Bureaucrat in Wisconsin

2196. Actual Answers -- Listen Up, Michael Savage, Mark Levin, Rush Limbaugh....

2197. Straight Talk for Tony, From Ernest and Me....

2198. RINOs, DINOs, Dip-Critters All

2199. You Are Daniel Daley

2200. More Useless Noise from TROH....

2201. About The Virginia Gun Grab -- It's This Simple

2202. What Is Wrong With Your Heads?

2203. Earned? Or Unearned?

2204. New Year — New Life and Uncharted Waters

2205. More Light on the Virginia Gun Grab

2206. The Wrong Attitude

2207. Mr. Trump's National Slavery and Human Trafficking Prevention Proclamation

2208. They Can Control the Jet Stream ---- And a Whole Lot More

2209. False Claims A-Coming

2210. Note to the British Peerage

2211. Sent to the Pope on January 3, 2020

2212. Dear Mr. Trump -- January 4, 2020

2213. The Great Abomination

2214. Keeping Track of the Federal Fence

2215. The Prince of the Air

2216. For America and the Middle Eastern Countries

2217. Cornwallis Prophecy? Ha!

2218. The Migration of Evil

2219. Ridiculous Excuses

2220. The Nature of Our Universe

2221. The Probate and the Pledges - Trading Upon What Isn't Theirs

2222. Still Not Getting It?

2223. Snakes in Our House

2224. Declaration of International Protest - I, Teaching Aid

2225. For the Record: About Tibrucio Villamor Marcos

2226. The IRS / BATF Connection

2227. Setting the Record Straight

2228. For a Veteran

2229. Let's Clarify Something....For the Vets, Again

2230. Correction of Form Number and Explanation for Veterans

2231. Here's Kicker Number 1 Regarding IRS/BATF

2232. False Narratives Upon False Narratives for Australia

2233. IRS Kicker 2 -- Hunting the Hunters

2234. The Final Explanation of Chemtrails

2235. Climate Change, Uh-Huh

2236. Person or One of the People?

2237. From Lt. General (Ret.) Michael T. Flynn

2238. Comment About "Kim Possible" and Claims that the IRS is Shut Down

2239. Notice to The Casino Royale and Pope Francis

2240. Advisement About Common Law Writs

2241. For the Sake of Peace

2242. For the Militarists

2243. The J - Haplotype

2244. The Pope, The Chemist, The Truth

2245. Want Proof?

2246. Back About 50 Years Ago....More Proof of a Different Kind

2247. IRS Kicker 3

2248. Notice That I Am One Lawful Person

2249. False Gods and False Men

2250. Can't Anyone In This Country Read?

2251. Symbols, Icons, and Keylons

2252. American National Alert and Appeal

2253. From James Belcher -- False Flag in Virginia

2254. I Rest My Case

2255. JFK to 911

2256. The Words We Use --- Substantive or Statutory?

2257. Update -- 18 January 2020

2258. For the Record

2259. About Virginia Second Article Rally

2260. An Open Letter to the Queen and the Pope

2261. To the May Queen

2262. Meet Your Eyes

2263. A Brief Note for Our Still Utterly Clueless Military

2264. Harry and Meghan - God's Garden

2265. Government by Family

2266. The Original Peter's Pence Wasn't Enough For Them

2267. Gallant Australia - Hot Off the Presses

2268. Playing With A Full Deck

2269. Light in the Darkness and Darkness in the Light

2270. Russian History

2271. It's an Imaginary World

2272. One Pager

2273. Mis-Focus

2274. From the Nazi-Communist-EU- Playbook

2275. Yamashita's Gold? And More....

2276. The Real Pied Piper

2277. About Flags, Brexit, 2007, and the Ongoing Outrage

2278. It Ain't Easy

2279. Mia Culpa

2280. Trading Upon, Selling, and Giving Away What Isn't Theirs

2281. Sowing and Reaping -- Commercial Liens

2282. Bee's Bonnets and Beans

2283. To the Man Trying to Reach Me

2284. Justice for All

2285. The Dream and America

2286. About the Virus

2287. Why Do You Wonder?

2288. Missing Pieces

2289. Ben Fulford, George III and "the" Republic

2290. Today's Update -- Why We Don't Already Have a Universal Cure

2291. An End to Paul Ehrlich -- The Battle of Memes

2292. Death Cult

2293. My Proof in the Pudding Policy

2294. Think. See.

2295. How Insane is Insane?

2296. In Very Plain and Simple Words

2297. More Confusion Addressed

2298. For All Americans and All State Assemblies

2299. About Reports of China Using High-Potency Vitamin C Therapy

2300. Dear Mr. Trump - Time to Address the Nation

2301. Our Free Will

2302. Okay, Here's the Story So Far....

2303. Further Thoughts on Health

2304. Choking and Blocking Nanobots

2305. More Pertinent Information: 5G, Viri, and You

2306. CIA

2307. Comment About....

2308. What's In a Name?

2309. 50 States Metes and Bounds

2310. Practical Answers

2311. The Brits -- Incredibly -- Again?

2312. Corporate Crime -- Third Tier

2313. Red Hot Highlights

2314. Get the Picture -- Make It Viral

2315. Five Different Political Statuses -- One Country

2316. Torpedoes Away! --- And a Great Unseen Danger

2317. A Final Public Declaration

2318. CUSIP, AUTOTRIS, What Is This About?

2319. Housekeeping for the State Assemblies

2320. Abuses of THEIR Courts

2321. Bring the Storm.

2322. The Private Indemnity Bond, the Church, and the Broken Spell

2323. All Roads Lead to Oxygen

2324. The Problem of Money and Issue of Capacity

2325. Religion Has Failed Us -- And So Has Science

2326. Recap

2327. Rod Class and The Truth About EM Exposure

2328. Prosecute the Prosecutor

2329. Corona Virus Doesn't Add Up

2330. Are You Committed? To What?

2331. Deals With the Devil

2332. Dear Mr. Trump....Leap Day 2020

2333. Corporate Records Show....

2334. One Person Dies, the World Stops?

2335. Will the Real Julius Divinagracias Please Stand Up?

2336. Dear Mr. Trump, March First 2020

2337. Joe's Hamburger Shop

2338. Assembling

2339. Fake "Pandemic" Over

2340. Names and Obligations

2341. Invalid Signatures and Proof of Non-Consent

2342. A Valuable History Lesson -- For the Brits and Everyone Else

2343. Explanation of Reptilians

2344. Stop the Presses! Public Notice!

2345. What "RV"?

2346. Repeat - We Have The UBS Receipt Book

2347. The Final Answer Is.....

2348. Keep Calm and....Get Even

2349. Dear Mr. Trump-- Credit Collection and Why USN is Better, But Not The Answer

2350. Morning Briefing

2351. Moronvirus (Thanks, ECETI -- Great New Name For It)

2352. "Representation" -- Creating a Monster

2353. Back Home and Up to Our Ears

2354. False Positive Test Results

2355. A Letter From Alaska

2356. The Russian Revolution Recap

2357. Say, Yea....

2358. Another Bail-In, Another False Flag, A Darker Agenda Smell

2359. About Military Law Citations and the Census

2360. Why I Am Not a "Christian"

2361. Announcement: To All Business Owners Harmed by CoVid-19 Virus

2362. Trafficking in Souls as Well as Bodies

2363. Phony "Home Security" Departments and The Big Picture

2364. Talk of Checks in the Mail

2365. Report From Alaska -- Impact of Panic Buying

2366. Announcement: Public Notice and Explanation for the World

2367. The Lien

2368. Everyone, Please, Cut the Crap

2369. None of This Smells Right

2370. Dear Mr. Trump, Mr. Mnuchin-- We Repeat:

2371. President Trump and Secretary Mnuchin

2372. "Coronavirus" is the New Name of the Common Cold

2373. Important Public Notice: We Are Being "Smoked", People -- Just Like Bees

2374. All Members of the United States Military

2375. Five Different Political Statuses, Five Different Estates

2376. Patient One and Other Housekeeping

2377. Banker Bunko Warning

2378. Advice About Home Invaders From a Police Commissioner

2379. What "Unseen" Enemy?

2380. What Did I Tell You?

2381. About Gold Fringes and Missing Seals and Martial Law

2382. To Mr. Trump and the "Flag Officers"

2383. Overwhelming Response -- With Regard to Joint Action

2384. Diabolica

2385. Point of Order!

2386. Covid 19 "S" and Covid 19 "L" Are Now Accounted For

2387. Public Notice to Steven T. Mnuchin and The Joint Chiefs, 1, 2, 3

2388. Public Notice to the Pope and the Queen, Elizabeth II

2389. Public Notice -- What to Think About All This Whole Situation

2390. About PARSE Syntax, AGAIN

2391. Dear Mr. Trump -- March 27, 2020

2392. Liars, Liars, Stumps on Fire....

2393. Get It Right Or Stop Talking

2394. Grandma Gives It to You Straight

2395. All This Stupid Talk....

2396. The Actual Value

2397. Black Rock, Smack Rock

2398. Second Decree Over Mandate

2399. The Prince of the Air and the Rupture of Time Lines

2400. The Situation Report

2401. Repeat Fire Drill

2402. Calling The Sons of the Revolution and DAR

2403. Tired of the Crazy Crap?

2404. Measles Parties and Mathematics

2405. Dear Mr. Fink -- F1

2406. The Bond Company/Insurer, Black Rock, Inc.

2407. Ever Had People Look at You Like.....

2408. Just In.... Read and Know

2409. Plandemic. A Second Passover. And the Pied Piper.

2410. So What IS Going On At The Treasury?

2411. Dear Mr. Trump -- We Have the Cure, So Round 'Em Up

2412. The CRUX of the Matter

2413. Are We Stupid? Really?

2414. To Secretary General Antonio Gutteres: Notice of International Protest

2415. Dear Mr. Trump - 6 April 2020

2416. The Enemy For Over 2000 Years

2417. Emergency Shut Down Order / Emergency Arrest Order

2418. Emergency Public Service Announcement

2419. More Invasive, Nasty BS

2420. Fauci, Birx, Gates, and Soros, Pandemic "Bonds", What Else?

2421. State of Nevada, Again

2422. Anna's Notice of International Protest - mailed on 04072020, Letters and proof of service

2423. Face the Liars -- And the Truth

2424. Dear Mr. Trump -- Emergency Arrest Order Two

2425. Fascism

2426. The Presidency

2427. Joshua - A Message to Westminster

2428. Mr. Trump -- Third Emergency Arrest Order

2429. One Page Declaration

2430. Welcome to the Boer War -- Antony Fauci and Glycoprotein 120

2431. Mr. Trump - Fourth Emergency Arrest Order

2432. Another Word About the Presidency

2433. Politics Can"t Be "As Usual" --- NESARA?

2434. Rats in the Woodpile -- The Chinese Trade Deficit

2435. Evil Memes Are Not a Matter of Genes -- Plan-Demics

2436. The Plan?

2437. If "Stimulus" Payments Were Legit....

2438. Why Arrest the Leadership of The Council On Foreign Relations

2439. Your Notice

2440. Repeat, Repeat, Repeat....

2441. RFK, Jr. ----Won

2442. Our American Government --- and Our Court System

2443. War "Talk" Against China is Crazy --- and Unjustified

2444. They Have Ruled

2445. Lies Against Our Flag

2446. Rumors of Federal Crackdowns

2447. Call For Volunteers

2448. Both "Sides" Are Right -- and Wrong -- As Usual

2449. Law AND Order

2450. Remember the Swine Flu? And Bird Flu?

2451. Dear President Xi, President Trump, and Mr. Larry Fink:

2452. An Object Lesson Regarding "Law" and "Order"

2453. About Their Attempts to Form a "Government"

2454. How to Say No

2455. Regarding the Use of Fire

2456. I Want to Vomit All Over the Smoking Gun

2457. Dear President Trump and State of State Governors

2458. Buying and Selling What Isn't Theirs

2459. Lookee Here, Folks, Fraud in Action -- Pitchfork Time

2460. To Pope Francis: No Deal.

2461. Jettison WHO, NATO, and the PENTAGON

2462. Yes, Virginia, There is a Galactic Council....

2463. Quick Start Guide for Veterans -1

2464. Quick Start Guide for Vets - 2

2465. Quick Start Guide for Veterans - 3

2466. Reply About the Fourteenth Amendment

2467. "Planetary Liberation"

2468. "The Constitution for the united States of America"

2469. Pope Francis, President Trump, and Mr. Larry Fink:

2470. Third Constitution and Help for Vets

2471. The Last Word on Covid 19 and Bill Gates

2472. For Our British Friends -- "The Rule" --- Hahah! --- "Of Law"

2473. Covid 19 Not Natural -- Neither is 5G

2474. Help for Attorneys --- Yes

2475. The Federal Government is Foreign. Hello?

2476. I Was Just Asked....

2477. More Personal Notes for Attorneys

2478. Demons on Display

2479. Update Uptake on Simulated War Exercise

2480. Message to the Dark:

2481. The Most Secret "Society" and The Key Issue

2482. For "the US" Military

2483. Tired and Grumpy in Alaska

2484. Your Government

2485. The Mark of the Beast?

2486. The Rule of Law Is An Inside Joke

2487. Watch for What I Am Going to Tell You

2488. Thoughts Are Living

2489. For England - 1.0

2490. Continental Marshals

2491. For England - 2.0

2492. Assembly Administration Questions and Covid 19

2493. Mr. Trump --- Prove It Exists, Define What It Is, or Go Home

2494. The Problem With Wall Street

2495. This One Was So Good, I Have to Re-Post in Full

2496. Daylight in the Swamps, Sorcha Faal.....

2497. Reply About Colorado Nine

2498. Reply About NLA and Confusion of Law

2499. Voluntary or Mandatory?

2500. Sheriffs and Sheriffs

2501. The Rest of the Liability Story

2502. About the Confederation....

2503. Eve Claims Victory in the "Endless" War

2504. Needed Discussion Regarding History and Victory

2505. If I Were President Trump.....

2506. Say, Yea, Laura

2507. A Case of Mistaken Identities --- On Purpose

2508. The Laundry List for All Trump Haters

2509. A Nice, Succinct, Simple Explanation

2510. For England - 3.0

2511. The Missing 1100 Years

2512. America is NOT "Mystery Babylon"

2513. For All the Gossips Among Us

2514. Gossip and "Blood Oaths"

2515. Urgent Warning!!! Get This to President Trump!

2516. For England - 4.0 -- New "King" --- of the Commonwealth

2517. Final Big News of the Day

2518. Emotional Eunuchs -- A Reply to Randy

2519. An End to Black and an End to Oaths

2520. Message to Pope Francis, May 28th

2521. For the Military June 2020

2522. Unity

2523. Why Kill Colored People?

2524. The Third Decree Over Mandate

2525. "Mechanism of White Supremacy"?

2526. There Will Be Blood

2527. Saying Good-bye

2528. Clarification

2529. Claim Your Guarantees

2530. Your Flags

2531. The Correct Name and Address

2532. The Beginning and the End

2533. Now See This!

2534. About the State Assembly Militias

2535. Nation or Country?

2536. Grandma's Birthday

2537. "Let Not...."

2538. Perspective

2539. Down the River? Here's a Paddle.

2540. The Light Within

2541. Self-Governance

2542. And You Are?

2543. International Liens on Land and Sea

2544. Be Patient and Think

2545. The Irony of the Military

2546. BIG Happy News!

2547. Your Public? Or My Public?

2548. Regarding Civil Disobedience

2549. I Don't Give a @#$$! What Color You Are

2550. The New Earth Union

2551. Native Is As Native Does -- An Answer for Racist Detractors

2552. International Protest

2553. For the Hawaiians and All the Ans

2554. The Secret to the LEO's

2555. The Family of An

2556. The Five Nations -- Our Reptile Brains

2557. The Two Minutes That Can Save Millions of Lives

2558. WLM2--- White Lives Matter, Too

2559. Email Letter to the United Nations -- June 19, 2020

2560. Fear Not. Gather Together. Push Back.

2561. Let's Be Clear About the Federal Republic

2562. Letter to United Nations Secretary-General, June 23, 2020

2563. On Kings

2564. WHY Do I Support President Trump?

2565. Letter to the Joint Chiefs - 24 June 2020

2566. Here's What I Am Talking About and What You Need to See

2567. The False Light of Lucifer

2568. Discussion Regarding Kim "Possible" and The Trust

2569. Freedom to Breath Card

2570. Assault on Sanity

2571. This is Your Flag, Too

2572. Summarized

2573. Here You Go, Folks.

2574. The Yellow Star

2575. To the Christian World

2576. Situation Update: 95 Theses

2577. The Genocide Mural

2578. To Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines

2579. Life and Money and the Fourth of July

2580. Update on Court Matters for State Nationals/Citizens

2581. Chinese Elders. Yeah, Right

2582. The Act of 1871 Was Repealed

2583. What Kind of "Assembly"?

2584. The Little Rain Cloud

2585. Bittersweet

2586. Progress Toward Reconstruction

2587. For All State Assemblies -- Notice of Ongoing Fraud

2588. "And All Liars...." Includes Systemic Indictment

2589. State, State Trust, State of State

2590. Liens and Threats of Liens from "AmericanNationalWhatever"

2591. Me, Tarzan! You, Jane!

2592. Rumors of "FBI Out to Get Her"

2593. The Fastest Way Home

2594. The Dark and the Light

2595. Minnesotans Dumped On -- Again

2596. The Ides of McCarran - Understanding the Federal United States

2597. Crazy Wrong-Headed People

2598. The Abuse of Money

2599. The IRS Supreme Court Cases

2600. Why You Can't Be Your Own Mother

2601. About Oaths and Constitutions

2602. 100% Positive?

2603. "Living in Hell"

2604. Fifty Billion Dollar Reward Offered

2605. We Found Out --- Now What?

2606. The Melting Pile of Lies

2607. Use Your Ears

2608. One Assembly Per State

2609. McKinley and Teddy Roosevelt?

2610. Force Majeure

2611. See the Judge Upon the Bench

2612. For England 4.0

2613. Ten Billion People Have Tested Positive!

2614. Today's Lie Rebuttal Grab Bag

2615. A Big Stick in Their Little Red Wagon Wheels

2616. We Now Know

2617. The Actual China Ultimatum

2618. What Isn't There

2619. The Extra Mile

2620. Checks and Balances Wake Up Call

2621. Lawful Person or Legal Person, Human or Man?

2622. For England 5.0 and America, Too

2623. Another Iteration of The Big Lie

2624. Three Reasons --- A Message For America's Veterans from James Belcher

2625. The Civilian Government

2626. "Elected" or "Voted In"?

2627. Breaking Our Addictions

2628. Concerning "Patriots" and Railroad Tracks

2629. The Good News of the Week

2630. The Big Three, Q, and Our Medical Professionals

2631. Remember Mike Pompeo? "Live Exercise" ?

2632. Red Alert! ---All Those Who Have Submitted DNA to Ancestry.Com

2633. Smart Cookie

2634. One Last Try

2635. The Whore and The Remnant

2636. Down the Middle

2637. News Flash --- from 1907

2638. Antifa is a False Flag -- A Message for Pope Francis

2639. Good Cop, Bad Cop

2640. Another News Flash --

2641. An Oops and a Thank You

2642. What THEY Do

2643. Our Land Recording System is Live

2644. Horse Before Cart Solution

2645. My Apologies and Your Happy Place

2646. First, Last, Always About Kim Goguen

2647. Hats, Hats, and More Hats

2648. The Truth About Americans and Voting

2649. The Truth As I Know It About NESARA

2650. Attention Valiant Thor

2651. Public Notice --- Attention: World Governments and President Trump

2652. A Note Back to Kirk---

2653. Times Are Hard When....

2654. American Know-How

2655. Public Notice to the World Bank of National Identity Theft

2656. Man v. Human

2657. Team Sports

2658. A Most Excellent Summation by Marlon Schroeder

2659. The Boy Who Cried Wolf

2660. Public Notice to All National Governments

2661. Notice to the United Nations, President Trump and all Interested Principals and Parties

2662. About State Nationals and International Officers

2663. The Problem for Al Gore

2664. Lost and on Spin Cycle?

2665. The Old Schtick and the New Schtick

2666. The Elephant in Our Room -- Public Notice


2668. Public International Notice Concerning the US 2020 Census

2669. The Down Low

2670. DIY

2671. All They Wrote

2672. The Other Great Debate 1.0

2673. The Economics of The Other Great Debate - 2.0

2674. Blood Oaths

2675. About Counties

2676. Languages of Law

2677. Dear Mr. Trump -- 31 August 2020

2678. Public Notice to United States Attorney General William P Barr

2679. Slow and Steady Wins the Race

2680. I'm Sorry, For All of You Who Are Just Waking Up

2681. Intelligence

2682. Monday's Broadcast

2683. Defund the Police? Really?

2684. Corporations Are The Problem

2685. Nasty Gambits -- Why State-of-State Constitutions Don't Apply to Us

2686. Meet Bessie, the Wonder Car

2687. Use Disclaimers

2688. Silence Really Is Golden

2689. The "War" Is Over

2690. The Roman Catholic Church Rebounds

2691. Support for Trump?

2692. Keep the Electoral College

2693. Legalized Slave Ownership

2694. Reconstruction 101

2695. The Military and the Fourteenth Amendment

2696. Signing the Declaration

2697. Public Notice of Non-Compliance, Non-Assumpsit, and Counter-Claim

2698. No Flags -- What Does It Mean?

2699. A Culture of Kindness v. THEM

2700. Update on Bessie, The Wonder Car

2701. Reply to All State-of-State Attorney Generals-- Using Nevada as an Example:

2702. Questions and Answers for Assemblies

2703. About "the" Flag, War-Castles, Russell Gould, Etc.

2704. Minnesota Lament

2705. Round Three With Neil Keenan

2706. Coordinator's Handbook -- Chapter One

2707. Newsflash: Your Government is Not Bankrupt

2708. The Lincoln Turn Around Two Step

2709. The Culture of Deceit and Our Answer

2710. Conference of Governors Does Not Represent Us -- Notice to Karen Hudes

2711. We Do Not Exist Under Any Constitution. The Federal Government Does

2712. Gross Violation of the Palermo Protocols

2713. Notice to United Nations Secretary-General

2714. Help Shut Down the Cock and Bull Story

2715. They Have No Money

2716. You Are Still in Shock? Where's Our Supreme Court?

2717. Why Write to THEM?

2718. Coordinator's Handbook- Chapter 2

2719. Coordinator's Handbook -- Chapter 3

2720. Only Ignorance of the Public Law

2721. Coordinator's Handbook -- Chapter 4

2722. Pirates, Pirates, Everywhere.... Make No Mistake

2723. Rip Off, Indeed

2724. And Another Rip Off Nailed Down

2725. Broadcast to All Americans

2726. Broadcast to All Americans: Part 2

2727. Broadcast to All Americans: Part 3

2728. The British Way

2729. Coordinator's Handbook -- Chapter 5

2730. Assemblies of Different Kinds

2731. Bessie, Answers, and Miracles

2732. Unity is Hard-Won

2733. Broadcast to All Americans - Part 4

2734. ILB's Are Private, Not Public

2735. Clearing the Air for Coordinators and Leaders

2736. Correction to correction.

2737. Tired of "Project Looking-Glass" Misinformation

2738. We Don't Use Affidavits --- Ever.

2739. Message to "the" FBI

2740. Orientation for Our Assemblies

2741. Bessie Update

2742. Work and Blessing

2743. Liars, Cheats, and Honest Men

2744. The Real Reason Bessie is a "Wonder Car"

2745. To Oregon's "Independent" Jural Assembly and All Others

2746. For the Whiners and Nay-Sayers

2747. The Church and I

2748. Your Own Imagination

2749. Dear Folks -- A Vital Update

2750. We Have the Proof -- And a Special Purpose Appeal

2751. The Way It's Played

2752. The Universal Law of Free Will is Being Violated

2753. Cleaning Up the Agencies and Commissions

2754. Official Notice and Published Announcement

2755. Public Notice of Non-Compliance, Non-Assumpsit, and Counter-Claim

2756. Macedonia, Gaul, and The United States of America

2757. Standing Up or Standing Down

2758. International Claim of The Powerholder

2759. October is the Month of "The Queen of Heaven"

2760. The Land Recording Service and Our Management

2761. For All the Dim Wits Out There

2762. Kickbacks 101

2763. More Tip of the Iceberg from Paul Turner

2764. Where Did They Go?

2765. OMG

2766. False Suppositions Waste Time

2767. What Did They Do?

2768. Need More "Proof"?

2769. Where Freedom of Speech Begins

2770. Make Haste and Pass the Beans

2771. Be Not Deceived

2772. Mercenaries in the Civil War

2773. For Desperately Confused Catholics

2774. Lofty Ludmilla

2775. Take Heed

2776. Take Your Positions

2777. Public International Notice Served

2778. What Election?

2779. It's "Legal" to Lie --- More Insight into the Craziness

2780. Regarding the Discovery....

2781. It Really Has Frozen Over

2782. No Five Regions Agreement

2783. Regarding the Discovery....Part 2

2784. About Land Ownership

2785. 22 Guilty Generals

2786. The Battle For Your Hearts and Minds

2787. A Public Announcement About the Bonds

2788. The NIH and CDC Are Not Public Institutions

2789. There Are No Contracts Under American Common Law

2790. No Affidavits, No Executors, No Contracts, and No Constitutions

2791. What Happened in Alaska

2792. Yes, It's True

2793. Fool Me Once....

2794. For the Record

2795. The Roman Church, The Guilds, and The Hellfire Club

2796. Red Hot!

2797. Abundance

2798. Regarding mHD Event and Situation in England

2799. A Word and An Update

2800. Bird's Eye View -- A Public Announcement

2801. For Ammon Bundy and Ron Vrooman and All Other "Patriots" -- Part 1

2802. For Ammon Bundy and Ron Vrooman and All Other "Patriots" -- Part 2

2803. The Take Home Message

2804. For Ammon Bundy and Ron Vrooman and All Other "Patriots" -- Part 3

2805. A Change in Mindset

2806. Accept All Gifts. Waive All Benefits

2807. The Meaning of The Doctrine of Scarcity

2808. Scorecard and the End of Nancy Pelosi --- and Joe Biden

2809. Just Stop

2810. Nine Strikes and They Are Out

2811. Whose Fault Is It?

2812. "It" is Getting Really Deep

2813. For the Record

2814. An Afghanistan Vet

2815. Common Misconceptions - 1.0 - Treaties v. Constitutions

2816. Common Misconceptions -- 2.0 : Your Urgent Attention, Please

2817. Common Misconceptions - 3.0: Our Organic Laws

2818. Common Misconceptions-- 4.0: Land and Soil

2819. Your Wounds and Regrets

2820. Masks and Criminals

2821. Common Misconceptions -- 5.0: We, the People

2822. For No Baloney Tony

2823. Common Misconceptions-- 6.0: States

2824. Someone Needs to Tell Congress

2825. Public Message to Pope Francis - Stop This Madness

2826. Remember, Remember the 22nd of November

2827. Update--Situation Red Dot

2828. Point of Clarification

2829. Common Misconceptions-- 7.0: Lawful Fictions and Legal Fictions

2830. Two New Best Friends Forever

2831. About the General Jural "Assemblies" and Their False Claim

2832. Do You Hear the Fear in Their Voices?

2833. What Happened?

2834. Let Us Stand --- On This Anniversary

2835. In Your Faces

2836. One Smoking Gun and It's British --- Again

2837. Common Misconceptions--- 8.0: Jurisdictions

2838. I Called It -- Again

2839. Get It Straight, People --- And Then Tell Others

2840. Mr. Trump -- Urgent Action Required

2841. Pile On the "Sovereign Citizen" Issue

2842. An Explanation for the World

2843. The Brits Again -- Monotonous, Isn't It?

2844. Pointless Slander and Lies

2845. Communist China --- The Last Bastion of Freedom?

2846. For All State Coordinators

2847. No Fault

2848. A Brief, Brutal Review

2849. Tricky Dick and Health Care Profiteering

2850. Stop Believing

2851. A Plague of Liars

2852. The Death of Bill and Granna's Gift List

2853. So Now, Will Canada Be Allowed....

2854. The Decision

2855. Yes, You DO Need Paperwork

2856. Re-Labeling and Re-Branding -- Tricks of Corporate Propagandists

2857. Parents and Grandparents -- Pop Quiz

2858. My Bad -- A Grandma Moment

2859. The Progression of Lies -- Why There Has to Be War in This System

2860. Hot and Smoking

2861. The Restore Your Back Program

2862. Dear Friends of The Galactic Council

2863. Why "the US" Dollar Must Die--- Or....

2864. The Present Situation

2865. My "Crystal Ball"

2866. What Did You Expect the Supreme Court to Do?

2867. Freedom is as Close, or as Far, as Original Jurisdiction

2868. Yes, the Vaccine Contains Fragments of HIV and More

2869. Keeping Everyone Posted on Wilfred's Protocol

2870. Anti-Freeze, Anyone?

2871. A Quick Comment -- It's Not Really China

2872. Don't Believe the UK is Knackered?

2873. The Summoning Authority

2874. Special Urgent Message

2875. Special Urgent Message to the Rest of the World

2876. Question One -- The Pandemic

2877. Question 2 -- The Money Situation

2878. Rebuttal of TROH Garbage for the Umpteenth Time

2879. Uh-Duh Moment -- There Is No "UPSA" at Present

2880. A Message for "Christians" at "Christmas"

2881. A 2020 Homage to Baxter Black's "Rudolph's Night Off"

2882. Fancy That?

2883. Not to Creep You Out

2884. A Christmas Message from Anna Von Reitz

2885. The Processes

2886. Enough Rope

2887. Let's Make This Really Simple

2888. Time to Decipher

2889. The Frozen Logic Circuits Thaw Out

2890. Problems and Solutions.....

2891. "Independent" Fact Checking?

2892. The Balance of the Issue

2893. Brush Fires or Arsonists -- My New Year's Address

2894. Fake New Year Celebration at Times Square.

2895. About Corporations

2896. Letter to Dr. Richard Cordero, Esquire:


2898. About LRO and LRS Systems

2899. The Trouble in Utah

2900. About Concerns of Google Dependency of the LRS

2901. A Most Succinct and Timely Run Down of BS-19, EXCEPT.....

2902. Very Important -- Look at China -- and Us

2903. How to Bilk a Nation -- If You Are British

2904. American Government Basics

2905. Organizational Goals for State Assemblies

2906. Why Seniors Are Targeted and Why Fear is Not an Option

2907. About "Firearms"

2908. About Names -- The Real Estate, Franchise, and Title System

2909. Urgent! Urgent! Urgent!

2910. Remember -- The Pope Owns Both

2911. All Roads Lead to Rome

2912. The Sheep and The Goats

2913. Open Letter to Pope Francis -- Call to Liquidate

2914. Public Service Announcement

2915. The Method and the Madness

2916. Whoa! What Horses???

2917. No Great Divide. No Contract.

2918. Pay Attention!

2919. None of This is About Politics

2920. No Theocracy. No Democracy. Just Republics

2921. The Insurrection Act is Live

2922. Let's Make This Clear to Zuckerberg, Gates, et alia. -- Public Notice to the Tech Giants

2923. Smoke and Mirrors

2924. The Federation

2925. The Federation and the Federal Republic

2926. Why the Military Can't Afford to Wait

2927. Yes, I Am Angry -- Joint Chiefs Complicit

2928. Why They Are Afraid and Why They Ought to Be

2929. To the Clueless in America

2930. I Can't Say It Any Plainer

2931. Download for Your Records

2932. You Have A Home

2933. Misinformation About the Act of 1871 is an Ongoing Problem -- Part 1

2934. Misinformation About the Act of 1871 is an Ongoing Problem -- Part 2

2935. Misinformation About the Act of 1871 is an Ongoing Problem -- Part 3

2936. For the Innocent

2937. Ask Mr. Trump

2938. HATJ -- The Burning Question

2939. Posse Comitatus, State Assemblies, and Our Military Operations

2940. Employer Pants

2941. This is Too Good

2942. The Son of the Swamp Foxes

2943. You Think I'm Crazy? Wait for It..... Wait for It.....

2944. A Question Has Arisen

2945. The Third Option

2946. "Second" Declaration of Independence? No Contract

2947. No Act Changes a Country Into a Corporation

2948. Why Isn't the Trump Administration Cooperating --- and Benefiting?

2949. Their "Republic" and Our Republic

2950. President of What?

2951. Black People, You've Been Conned

2952. About "Q"

2953. No More Fakes and No More Cuckoo Birds, Either

2954. Killing the Beast -- Notice How They Did It

2955. Federal Dual Citizenship -- Why It's Important

2956. Public Notice to Pope Francis and the World

2957. Once More. Slowly

2958. Hopium Hangover?

2959. A Joke Gone Bad

2960. For Sidney Powell

2961. Situation Report, 24 January 2021

2962. 1856 Election -- An Explanatory Correction

2963. Remember and Avoid Reliving

2964. Get The Story Straight

2965. Franklin Pierce and the New World

2966. Public International Notice

2967. We're Not Bankrupt -- They Are

2968. The Brits, Again, as Always....It is So Boring!

2969. The LRS for Everyone: an Answer for a Canadian

2970. Okay, Any Fools in the Audience?

2971. My God, My God....

2972. About "the National Guard" Troops

2973. A Picture Worth a Thousand Words

2974. The Search for a Scapegoat

2975. The Occupation

2976. No "Second" Declaration

2977. The British Bodkin

2978. All Hands On Deck

2979. The Grand Delusion

2980. Public Notice Concerning The Corporations Act of 1870

2981. The Power is in Your Hands

2982. Passing It On --- The Sarah Westall Interview

2983. 1779 v. 928's

2984. Take in Just One Little Scrap of Information....

2985. Reposting an Oldie but Goldie For Newbies

2986. Happy Groundhog Day

2987. Funky Bookkeeping 101-- MOCEE

2988. The Thinking Man's Guide to Reality

2989. Why is The Corporations Act of 1870 a Key Issue?

2990. Hopium 2.0

2991. Anyone Besides Me Sick of This BS?

2992. Good News for The Brits! ---And the Commonwealth

2993. Public Notice to The International Court of Justice and the Court of the Lord High Steward

2994. Yebedda, Yebedda, That's All, Folks!

2995. About All These Patriot Groups

2996. But, But (Splutter!) I'm An American!

2997. Vampires

2998. Red Alert! Red Alert! Red Alert! No Meeting in Utah on Saturday!

2999. The Constitutionally Repugnant Reconstruction Acts Impose 14th Amendment via Martial Law Powers In Time of Peace.   Here it is without Anna's comments

3000. Here You Go, Again, Republicans

3001. About Russell J. Gould, the Pirate

3002. Patterns of Fraud -- Ignorance and the Courts

3003. New Publications on the Way

3004. Anna Von Reitz: Multiple Bankruptcies, The Way Forward

3005. About Australia and The Big Picture

3006. More About the Situation in Australia -- and Everywhere Else

3007. Big Breakthrough, Brothers and Sisters!

3008. Australia -- How They Did It, So Far -- A Good Example

3009. Being Color Blind

3010. My Bad and the Boys

3011. Calling Out the Gray Brigade

3012. Your Car or Their Vehicle?

3013. Public Notice - Twenty-Second of February 2021

3014. Orientation for Newbies

3015. Turkey Farming

3016. Are We Stupid?

3017. The Bleeding of Britain

3018. The Actual Act of 1871 Being Referenced

3019. Message to All Targeted Individuals

3020. The First American Public Law in Over a Century

3021. Who Are You Calling Fat?

3022. Focus for Assemblies

3023. More Charts and Our Invocation of Law

3024. Declaration of Facts and Invocation of Law

3025. Cowboy Ethics and Frontier Justice

3026. Public International Notice -- Notice to Vacate

3027. Sheriffs, Deputies, It's Up to You

3028. There is Safety in Numbers

3029. Let the Dead Bury Their Dead

3030. CAFR New Relationships

3031. A Fundamental Understanding -- How to Change the Courts

3032. Public Corrective Notice and Demand

3033. The Cloud of Do-Gooding

3034. Well Over a Century Ago..... Part 1

3035. Well Over a Century Ago..... Part 2

3036. Every Thinking One of Us Knows

3037. What If....

3038. The Voice of the Silent - the Juilliard Case and More

3039. Land Grants and "Presumed" Donors -- Notice to the Holy See

3040. Of Course, the Banks Are All Bankrupt -- by Definition

3041. About Preambles to Acts Versus The Preamble

3042. Secession From What?

3043. In Defense

3044. Syrian Equals Sirian

3045. Let's Put It to Rest

3046. The Nazis All Moved West

3047. Canned Laughter

3048. Confusion Regarding Fraud

3049. The Truth Counts

3050. Modus Operandi of the Criminals

3051. The Esau "Story"

3052. Message to the World Court: Dateline 23rd March 2021

3053. The War of the Fey Who Remained

3054. Housekeeping With Grandma

3055. Overview for Those Who Need It

3056. Deconstruction of the Great Fraud for The International Court of Justice

3057. Notice the Sequence of Things

3058. Is Pope Francis Guilty?

3059. Non-Judicial Courts: The Two Crimes They Use Most Often

3060. No, We Are Not Working For or With "The Vatican"

3061. Additional Notification of Issues for The International Court of Justice

3062. Palm Sunday's Sunshine Patriots

3063. Have We Finally Found Francesco Bernini? And John H. Durham?

3064. Aunt Mammy-Whammy Big Swamp

3065. Federal Violations List

3066. Dear All

3067. Mom's Circle -- and Bring the Wagons, Too!

3068. You Are Being Prosecuted Under Foreign Bills of Attainder

3069. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice - 30 March 2021

3070. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- 31 March 2021

3071. Your Public Duty

3072. The Great Witch of Coven-Tree is Dead

3073. How They Work It

3074. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- 2 April 2021

3075. Two Ways to Be Fooled

3076. Rain on the Roof

3077. The Cure Has Been Found! ---Common Sense and Commerce

3078. Remember the Jester's Defense?

3079. Lincoln, the Rat

3080. Why All the Delays?

3081. Public Corrective Notice and Demand

3082. Public International Notice - Notice to Vacate

3083. In the Court of Justice via RE 162 265 907 US Protest and Demand for Permanent Injunctive Relief

3084. The Spider Web Effect

3085. They Already Told You!

3086. Proof of Delivery for 3081, 3082 and 3083

3087. Blood Money

3088. Blood Money 2

3089. Template for Prosecution -- Part 1

3090. Blood Money 3

3091. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice - 10 April 2021 -- Blood Money 4

3092. Not a State Facility --- a State of State Facility -- Crime Scene

3093. Severance of the Soul

3094. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- 11 April 2021 -- Blood Money 5

3095. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 6 --The Military Quandary

3096. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 7

3097. Ezekial, the Prophet

3098. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice - Blood Money 8 - Man or Thing?

3099. A Spiritual War

3100. The Seriousness of the Hour -- Message for All Assemblies

3101. No Arguments Needed --- Try This Yourself

3102. Paper Mills and Clarification

3103. Why Do They Hate Mary Magdalene?

3104. Shades of 1913

3105. SESRES dot com

3106. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 9 -- 800 Years of This

3107. Additional Issues for the International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 10 -- Commodity Rigging

3108. Plainspeak

3109. In Communicating With Me

3110. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 11 -- Counterfeiting

3111. Foreword to the 14th Amendment Documents

3112. Not a Municipal CITIZEN

3113. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 12 -- Pride of Place

3114. Breaking Big Pharma

3115. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 13 - One Compact

3116. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 14 -- English

3117. Today, I was accused of being a Nazi.

3118. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 15 - Our Employees

3119. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 16 -- The RV

3120. Native American

3121. The Last Jar

3122. What You Need to Know

3123. Those Who Can't Walk, Talk

3124. Dear Mr. Trump....

3125. Once and For All, People....

3126. Showdown at the Okay Corral

3127. Un-incorporating, Re-Chartering, and Other Issues

3128. To the U.S. Secret Service, Treasury Department

3129. Taxes -- Simple and Sweet -- And Keep Your Birth Certificates

3130. Dear Mr. Trump....the Second Time

3131. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 17 -- The Bond System

3132. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 18 -- Hollywood East

3133. Context

3134. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 19 - Bank Fraud

3135. Why We Can't All Just "Come Together" and Mushy-Mushy

3136. Fog Lifting

3137. Not Our President

3138. A Non-Person. Yes, That's Right.

3139. For Linda and Other Critics of My Leadership -- Judge for Yourselves

3140. I Cannot Over- Emphasize for the Military Veterans

3141. Important Points to Remember -- Call Out to Assemblies

3142. Hot Topics -- Q and A

3143. Citizens Arrest and Public Duty

3144. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -Blood Money 20 --Abuse of Contracts

3145. Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice -- Blood Money 21 - Land

3146. Important Addendum About the 1937 Declaration of Interdependence

3147. How Our Assemblies Operate

3148. Understanding What Went On -- Guide to Nomenclature and Status

3149. Another Point to Ponder for the Native Chiefs

3150. The Electoral Rights of State Citizens

3151. Discovering The Book of the States

3152. Embrace the Place -- A Message for Our Assemblies

3153. The Revolving Door -- Urgent Warning

3154. The Rubicon

3155. My Thoughts on the ArVee

3156. Listening to The Left

3157. Another Refutation of TROH --- Again

3158. Notice the Modus

3159. What You Get Out of It -- The Negative Incentives

3160. What You Get Out of It -- Positive Incentives

3161. From Dr. R.E. Search, Andrews Plantation, a True Ghost Story

3162. Lincoln -- a Sad Duty to the Public

3163. Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice -- Blood Money 22 -- The Great Reset and Old Dictionaries

3164. My Opinion as an Anti-Vaxxer

3165. Choices and Outcomes

3166. Additional Issues for the International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 23 -- Treaties and Obligations

3167. The FED Says That Inflation Isn't Real....

3168. Authenticated Birth Certificate

3169. American v. US History

3170. What We Need to Communicate

3171. A Terrifying Thought

3172. Urgent Appeal --- The First Bank Founded on Love

3173. About Hawaii

3174. What's the Purpose of a State Assembly?

3175. Dear Mr. Putin -- Acknowledging the Security Council Debate

3176. Dear Everyone Regarding The "Shit Storm"

3177. Additional Issues for The International Court of Justice -- Blood Money 24 -- Other Kinds of Blood Money

3178. People of Ireland

3179. To All Assemblies Concerning Our Words and Our Powers

3180. The Truth About the Bioweapon

3181. Christopher Doherty Equals The (Thoroughly Discredited) Reign of the Heavens Society

3182. What We Want

3183. Military Saviors?

3184. What authority does the CDC have?

3185. Law about Vaccination

3186. Still so sure you want to try to force me to get the experimental vaccination?

3187. Religious Belief Discrimination Incident Report

3188. Clearing the Bank Hurdle - The Basics: Corporate Overview

3189. Clearing the Bank Hurdle -- The Basics: Setting Up Your National Trade Bank

3190. A Timely Reminder -- Nuremberg 2.0 is in Session

3191. Grandpa Alfred's Shortcake

3192. Incorrigible Corrupt Judges and Other Matters

3193. It's Not a Vaccine, People

3194. Administrative Leave Imposed Effective Immediately

3195. Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice -- Blood Money 25 -- Legacy Trusts

3196. For the Military Geniuses Among Us

3197. Here's How It Goes -- American Government 101-1

3198. No Fifth Dimension

3199. What Did I Tell You About Killing Their Priority Creditors?

3200. Here's How It Goes -- American History 101-2 -The Confederation

3201. End the Mad Cow Confusion About "We, the People"

3202. Your Banks -- Progress and Instructions

3203. Committees of Safety and Executive Committees Aren't For Us

3204. About Structure and Purpose -- Orientation of Assemblies

3205. More Filthy British Laundry

3206. Eff the Parties and the MSM

3207. The Peacekeeping Task Force Issues

3208. The Importance of Identity

3209. My Crystal Ball

3210. A Letter of Condolence for the Pope

3211. Lawful Persons, Legal Persons , LEGAL PERSONS -- Sign in America

3212. My Crystal Ball 2.0 - The French Connection Again

3213. To Pope Francis: Solve the World's Problems With Three Corporate Liquidations

3214. Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice – Blood Money 26 --- Land and Land Assets

3215. Shrewsbury

3216. Additional Issues for The Court of International Justice -- Blood Money 27 -- The Sanctity of Life

3217. About Public-Private Bonds

3218. Urgent Breach of National Security Interest - Counterfeiting Unit

3219. Thinking It Through for Licensed Professionals

3220. A Country Run By Stupid People

3221. Notice of Status Investigation and Liability

3222. Lawful v. Legal Standing and Our Constitutions

3223. Commercial Mercenary Attack Against Humanity -- International Notice to All International Courts:

3224. Fraud Alert: "the" Government of The United States of America, etc.

3225. Reposts in Support

3226. The Only Secret We Need to Know

3227. Notice of Insurance Liability Issued 4 July 2021

3228. Notice That We Are De-Platforming --- Hail and Farewell to Google, et alia

3229. Head's Up, People

3230. Meltdown in Michigan

3231. The Flat Out

3232. Removal of Coordinator in Texas -- Notice of Procedure

3233. The Bilateral Banking System

3234. The Bilateral Banking System 2.0

3235. My Reply to Kim's Announcement and Her Continued Support of Eric Dingus

3236. Removal of Hawaii Coordinator

3237. You Got Three Choices

3238. Notice to Texas Assembly

3239. More Clarity for Texas:

3240. Dot-to-Dot

3241. Cleaning Up Michigan

3242. The Picture for Texas:

3243. The Right to Peaceably Assemble

3244. The Great Fraud: Officers and Elected Officials

3245. For All Coordinators - The American Way

3246. About Oaths and Affirmations

3247. Well, I Had Hoped...

3248. Why Depopulation? Because of Another, Different Agenda....

3249. Good Interview with Moi, Miss Piggy of the Airwaves

3250. Shout Out to North Dakota -- Want to End the Civil War???

3251. The Living Law Firm Banned in Boston

3252. A Race That is Already Won

3253. Thoughts for Great Britain

3254. Shut Them Down -- Info for Litigation Committees

3255. Notice of Prior Established Default and Liability

3256. Choose Your Door

3257. Texas, Michigan, et alia....

3258. There is Only One State Assembly

3259. Wise as Serpents, Gentle as Doves

3260. Success

3261. Clarifications

3262. Resend ****Urgent**** Required Mandatory Permanent Protective Injunction

3263. "Sovereign Citizen" is an Oxymoron

3264. Cut to the Chase

3265. Right to Correct Mistakes

3266. One Page History of America from Colonies to Now for General Milley

3267. Authorization to Act --- Joint Chiefs of Staff

3268. Meaning of VAX Content

3269. Johnny Come Lately

3270. A Blunt Message for the Alliance

3271. Here in This Late Hour

3272. Red Alert for All British and Commonwealth Operatives

3273. What Didn't Happen in 1986

3274. The REASON Our Bonds Cannot Fund the RV

3275. Told You So --- Assemblies, Protect Yourselves

3276. An Open Letter to The Archbishop of Canterbury

3277. A Bit of Clarity

3278. More Garbage from TROH

3279. Stop the Madness Worldwide

3280. Immediate Arrest Requested

3281. The Structure of the States of America -- Requested Information and Request for Action

3282. To the Pentagon

3283. The History of Gold -- Additional Insight for the High Courts, as Requested

3284. Points of Clarification for the High Courts -- and Everyone Else

3285. Pollution of the Food Supply with Graphene Oxide

3286. Full Alert!

3287. How They Reverse Things and Turn Them Upside Down

3288. New Blood Money Book Now Available on Amazon

3289. The Federal Republic -- For the Information of the High Courts and Others

3290. Reposting about neurotoxins and farming.

3291. Letter of Protest Addressed to the High Courts

3292. Dealing With the IRS and Other "Public Debt" Collectors

3293. Let's Make This Very Clear -- We Choose Life: Attention of the High Courts Required

3294. But Why Would They Want to Kill Us?

3295. Why I Reacted

3296. The Status of Coordinators and How to Withdraw

3297. In Memory Of Robert David Steele .pdf

3298. Remember ---Our Warning About SEDM Materials

3299. The Short Answer....

3300. Why Would You Want to Be a Shareholder in a Bankrupt Corporation?

3301. The International Peace Proclamation

3302. First Announcement for Researchers -- Additional Information For the High Courts

3303. No Applications for "Personal" Bank Accounts

3304. No Second Declaration

3305. For The State Recording Secretaries

3306. The Great Travesty, Not the Great Reset

3307. A Mandate is Not a Law

3308. The New World Order South v. New World Order North

3309. No Valid State Legislatures, No Second Declaration of Independence

3310. Renegade Hawaii Ex-Coordinator Has No Standing to Proceed

3311. What Part of "Only Way Forward" is Hard to Grasp?

3312. The NLA -- Thirty Years of Failure

3313. No National Emergencies and No Emergency Powers, Either

3314. Granna Needs Your Help Now

3315. About "the" Republic -- A Message to Donald Trump and the Military

3316. A Necessary Insight ---

3317. Message to "Man of God" --- and "Graphene is Good" Narrative:

3318. International Notice and Proclamation Regarding Federal Employees

3319. International Notice and Proclamation Regarding American and Russian Alliance Treaty Provisions

3320. About Oversight Committees

3321. Latest on the Plandemic

3322. Urgent Information Regarding the Americans -- Dear General

3323. Why This International Peace Proclamation Works

3324. Rome and Slaves

3325. The Philippines Fraud and More

3326. They Don't Like It

3327. What the End of the Civil War Means For the Military and Agencies

3328. Payola 101

3329. Sorting the Manure

3330. The Authority to Demand and Command

3331. Why They Can't Gain Traction on Election Fraud Issues

3332. What Else You Need to Know

3333. They Are Using Doctors as Soldiers -- A Message from Hawkeye

3334. Granna Up to Her Ears

3335. An Ice Water Cocktail to Wake You Up

3336. Urgent and Much-Needed Explanation for My German Friends

3337. To All Members of the U.S. Military: There Is No Vaccine Mandate

3338. Earth to Rod Class and "the Generals"

3339. Jim's Birthday Month

3340. Your House -- a Parable

3341. Idiocy in High Dudgeon -- Modern Economics in Simple Terms

3342. Presentment

3343. Public and International Notice to All "US" and "USA" Affiliated Military Officers

3344. Update to the Texas Assembly

3345. Reply for the Postal Pedants

3346. Another "Uh, duh...." Moment

3347. A Few Announcements

3348. For the People -- Especially in California and Texas

3349. Want Proof That They Claim You Are Chattel?

3350. Advances for Counties

3351. RE: Situation in California

3352. The Problem with Peymon

3353. The Cracks in the Dam

3354. America Replies --- So What?

3355. A Sad Farewell to Former Californians

3356. The Ancient Governments -- City v. Country

3357. Notice of Impoundment

3358. Notice of Prohibition by Donors

3359. Not "My" Supporters

3360. The Ultimate Responsibility -- An Open Letter to Pope Francis, et alia

3361. A Reply to California Hotheads and Liars

3362. The Power of the Post Master

3363. Judicial Notice to the U.S. Supreme Court Witnessed by All High Courts

3364. First of November 2021 Dear Cardinal Mamberti,

3365. Reply to Timothy Norton, FORMER Michigan Coordinator

3366. The Amish Know the Truth

3367. The Rude Awakening

3368. The Tired Physician

3369. The Lawful Definition of California

3370. Who Is The Head of State? --- Open Letter to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti

3371. Not Another Ragnarok

3372. No, Nancy....

3373. Why Would I Teach You Things You Don't Need to Know?

3374. The Warning Signs That You Have District Infiltrators

3375. Direct to Colorado

3376. We Have Announced What We Are Doing

3377. November the Eleventh 2021 - Open Letter to H.E. Dominique Mambert

3378. Explanation for The Texas Assembly

3379. No "Other" California --- Again, For the Clueless Among Us

3380. Red Alert -- Wake Up --- The Federation of States is American

3381. For the Entire World to Know and Remember -- Especially the High Courts

3382. The Tories Didn't Leave

3383. A Pernicious Idea

3384. Protecting You From Yourself

3385. Killing YOU to Protect You

3386. Shine the Light on the Police and the Courts

3387. Which "Original" Jurisdiction?

3388. Already Gone

3389. Military Occupation --- By Our Own Army --- For 160 Years

3390. Public Announcement Regarding California Assembly

3391. Smallpox, or, What They Did to the Indians

3392. To All The American State Assemblies

3393. Paper or Plastic?

3394. My Thoughts as Texas Reorganizes

3395. Contracts of Corporations Must Be Lawful or The Corporations Are Illegal

3396. About the British Crown Government

3397. To All State Assemblies -- and All State Coordinators

3398. Clarity About Article 3 Court

3399. Is Our National Average I.Q. Really 68?

3400. Before the Next S&@T Storm

3401. When in Doubt.....and a Fair Warning

3402. If They Make an Offer

3403. Facts About Coordinators

3404. The American Holiday

3405. 117 Illegible Pages of Legalistic Gunk

3406. Lawful vs. Unlawful Assemblies

3407. About the Military

3408. There's Still Just One Answer

3409. Come, Spirit of God

3410. Rome is The Problem

3411. The Demonic Dialectic

3412. Rat Watch

3413. The Sucker Punch

3414. Leadership Failure 101

3415. News Flash -- No Such Thing as "Emergency Powers"

3416. Observe, Then Boot

3417. For the LAST Time....

3418. A Letter Back

3419. Think, People

3420. Listen Up, Campers....

3421. Not Rocket Science -- They Are Giving You AIDS

3422. The Mirror and the Violet Flame

3423. A Message to Michael Hunter and Texas in General

3424. Get Your Visigoth On

3425. The Snooze Button Doesn't Work

3426. Religion v. Experience

3427. First Conclusions - The Big Steal

3428. People -- the CDC is a Private, For-Profit Corporation

3429. Remember, Remember....

3430. Regarding Lucifer

3431. Hey, Homer....

3432. Set Yourselves Free of Bureaucracy -- Coordinators Pay Attention!

3433. The Use of Slaves

3434. Public Notice: Anthony Fauci is Not Qualified to Function as Head of State

3435. So, You Don't Believe That We Are in a Spiritual War.....

3436. Legislation Applies to Persons -- Not People

3437. Remember What I Told You About Use of Disclaimers?

3438. Food

3439. Don't Be Confused About Passing the Buck

3440. Official Objection and Public Notice and Protest

3441. From Man to Human to Transhuman --- Rebel Now

3442. Mandates Are Not Laws 2.0

3443. Just Another Fedsurrection

3444. Why Computer Systems -- Including Quantum Ones -- Fail

3445. My Mama

3446. For All My Aussie Friends -- With One Caveat

3447. Floyd Tarvin and Continued Ignorance About Oaths and Pledges

3448. Nasty Little Men with Nasty Little Minds

3449. About Forms of Citizenship

3450. Muckraking, Just in Time for Christmas

3451. Here It Is AGAIN --- Why You Don't Have to File UCC Paperwork and Why I Did

3452. Official Reply to Nancy Marie Kremer

3453. Observe the Low Points and The Aldrich Plan

3454. Put the Kabosh on de Blasio and Newsom, et alia

3455. Yes, There Are Liens and Claims on Everything

3456. Picture a Maze Full of Rats

3457. The Money Spell --- Chapter One --- What is a Dollar?

3458. More Proof

3459. A Public Outrage -- "Bad Blood"

3460. For Reiner Fuellmich -- How About a Whole Old Judicial System?

3461. The Money Spell -- Chapter Two -- Ounces

3462. Ponder in Your Heart

3463. To The High Courts --- A Public Objection to Crime in International Jurisdiction

3464. Perhaps I Am Not Being Pointed Enough....

3465. No Fear

3466. Country or Nation

3467. Here is the Situation Report

3468. The Importance of Names

3469. Read the Words

3470. Okay, Kiddies, Here's the Big One....For Starters

3471. Understanding the Birth Certificate Bond --- For What It Is

3472. Earth to Trump and Military

3473. Non-Negotiable

3474. Biden Bye-Bye?

3475. The Secret of Mystery Babylon

3476. Bureaucratic Madness -- in the State Assemblies

3477. Why I Call It The American Federal Republic

3478. The First Question --- Finally Answered?

3479. Morning Star, Indeed

3480. Short Time After the Great Earthquake

3481. There Are Two "Forces" of Occupation

3482. Britain and Japan Both Nix The Narrative

3483. Dark Night or Misty Morning

3484. The Truth About Atlantis and Atlanteans

3485. The Great Reset(s)

3486. How Can This Be?

3487. Objection to Evil

3488. Cold Turkey the Bogey Man

3489. The Red-Letter Bible

3490. Your Bread Basket or Mine?

3491. Ah, Another Reason to Blow Up the Ukraine

3492. Another Mega Prune the Mainstream Media Failed to Deliver

3493. CIA Cells Within CIA Cells

3494. A Time of Miracles

3495. The Common Sense Contagion

3496. Prepare to Be Offended --- Very Offended

3497. The Rodeo Brit-Style

3498. Beware the PLOS PLOP

3499. The Commodity -- The First Salvo

3500. Okay, Campers

3501. It's Late at Night...

3502. What Is Now Known About Batches

3503. The Canadian Raj

3504. I Told You So

3505. What to Do About Obstruction of Trade

3506. We Won -- All Across the Board

3507. Letter to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti, Copy to Archbishop of Canterbury

3508. No "Emergency Powers" Exist -- Nor Any "State" Immunity

3509. Oh, Ye....

3510. A Message to RCMP

3511. The Dreary Lauds -- Thank You For Your Service

3512. Reply to John Chapman, Also Known as "The Devil"

3513. Regarding System --- Reply to Scott"

3514. Notice to all Galactic Federation of Planets Forces, Agents and Council Members 2.0

3515. Money Talks.... Sometimes

3516. Today's Burning Question

3517. Spread This Like Manure on a Field in Springtime

3518. PS Regarding Today's Burning Question:

3519. The Two Crowns -- Listen Up, Australia

3520. "Christian" Death Cults

3521. Exit Interview With "The Devil"

3522. Cheese Hiding

3523. The Questions to Ask

3524. Police Placed in the Middle

3525. My Cred

3526. Fatal Lies

3527. Answer to a Request

3528. So Much For Ferdinand

3529. There Is No Debt. Joe's Hamburger Shop 2.0

3530. About David Straight Once and For All

3531. They Stole Your Name. Now, They've Stolen Your DNA.

3532. Note to the United Nations/UN Corp and the Government of the Philippines

3533. What I Expect

3534. Final Reply to John Curren Chapman III

3535. Answer WHO's Bid and Object

3536. News Flash --- Trudeau is Not Premier of Canada

3537. The Law of Kinds

3538. Message for Texians

3539. More Dumb Cluck Stuff -- Which "United States" Was That?

3540. Dirty Bombs, Dirty Generals

3541. SOS Uncle Jesse

3542. Union States v. States of the Union? Nah!

3543. Make Your Video a Deposition

3544. A Summation for Farm 42

3545. What Is "Covid 19"?

3546. Surprise for the Mammals

3547. Perfectly Lawful and Legal and Unfortunate

3548. Reply to "The Ecumenical Council of Columbia"

3549. From the Office of the Fiduciary Regarding World Bank Transition

3550. There Is No British Monarch

3551. Who Saves Humanity?

3552. First Recoupment Notice for All Governments and Banks

3553. New Guardians to Be Named

3554. From the Office of the Fiduciary -- Question and Answer 1

3555. Protect Yourselves and Others

3556. Oh, Boy, Yet Another "Blockbuster" Factoid Everyone is Missing or Forgets...

3557. The Actual European Settlement of America

3558. In Support of Our Criminal Complaint and Special Grant of Jurisdiction

3559. Opus Dei, Golden Dawn, and Reign of the Heavens Society

3560. American, Asian, and Spanish Asset Accounts United

3561. Letter to JP Morgan Chase

3562. The "Story" of Kim Goguen --- and Ben Fullford, Too?

3563. Weapons of Mass Destruction --- Found at Last!

3564. An Unacceptable Threat and Unacceptable Proposal

3565. A Thought for Saudi Arabia and OPEC from the Office of the Fiduciary

3566. National Assembly v. States Assembly

3567. Fair Notice to the World

3568. The Unidollar Concept

3569. From My Lips to Trump's and Putin's Ears

3570. What to Do With Name-Calling, Drunks, and Do-Nothing Coordinators

3571. About Racial Prejudice

3572. Comment Regarding the Disappearance of the Dollar Sign

3573. It's the Trojan Roman Empire....

3574. No Moses Trust, and No Stone Age, Either

3575. International and Public Declaration of Possession by Right

3576. The Rosy Cross

3577. About Our Reconstruction

3578. The Position of the Federation

3579. A Public Message to the Reptilian Archons

3580. Nanny State or Granny State?

3581. Whoa! Information for the United Nations and NATO

3582. We MUST Speak

3583. A Brief Message to Prinz Friedrich von Hohenzollern and the German People

3584. Nanny State or Granny State? Chapter Two

3585. Nanny State or Granny State? Chapter Three

3586. I Wish.... A Message to the World and DJT

3587. Reply to White Hats

3588. The Only Boat Afloat

3589. 93 Out of 99--- Whose Treason Against Whom?

3590. Nanny State or Granny State? Chapter Four

3591. Crystalline Clarity for All Concerned

3592. Sweet Surrender

3593. Mr. Duerte - No MO

3594. Don't Be Led; Lead

3595. Reply to the Generals: Your Latest TVM Fraud and False Suppositions

3596. Nanny State or Granny State? Chapter 5

3597. Bread and Good Reminders While You Are Keeping Your Mind

3598. Alex Tallon Doesn't Know Who He Is Anymore

3599. A Vital Explanation concerning the injections and the nature of the problems resulting will soon be available on my website.

3600. The Delivery System Delivers "Whatever"

3601. Nanny State or Granny State? Chapter 6

3602. Pardon Me, Mr. Guterres -- Who Owns The Marshall Plan?

3603. A Polite Reminder About Murder and Murderers

3604. The Fight for the Fragments

3605. Setting the Record Straight Concerning Boston Brahmins

3606. Public International Notice for the High Courts and United Nations

3607. Project Looking Glass

3608. Message for Uncle Joe and the Generals. Plus, a free grammar lesson.

3609. If Your Business is Incorporated, It's Not Private

3610. News Flash -- It's Already Over

3611. Second Message to Uncle Joe and Generals -- About Money

3612. Reply to Michigan Outsiders:

3613. Open Letter to David Straight -- Or Astray

3614. Open Letter to Donald Trump

3615. This Is Crime, Not Politics

3616. When I First Heard It....

3617. The More I Think of It, The Madder I Get

3618. "We" Are Not at War; THEY Are

3619. A Tale of Two Islands and a Brief Explanation

3620. The Kingdom of Lies

3621. Seventeen Rabbits and One Pack of Dogs

3622. Viper Venom Update


3624. "Dajjal" -- A Union From Hell

3625. Need More Proof? Actual Documents, Anyone?

3626. Murder, Inc. -- A Message for Good Friday

3627. The Question is About NATO

3628. A Public International Demand for Action

3629. To The Members of the Galactic Federation and Council

3630. Dear Shelby -- Modern Warfare

3631. Your Supreme Court or My Supreme Court?

3632. Repetitious History

3633. Your President or My President?

3634. The Illuminati Agenda -- Peace Through Death and Homogeneity

3635. Public and International Notice to the High Courts and World Governments

3636. The Marshall Plan - Part Two -- Who Is Owed the Return

3637. Attention Antonio Guterres -- End the Occupation

3638. They WANT You to "Express the Trust"

3639. Your Public Employees or My Public Employees?

3640. The Changing Meaning of "the United States"

3641. A New Horizon

3642. Your Sheriff or My Sheriff?

3643. Grandma Plays Donkey Kong

3644. The Big Lebowski Revisited - Public Notice to the Generals

3645. The Plan and I -- Public Notice to the Generals 2.0

3646. I Beg Your Pardon.... I Am Not "Difficult" to Get Along With

3647. A Quick Edited Retort

3648. Public International Notice -- Witness Required

3649. It All Begins in Your Mind -- Plus, The Meaning and Destruction of Marriage

3650. Read It and Get Angry

3651. Letter to H.E. Cardinal Dominique Mamberti

3652. About Richard Warren and His Teachings --- Plus, Filipino Accountability

3653. Found: $700 Trillion in Stolen Life Force Value Annuities

3654. Grasping the Fraud Worked Against You

3655. Participating in Your Own Demise -- "Commercial Remedies"

3656. You Couldn't Make This Up If You Tried -- Notice to Generals 3.0

3657. A Quick Note to Doctors, Lawyers, and Indian Chiefs

3658. Notice and Information for the Bank of England and JPMorgan Chase and Co. Boards of Governors

3659. The Roman Catholic Church For Catholics --- and Everyone Else

3660. Black Magic v. White Magic

3661. Two Bad Guys v. Joe Q.. Public -- Plus, Public Orders for the Joint Chiefs of Staff

3662. Please, Spare Me

3663. My Compliments to Mike McKibben -- and Leader Technologies

3664. A Message From President Putin -- and Me

3665. The Old Lady Explains

3666. Demand For Delivery

3667. They Are Not Our Courts

3668. Letter to Henry Bryant

3669. The Evils of the Agencies

3670. Comment on "Paul Risenhoover"

3671. The Money Spell -- Chapter Three -- Old Gold

3672. Another Broad-Side for AIM for Truth, Which is Missing the Mark

3673. Bears in Springtime

3674. What is a "Legal Title"?

3675. The Money Spell -- Chapter Four -- Old Gold Revisited

3676. Public and International Notice --- It's Not "My" Process -- to the Generals 5.0

3677. MY Instructions Concerning IRS Form 8822

3678. Yes, Even the ASVLP/ASBLP Accounts Are Connected

3679. Mr. Risenhoover:

3680. The Public Employer's Directive

3681. Brits and the Color Orange

3682. International Public Notice Regarding Saint Germain Trust

3683. Reply to David Straight and Notice to the Generals 6.0

3684. The Choice for All Mankind

3685. Sources of Authority

3686. UN CORP -- A Message for Davos

3687. The Latest Big Lies

3688. So, You Want Enforcement? -- A Message to All State Coordinators

3689. Dear Jill

3690. David Straight 2.0 -- The British Back Door and Our Claims

3691. Who or What "Sentenced" Me to Anything? The Liars.

3692. The Great Fraud in 300 Words or Less

3693. Public and International Notice to the Generals 7.0

3694. David Straight 3.0 -- Think About This, Just Not Too Long

3695. Why I Don't Teach All Three Jurisdictions - Again

3696. Wow. Teri Hinkle Out of the Ball Park

3697. Public International Alert -- Order to Cease and Desist: 25 May 2022

3698. Straight Talk to David Straight

3699. Dealing With the Influx -- A Message to All State Coordinators

3700. Public and International Notice: Generals 8,0 -- Jimmy Carter's Limits

3701. New Foreign Agent Registration Act Administration

3702. The Message Isn't Getting Through

3703. WHY the January 6th Protesters Can Expect No Mercy and What Their Friends Should Do

3704. Important Civil War News for All Americans: The Circumstance

3705. Important Civil War News for All Americans: Today

3706. Important Civil War News for All Americans: Tomorrow

3707. About the GAR and the State of War

3708. Comment on SoS Convention

3709. So, Now....

3710. Public Notice Concerning the New World Legal Order, Bank Insurance, and Collections

3711. Notice of Conflict at Law

3712. Comptroller Letter Pages 1, 2 and 3

3713. Responsibility of Officers of the High Courts

3714. Why the Great Reset aka New World Legal Order Must Be Tanked

3715. International Public Notice of Our Business Affairs

3716. Public and International Notice of Personage and Barratry Crimes

3717. Public and International Notice of Treason

3718. Public International Notice Regarding Status of the Philippine Islands

3719. Public and International Notice of Claim and Notice of Crimes of Property and Crimes of Enslavement

3720. Public and International Notice of Prior Claim and Lawful Standing

3721. A Brief Explanation to the World - The Donors, the Middlemen, and You

3722. A True Treasure

3723. Dear Mr. Putin -- a Message From America

3724. Public and International Notice to the World Bank and All Affiliates

3725. Public and International Notice to the Bar Associations -- 30 Day Warning

3726. Clarification for Trump and the U.S. Military

3727. Just Like Nesting Dolls

3728. Public and International Notice -- Second Notice

3729. Ginned Up Fictional Versions of You

3730. Call Out to Henry Bryant Lanier

3731. Public and International Notice: Proof of Treason and Sabotage

3732. Public and International Notice: How the Entire World (Almost) Became Indebted to America

3733. Public and International Notice of Trespass and Breach of Trust

3734. About Public and International Notice -- and Obama's Activities

3735. How to Make a Judge Understand You

3736. The Feudal Monarchy System v. Our Family of Man

3737. End the Confusion Now

3738. The Fed Reserve, Shelf Corporations, and You

3739. Update on "U.S. Military" Situation and The Great Fraud

3740. Ancient History That Matters Now

3741. Get On It!

3742. The Historical Irony is the "Historicity"

3743. The Good News and the Bad News

3744. Killing Their Creditors

3745. Don't Be Stupid, Please -- About the 1934A Bonds

3746. How the Scots Made Sure that No Filipino Claims Could Succeed

3747. The Truth of the Matter

3748. The brief and satisfying reply to be made to any IRS "inquiries"

3749. For Carlos et alia Regarding Mortgage Claims

3750. The Actual Tiburcio Villamor Marcos and the So-called Global Collateral Accounts

3751. Pull Together Time

3752. Notice: Warning About Legalities -- and "Human" Rights

3753. Granna Beats the Dead Horse Again

3754. Who Is a Federal Dependent?

3755. This Has Only Been "News" Since the 1890's

3756. Oh, Let's Go At It Again....

3757. Federal Licenses, Federal Income, and Potential Issues --- or Not

3758. Non-Federal Licenses, Bonding, and Permits

3759. The People Farmers

3760. No More Marcos Frauds

3761. The Final Explanation and Great Britain's Role

3762. Kindly Take Note

3763. Naval Agency and Distribution Act 1864 -- Bingo!

3764. Nothing Is Ever Settled Until It's Settled Right

3765. Face Up, World --- History You Never Knew

3766. Oh, Canada!

3767. Not a "Debt Default" -- An Objection to Illegal Odious Debt

3768. Red Alert from Grandma

3769. Our Remedies

3770. How Inflation Plus Taxation Equals a Housing Bust

3771. Game On

3772. More Shoes Dropping

3773. More Specifics on Regulation Z

3774. The Cancer Process

3775. Robb Ryder, Our Paul Revere

3776. Two Ancient Forms of Law Causing Modern Havoc

3777. Did THEY Buy the US, INC.?

3778. Declare, Record, and Publish

3779. Red-Herrings, Druids, and Bank Myths - 1.0

3780. Red-Herrings, Druids, and Bank Myths - 2.0

3781. Red-Herrings, Druids, and Bank Myths - 3.0

3782. No "Five Indigenous Nations"

3783. The Mushroom Kingdom

3784. A Quick and Very Dirty Explanation

3785. International Notice of Distraint Issued to the District Government(s)

3786. Who Really Owes Who in America?

3787. The Manifestation Effect

3788. Simon

3789. Honest Abe Debunked and Joe Biden, Too

3790. No, Mister Trump is NOT.....A Short Expose of the Offices of the "President"

3791. Updating The Informer....

3792. America

3793. The Union, The Federation, The Confederation, and the Federal Republic

3794. Public International Notice Regarding Dual Citizenship / David Straight Process

3795. The Important History of Rome You Are Never Taught

3796. A Fiduciary Duty Fulfilled

3797. Alright, Campers

3798. Clif High Narradigm

3799. What Actually Drives the De-Population Agenda

3800. You Can't Get There From Here

3801. No Precedence for State Republics - One Exception

3802. I Stand Corrected

3803. About the Constitutions - Again

3804. Your States and Their States of States

3805. God Bless Robb Ryder Again!

3806. Worse Enslavement

3807. Okay, Kids...It's Showtime

3808. New Rule

3809. Joe Biden Must Go

3810. Assembly Update

3811. Update on Internal Investigation

3812. What's Wrong and Right With America?

3813. Let's Review Before the Test...

3814. DRACO Down the Memory Hole They had a cure over a decade ago, but not for you

3815. Bail In, Bail Out, Good Cop, Bad Cop

3816. A Message to All State Assemblies

3817. International Notice of Claim and Proven Interest

3818. Rat Watch

3819. What to Expect

3820. Shoes Dropping

3821. Report Dated October the 8th 2022

3822. A Brief But Important Message to Russia

3823. Message to King Charles III and King Charles of Scotland

3824. Documentation About NAMES

3825. Nothing is Coincidence

3826. Debt Redemption

3827. The Ultimate Breach of Trust

3828. Confirmed

3829. Public International Notice of Reversionary Trust Interest and Claim

3830. Typo Alert and Negative Numbers

3831. A Reply for Ken and Barbie Cromar

3832. Use Your Imagination

3833. A Simple International Public Announcement

3834. A Demonstration of How Patriots Fail --- Again and Again

3835. Useful Proof About DC and the Municipal Government

3836. A Precious Learning Module

3837. "When We Find Error"

3838. Something in the Air

3839. Happy Places 2.0

3840. Public and International Notice of Crimes of State -- Notice to Congress; Demand for Action

3841. World Status Report: October 29th, 2022

3842. Vaccine Information --- All You Ever Need to Know or Prove

3843. Public Defender Letter for Municipal COURTS

3844. Will You Awaken?

3845. The Head of the Serpent -- and Faces Thereof

3846. Sports Fans and Video Gurus Needed!

3847. They Can't Beat Us, So....Fraud Incoming!

3848. The 15th of Nisan

3849. Why Would Anyone Fear "The Public"?

3850. Call Me a Cynic

3851. The Law

3852. What's Really Happening

3853. "King David" and Charlie Ward

3854. The Purpose of Central Banks

3855. The Real Origin of "Cabal"

3856. The Long Night

3857. Reply Concerning Charlie Ward

3858. Once Again, About Family Guardian Information....

3859. About Banks and Pipelines: Swift and Standard Oil and QFS

3860. Public and International Notice of Necessary Abatement and Commercial Avoidance

3861. What to Do

3862. To the "Good" Military

3863. National Rat Watch Day

3864. How They Worked It

3865. A Right Versus a Privilege -- the Trap of Incorporation

3866. Public and International Notice: I'm the Underwriter

3867. The Fiduciary Comment on FTX and Other Imaginary Investments

3868. Weaponizing Language

3869. Me, You, and the Chickens -- Answers About Americans

3870. The First of Many

3871. The Great Retribution

3872. California At It Again?

3873. Claims on Abatement -- for Private Autos Misidentified as "Motor Vehicles"

3874. The Merry Men

3875. About Duplicitous Recorded Phone Messages From the Federal Reserve Banks

3876. Popular, But Wrong Theories

3877. Let's Make This Super Simple

3878. "Sovereign" Debt Collapse, Forced Migration, and Motivations

3879. A Full Explanation of the UN Connection

3880. The Fallacy of the Strong Dollar

3881. Status Report/Public and International Warning

3882. Hiding The Cheese -- Tools for Researchers and Rat Watchers

3883. Banal Money Influence

3884. Where is the Money?

3885. To All The Johnny Come Latelies

3886. Haunted Thanksgiving

3887. "Excess Death" -- Yet Another Filthy Euphemism

3888. The Importance of Land and Who Owns It?

3889. More Idiocy Concerning "the" Confederacy -- Which One?

3890. A Sadly Necessary Education About "Our" Military

3891. The World's Current Problem Summed Up: Bad Sheep

3892. Why You Are the Answer

3893. Our Answer to "Booster Season"

3894. Land Swindles and Swindlers

3895. Enough of the Filipino Claims

3896. Can It Get Any Crazier?

3897. About the Use of Meritorious Planning Committees

3898. News for the World

3899. International Notice -- There Is No Such Thing as a "Sovereign Citizen"

3900. On Being Sold a Bill of Goods -- Public Notice to China

3901. About Lloyd Austin --- And Joe Biden, Too

3902. Deliberate "Misunderstanding" About The Articles of Confederation

3903. Money, Credit, and Stupidity

3904. Share About the Federal Reserve

3905. International Public Notice: Reports of Friendly Fire

3906. The Role of Gold -- And the Central Banks

3907. Just LOOK at What They Have Actually Done

3908. Public International Notice to the United Nations and Bank of International Settlements and World Bank

3909. John Leake Findings

3910. Just Bloody Give It Up

3911. Key Take Home Message for Corporations and Corporate Officers

3912. District "Assemblies" v State Assemblies

3913. Second Comment on "Bank" Panic

3914. Answer to "Satan" About Mr. Lincoln and the Results

3915. For God's Sake, Take in the View

3916. Pre-Judgment Equals Prejudice

3917. Mr. Potter v. George Bailey and The Witch of the North

3918. And Now, My Two Cents, Anita

3919. Practical Banking Issues That Everyone Needs to Know About

3920. The Only Issue is Control

3921. About "Your" Name -- Again

3922. Misunderstanding Everything About "State National" and States?

3923. All I Know -- Please Publish for California and Everyone Else

3924. Rat Watch Alert, Tuesday, December 20th, 2022

3925. An Open Letter to His Holiness, the Pope 20th December 2022

3926. Why the Navy and Marine Corps?

3927. From Old "Iron Fist" --- a Note to Satya About Continuance of Government

3928. Letter to His Holiness, the Pope Emeritus In his Ministerial Office 20th of December 2022

3929. What I Find Hilarious --- in a Sick Way

3930. Urgent Rat Watch Alert! Here's the Horse's Mouth and the Enemy of All That Is

3931. Don't Believe It

3932. For You All

3933. The Richest Man in the World

3934. Rat Watch Call Out to All Patriot Researchers - Big Move 1927

3935. Merry Christmas to All "Licensed" Professionals and Businesses

3936. International Public Notice of Fraud and Treason

3937. Public Letter to the Society of Jesus

3938. Beware, the 169,000 Cow Pies

3939. Don't Believe All This Stuff and Don't Get Involved In It

3940. The Unity Consciousness

3941. Rat Watch Pay-Dirt and The Dirty Little Secret

3942. Dear Don,

3943. Compile the Pile

3944. Timeline Convergence

3945. When We Lose Our Heroes

3946. The Holly Raving Roman Empire

3947. Discharging the Past

3948. The Dangers of Myth-Making

3949. The Old Guard Never Got It and Likely Never Will

3950. Guidance for Assemblies

3951. Citizens -- Plural

3952. Letting Dad and Mom Go

3953. Our Modest Proposal Revisited

3954. Mia Culpa 2

3955. A Modest Proposal For the Joint Chiefs

3956. The Midwife's Tale Retold

3957. Dumb, Gluttonous, and Forgetful?

3958. Public and International Notice to the World Health Organization (WHO)

3959. Public Notice to All Non-Health Sector Corporations in The United States

3960. Warning Notice For All Public Employees and Licensees

3961. About Ron Vrooman and Other Would-Be Assemblies

3962. Last Monday, I Told You the Bad News:

3963. Public Trust Proclamation - No "Second" Constitution for Americans --- No Debt, Either

3964. No Good Guys

3965. Nothing "Novel" -- All Contrived; and Some Hope For Us

3966. A Reply to Ron Vrooman and All Would-Be Assemblies -- Make This Go Viral, Too

3967. Told You So

3968. THIS Above All Else, Is What THEY Have to Be Held Accountable For

3969. How to Describe a True State National and Write to Members of Congress

3970. Our Real Strength

3971. Treason in Your Faces

3972. Mia Culpa, Again

3973. Another Supremely Worthy Question and Answer

3974. Pay Attention to Your Remedy

3975. Claim Before the Vatican Chancery Court - Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti

3976. Pfishing and Slander Sites/Organizations to Avoid

3977. A Reply to Martha Stewart and the British Government

3978. A Situation Report -- January 2023

3979. He Has Not Failed

3980. Illegal Constitutions -- Example, Australia

3981. Wake Up Call Number One -- January 2023

3982. Wake Up Call Number Two:

3983. Consider the Hypocrisy

3984. A Message to the Military

3985. Clarity About NESARA

3986. Why Utah?

3987. Trademarks, Trade Marks, Copyrights, and Patents

3988. Message for Cardinal Mamberti, Vatican Chancery Court -- 24th January 2023

3989. While The Death Toll Mounts -- Mexico and Spain to the Rescue

3990. Poo-Poo the Poo-Poohers

3991. Urgent: Think About Money -- As a Subject, Not a Goal

3992. So...It's Official

3993. A Taste for Symbols and Numbers

3994. Civilian Militias

3995. The Month of Purgation

3996. Britain, Again. Guilty as Charged.

3997. Enter The Saturnine Brotherhood

3998. Listen Up to the Agenda Circa 1921

3999. Attention H.E. Cardinal Mamberti --- "Preventing a Long War"?

4000. Rat Watch

4001. The RV and IMF Monopoly Extortion Club -- Britain, Again

4002. The Value of Your Snot

4003. District of Quantico --- Here We Go Again

4004. A Little Thought Exercise for Ron Vrooman, Et Alia

4005. Oh, Boy. Now the Fat Hits the Fan and the Fire

4006. Make This Go Viral Folks. Your Lives and Pocketbooks Depend on It.

4007. Forwarding a Grenade

4008. To All White Hats and Military Officers and Diplomatic Officers

4009. More Proof of Deliberate Sabotage and Murder -- Notice to the Court

4010. Polluting the Blood

4011. Second Release -- Polluting the Blood 2.0

4012. The Rush to Find Narratives

4013. Urgent Message to Vladimir Putin from the American Government

4014. Clean Air and Demand

4015. Why You MUST Take Action in Lawful Rebellion

4016. Situation Report -- For All Those Who Need It Down and Dirty

4017. February Moves Us Forward

4018. Know Your Enemy

4019. Where the Information Fits, Wear It

4020. Message for Yvonne, Et Alia

4021. Scottish Wind Farms Run On Diesel

4022. Here's a Quickie Worthy of Report:

4023. Reposting a God Bless You --- and All About the Fed

4024. A Brief Comment on Quoted Sources

4025. Urgent Explanation --- Money and Executive Order #14067

4026. We Are The Lab Monkeys

4027. We Haven't Forgotten

4028. Animals, Too?

4029. Urgent Explanation of Money and Executive Order #14067 Part 2

4030. Alarm Given -- Trespass Within the General Jurisdictions

4031. Fear Is Always The Enemy

4032. More "Galactic" BS - Situation Update

4033. The Symbol of the Buffalo

4034. The Problem With Allen Stein -- The "Unseen" World

4035. Look and Think Again

4036. What Goes On in Hell Stays in Hell.

4037. International Public Notice - Valentine's Day, 2023

4038. The Language of Creation

4039. Final Answer to Jack Chapman Et Alia (Everyone Else Follow Along):

4040. Demand to the United States Trustees, Federal Department of the Treasury, Bank of International Settlements, and Government of the Philippines:

4041. Addendum to Final Answer to Jack Chapman Et Alia:

4042. What DNA of the Elohim Means

4043. How They Fake the "Pandemic" and Everything Else

4044. Weaponization of Space -- or Not

4045. Think About What You Are Thinking

4046. Why Not Attack the USA, Inc.?

4047. Review of Unraveling Process and China

4048. Why the Offered Restitution Isn't Restitution -- No More Taxation, Period

4049. Granna Bytes Back on Track

4050. Emergency Alert --- Get This to President Trump!

4051. More to the Point -- Dioxins in Vietnam and East Palestine, Ohio

4052. Confirmed, Again, Britain at the Bottom of the Dog Pile

4053. For Your Information, Facebook

4054. The American Peace Flag -- Who Has the Right to Fly It?

4055. Letter Sent to H.E. Cardinal Mamberti

4056. The REASON Joe Biden Isn't Being Prosecuted

4057. The Kingdom of Lies

4058. Every Kind of Deceit

4059. Get This Urgent Situational Update to the Marines

4060. The Federal Reserve and the CRIS Kickback and Payola System

4061. It's Not Just American History

4062. A Reply to Satan

4063. The Validation of Covenant

4064. Nine Ranks of Angels

4065. Regarding Recovery of All Global Assets that Originate from the Avila Family Trust.

4066. Bunny Math

4067. Dodecallion Times Fifty -- Open for Business

4068. The Wheels of God

4069. China-Russia and Russian-American Alliance is Good News

4070. Evil Peas and Carrots

4071. On Becoming True Followers -- and Journalists

4072. The New Global Land Recording Service

4073. Marching in March

4074. Reply to Stanley Davenport

4075. The Lies of Time and Money: Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti

4076. Another March in March

4077. The Restitution and Redemption -- Attention H.E. Dominique Mamberti

4078. You Are "the Third Temple"

4079. A Most Unlikely Place

4080. Hardness of Heart

4081. Questions I Receive

4082. The Simple Truths

4083. Getting Caught Up After 160-Plus Years - Notice to DOD

4084. A Response to Getting Caught Up After 160-Plus Years - Notice to DOD

4085. To the Office of the Judge Advocate General

4086. Federal Employee Notice

4087. Demand for Liquidation -- March 26th 2023

4088. About "Sovereign Citizens"

4089. The Final Poo-Poo on "Human Caused Climate Change" is Here

4090. Ru Evidence

4091. "The Constitution" as a Red Herring

4092. Let's Not Throw Money at It

4093. Claim Update, More Evidence of Unlawful Activities

4094. Attention All Federal Employees

4095. Dropped Through the Cracks

4096. Death and Ignorance

4097. How the War-Profiteering Scheme Has Been Worked

4098. The Last American President

4099. Advice for Mister Trump

4100. Similar Names Fraud, Bankruptcy Fraud, Executors de Son Tort

4101. 1937 Collusion

4102. D.C. Municipal Corporations and Illegal Corporate Takeovers

4103. Why We Blame the Military

4104. Dishonest Everything, Everywhere, the Money Laudering Scheme

4105. This is Our Proving Ground

4106. I Can't Know, Not Really

4107. Uncreating the Monster -- Municipal Corporation Fraud

4108. The Credit, Bankruptcy and "Asset Offset" Frauds

4109. Why We Blame the Civil Service

4110. Spiritual Warfare

4111. More Steps

4112. Red Flag -- Why Do They Keep Calling It "The Show"?

4113. Why, Why, Why?

4114. Abusive Agencies and Agency Abuse

4115. Good Faith Violated by Foreign Trusts, Fraud, and Non-Disclosure

4116. Abuse of Private Enclaves and Intent to Defraud

4117. The Power to Destroy

4118. Middlemen and Endless False Narratives - Official

4119. Crime and Immorality

4120. The UN CORPORATION as An Example Franchise

4121. Bank Fraud - Foreign Commercial Banks

4122. Bank Fraud -- "United States Treasury Bonds"

4123. Municipal Corporation Fraud -- Genocide and Slavery

4124. A Long History of Crime

4125. The Dead Baby Scam, False Wards, and Child Labor

4126. Alpha Draconii Claims

4127. The Big Split

4128. Why There Are No Oaths of Office

4129. Mortgage and Future Indebtedness Fraud

4130. Someone Needs to Tell "the UN" the Bad News

4131. The IRS Fraud

4132. The Climate Change and Other Criminal Hoaxes

4133. Evidence Considered by Honorable Jurors

4134. How the Fraud Works for Generals

4135. How to Read "Theft by Deception"

4136. Dead on Arrival

4137. Notice of Fraud Issued to Coroners and Medical Examiners

4138. Vermin Alert! All Hands On Deck!

4139. Co-Option of Public Functions

4140. The Many Substitution Scams

4141. The Crown Fraud

4142. The Money Fraud

4143. Keeping Up With Todd Callendar -- News Worth Hearing

4144. The Dumping Ground Frauds

4145. The Congressional Fraud - Why They Had to Kill Lincoln

4146. The Agency, Registration, and Election Frauds

4147. The China Fraud and Parasite Host Game

4148. Texas versus Republic of Texas

4149. On Hold

4150. The Dis-Ease and Just-Us Frauds

4151. Follow Up on Texas vs Republic of Texas

4152. Comment on Ann Vandersteel Info

4153. Rope Climbing

4154. Do You Believe in Good Chinese Elders?

4155. About What You Can Do

4156. The Licensing and Conversion Abuses

4157. Understanding How Babylon Works

4158. A Good Example of Satanism at Work

4159. The National Debt Fraud and the UN Fraud

4160. Don't Panic -- Center Yourselves

4161. The Commander - in - Chief Fraud

4162. The RV Fraud and Chinese Elders Fraud

4163. The Counterfeiting Fraud

4164. For Those Who Remember....

4165. The Federal Reserve Fraud

4166. The Crown "Offer" Rejected

4167. Urgent Public Announcement - Three Day Notice to Principals

4168. Why Do I Care About Britain and Australia?

4169. Fraud and Abuses by the Central Banks

4170. The Music of the Spheres

4171. National Deputization Order

4172. The Global Money Laundering Fraud and Instant Satanism Fraud

4173. The Invisible Contract Frauds

4174. The Self-War Fraud, aka, The Foot and Hand War

4175. I Once Lived in a House

4176. The National Identity Theft Scheme

4177. The "Playing So Dumb You Feel Stupid" Fraud

4178. The Social Darwinism and Corporate Feudalism Frauds

4179. Thoughts on Kingship and Motherhood

4180. The Monarchy Substitution and Pandemic Fraud

4181. Message to Juan O'Savin and People Who Listen to Him

4182. Service

4183. The Samaritan Connection Fraud

4184. The Salt Fraud

4185. Political Status 101

4186. What's Going on With "Our" Judiciary?

4187. The National Debt Fraud Revisited

4188. The Military Fraud

4189. Dear Don -- A Reply to Your False Claims

4190. True Comfort

4191. Land Recording Functions

4192. The Great Pipeline and Land Grab Frauds

4193. Second Reply Continued

4194. The Monetization of Debt Scheme -- And Why It Matters Right Now

4195. The Anticipated Continuance of Foreign Government Fraud

4196. The Monetization of Debt Scheme -- Part 2

4197. One If By Land, Two If By Sea.....the Dual System Fraud

4198. There is NO Provision for an American "National Militia" !!!

4199. The Seigniorage Looting Fraud

4200. The Favored Franchise and Enforcement Fraud

4201. A Reply to "Q" and the Alliance -- June 1st 2023

4202. I Wept for the Watchman

4203. The Right Side of History

4204. The Light of the World

4205. The Poor-Mouth Fraud

4206. The Central Issue of Freedom

4207. Review of The Great Awakening Film

4208. The Peacekeeping Task Force

4209. The "War" Fraud

4210. Change Your Art Project

4211. Let's Be Blunt, Because Stupid is as Stupid Does

4212. Illegal Confiscations and Illegal Takings Fraud by Personage

4213. A Love Letter --- the ABA/IBA Lien and More

4214. The Biowarfare Fraud

4215. The Treaty and Contract Fraud

4216. In the Public Interest -- Establishing a Bridgehead

4217. Nomenclature and Ownership, Again

4218. Katherine Watt "Library" and Believe It or Not....

4219. The Biggest Archeological News in My Lifetime

4220. The Birth Certificate Fraud Revisited

4221. Take Note, Mr. Trump --- and Everyone Else: 27 USC 72.11

4222. The Abuse of Law Frauds

4223. The Mechanics Fraud

4224. Urgent Warning to All Assemblies

4225. Reply to Darrell Gehlsen

4226. An End to the Nonsense

4227. The National Trust Frauds

4228. The Dual Sovereignty Fraud

4229. The Empire Fraud

4230. Mirrored Foreign Persons Held in Trusts

4231. The Exact Personage Fraud -- Enslavement of Corporations

4232. Additional National Trust Frauds

4233. The Fraudulent Misuse of the Title IV Flag

4234. Microsoft, SERCO, and USPTO Liquidation Required

4235. Don't Believe It?

4236. The Corporate Names and Identities Fraud --- "Confederate States" Fraud

4237. Territorial Attempts to Commandeer Assemblies

4238. The Science of Systems -- False Heroes Fraud

4239. An Example of Evil

4240. Can't Be Demonstrated Any Better

4241. A Bank Update

4242. Wake Up, General Flynn -- All the Way, Now.

4243. Gender Issues

4244. Answers for All Those Who Aren't Thinking

4245. The Fraud Regarding "His Majesty" Paramonov, Hospitaliers, and Etc.

4246. Beware "Nationals" --- Are Not State Nationals

4247. "Military Intelligence" --- Another Oxymoron?

4248. The Role of Coordinators

4249. Which America? Read This and Understand.

4250. Notes to Assembly Officers

4251. Removal of Dan Auxier as Missouri Coordinator; Dissolution of Missouri Assembly

4252. The National Level Identity Theft

4253. Let Those Who Have Ears and Eyes....

4254. The Treaty of Utrecht, Bar Association, Global Warming, Pandemic and Bank Frauds

4255. The Central Bank Digital Currency Fraud

4256. The Truth Shall Set You Free

4257. The Neo-Paganism Fraud

4258. The Municipal and Territorial Powers Fraud

4259. The Crux of the Matter

4260. The Substitution Schemes - Reviewed Impacts

4261. The Corporate Trust Fraud

4262. The Illegal and Unlawful Securitization Fraud

4263. Closure -- Powerful Insight into Why I Bring This Forward

4264. The Public Oaths of Office Fraud and Licensing of Privateers Fraud

4265. The Framework Under Consideration -- Final Summation

4266. Photonic Biology -- Things You Need to Know

4267. For Rudy, Sidney, and Lin

4268. Why We Got Rid of Edward Kennedy

4269. To the Pennsylvania Assembly -- You Are "Sovereign"

4270. Closure Plus Biophotonic Biology

4271. On Sovereignty

4272. The Condition of the Damned

4273. Land Grants Within the Global Trust

4274. Response to the Assemblies and Public International Notice to Everyone Else

4275. The BAR Code and the Beast

4276. Public and International Notice: About Convictions of Fourteenth Amendment CITIZENS

4277. The Definition of Racism

4278. International Public Notice: How -- Precisely -- They Did It in Australia

4279. It's Not Shocking If You Know British History

4280. The Sound of Freedom?

4281. Liars. Let's Discuss---

4282. Polluting the Blood -- Evil on Steroids

4283. Response to Jack et Alia:

4284. Second Reply to Jack et Alia

4285. About Kim Goguen

4286. More Proof That I Am Right

4287. A Necessary American Tradition

4288. The First of October 2020: Important Distinctions

4289. How Liars Lie 1.0 -- Incontrovertible Defense

4290. Dear Uriah -- An Open Letter, Wherever You Are

4291. Notice the Time Warp, Again

4292. The Element of Heart

4293. King David's Sin --- An Explanation to My Readers

4294. Cease and Desist -- Regarding Ron Vrooman and "His" Oregon Assembly Basics:

4295. Announcing Joint US CORP/ CCP Illegal War Operation

4296. International Alert: No State Immunity Is Available for Corporations from Corporations

4297. International Alert -- False Real Estate Claims in The United States

4298. International Alert -- Illegal and Unlawful Conscriptions

4299. What Richard Discovered --- What Kind of Common Law?

4300. Reply to Ron Vrooman --- Again, and Everyone Being Misled by Him

4301. Don't Be Fooled

4302. No, Bobby....

4303. Re: *** a response to Anna's reply.***Re: An update.

4304. Questions from Oregon --- and Answers

4305. The Quiet Death of Human-Caused Global Warming Theory

4306. Hung Cao!

4307. Why I Haven't "Closed" the Case Against Me

4308. More Questions and Answers from Oregon

4309. Oregonians -- A Reply to Ron

4310. The "Sale of America" -- Saga Continued

4311. No, Ron....

4312. For Posterity and Proof --

4313. Beware Your Own "Programming"

4314. Separating Wheat and Tares

4315. People Banks for People, Corporate Banks for Corporations

4316. Redefining Banks as Prosperity Institutions

4317. Redefining "Overpopulation"

4318. Replies About Banks

4319. De-Construction Before Reconstruction

4320. De-Construction Before Reconstruction 2

4321. Signed Copy of International Public Notice of Lien

4322. Politicization of Science Has to End

4323. The Role of the Federation

4324. Public International Notice and Demand: The American Civil War?

4325. The Bill of Goods

4326. The Intended Goat

4327. People need to see the other side of things

4328. Denouement

4329. Taking Stock

4330. A comment from a new and rapidly learning person ON THE LAND OF OREGON

4331. Dear Linda On Oregon - Part 2

4332. "Special" Admiralty Courts

4333. Asset Pumping

4334. New Thread for Oregon Discussion - Part 2 - Banks

4335. As Things Stand on August 5th 2023

4336. Dear Jack, About the Confederation

4337. Public International Alert for State Assemblies

4338. United States History Versus American History

4339. My "Blood Oath" --- and Yours

4340. Dear Jack -- About Confederate States, states, States, and STATES

4341. Woo-Woo, Yes, Virginia....We Have Two

4342. International Common Law Commercial Claim Notice: A Proper Reading:

4343. Answer to OSJA and Kim S.

4344. Certain Members and Non-Members

4345. About Your Courts

4346. Double Meanings for Different Things

4347. Self-Sustaining.... My Laugh for the Day

4348. Reposting Good Old Malcolm Roberts

4349. About "American Sign Language" and Parse Syntax

4350. For All Members and Coordinators

4351. The Burning House

4352. Americans ----Stop Citing Federal Code

4353. Fast Eddie of the Fab Five

4354. The Three Federal Populations - Retrospective Details

4355. Help Comes When You Least Expect It

4356. My Father's Birthday

4357. We Bring Forth

4358. Vandana Shiva and I -- Grandmothers Unite!

4359. The Biggest Lie About the Confederation and the Constitution, Both

4360. When the Paradigm Shifts

4361. Only the Truth Counts

4362. Coded Messages --- Big "S" or Little "s"?

4363. For All Recording Secretaries

4364. The Family of Saint Germain

4365. "Civilian Military"

4366. Don't Trust Your Medical Doctor?

4367. Update on the Vatican Trip

4368. "Trust Me" -- "It Was Necessary"?????

4369. What "Earth Alliance"?

4370. Public International Charges

4371. The Effort to End Fraudulent Misrepresentation

4372. Public International Notice of Fraud by "Global Sovereign Monetary One"

4373. Of Course, Directed Energy Weapons Exist

4374. The Natural Law We Keep Stumbling Over

4375. A Hard Answer for a Simple Question

4376. We Don't Use PARSE SYNTAX for Any Reason

4377. Hawaii

4378. Done With Evil

4379. I Was Seven

4380. Nationalize Google and Microsoft Now

4381. Richard Milhous Nixon v Thirteen Needed Actions

4382. British Law Compilation from United Kingdom Research

4383. Message to All: There Are No "Emergency Powers"

4384. Why Trump Will Be Tried Under the Law of Admiralty

4385. International Public Notice: Regarding the "Rule of Law"

4386. Real Angels

4387. Bear Witness

4388. Unfortunately, This Can Happen

4389. Foreign Death Cult

4390. People Who Constantly Complain

4391. SERCO and DOD at the Bottom of the Dog Pile

4392. 1851: Freemasonry, Postal Union, and the Undermining of National Sovereignty

4393. Good News for Common People!

4394. Public Notice: Wake Up and Die Right

4395. A Call to Mankind -- Action in Vancouver

4396. So Often Times It Happens....

4397. Expanding Forum

4398. The Right Focus

4399. My Thoughts on The Wyoming Assembly and All Assemblies

4400. Our Court System

4401. As We Join Together -- Tribe or Nation?

4402. Understanding the Birth Certificate Bond

4403. Public International Notice: No Constitutional Republic Available

4404. Do or Not Do

4405. International Public Notice: Sloppy Language Kills

4406. Public International Order to Cease and Desist

4407. Our Position on "Indigenous Land Claims" Under Ecclesiastical Law: Pillar One

4408. Our Position on "Indigenous Land Claims" Under Ecclesiastical Law: Pillar Two

4409. Our Position on "Indigenous Land Claims" Under Ecclesiastical Law: Pillar Three

4410. For Native Leaders About Sovereignty

4411. The Draft of Americans is Illegal and Always Has Been

4412. Does Mind Control Exist? Call Out for Ramola D.....

4413. The "Opinions" of the U.S. Supreme Court and the Supreme Court of the United States

4414. Situation Report 10/8/2023

4415. The History and Limits of "Executive Orders"

4416. The Insular Tariff Cases - 1900 to 1904

4417. The Final Word on Climate Change

4418. "Alternative" Realities

4419. "Repeat After Me:

4420. The Essence of the Problem -- Biblical Narrative

4421. The Truth of the Matter

4422. "Legalized" Crime and Dehumanization -- How It Works

4423. Missing on All Cylinders But One

4424. Why We Need Donations

4425. Why Step By Step

4426. Are You Still Confused?

4427. Republics Versus Republican States

4428. The End of Evil

4429. Why No RV?

4430. How (Mostly) Dead American Veterans Own the Fortune 500

4431. The Motive Exposed

4432. The "State of Israel" Fraud

4433. The Problem With Hate and the Justice Paradigm

4434. Second Motive for the Hoax

4435. Told You So

4436. Eugenics in America

4437. Old News Alerts

4438. Hold the Train! --- "War President"?

4439. What Happens If You Don't Bring Forward Your State Assembly?

4440. SV40 Monkey Protein Pollutants -- Cause Cancer, But....

4441. To All the Gossips About My Podcast on Tuesday:

4442. How to Process David Straight's Paperwork

4443. Dear Teri, All Coordinators, and Everyone Else

4444. "Better Control of My Tuesday Podcast"?

4445. "Poison" Package Frauds

4446. Israel, Inc., the British Territorial Corp...and So What?

4447. Lord Love Jon Rappoport

4448. Populating Your Counties as You Populate Your States

4449. About the Texas Situation

4450. Population

4451. Media Whores or Gagged Victims?

4452. International Public Notice Concerning Our Great Seals and Seal of Saint Peter

4453. Slavery of the Mind

4454. The Haunting Past Resolved

4455. Message to the Earth

4456. What They Never Understood and Do Not Know

4457. To the Remaining Clueless F-Wits

4458. Physician, Heal Thyself

4459. Critical Unasked Questions

4460. Controversy Regarding FBI Presence

4461. Please, Be Thoughtful

4462. About Notices for State Assemblies

4463. Federalism 1.0

4464. Who Am I? Who Are You?

4465. From 2005 Until Now -- Demand for Forfeiture of the IMF and SWIFT

4466. The Subject is Buying Power

4467. The Evil Sock Monkey

4468. Dear Tanya -- About Coordinators, Again

4469. The Great Temptation for Assembly Leaders

4470. The Population Collapse

4471. What I Know -- For Sure

4472. It Wasn't Fiction -- Ayn Rand

4473. International Public Notice Concerning The Preferential Priority Creditors

4474. "Federal Reserve" Factoids

4475. Modern Diseases

4476. The Snakes, All of Them v Self-Declared Governments

4477. Public International Notice Regarding U.S. Corporations and US CORPORATIONS

4478. To The Galactic Council -- November 15th 2023

4479. No "National Assembly"

4480. No Article III Courts, Either

4481. Their Language v Our Language

4482. Public International Notice of Claim

4483. International Public Claim -- Two Sides to Every Hamburger

4484. International Public Claim -- Two Sides to Every Story

4485. International Public Claim -- Two Sides to Every Coin

4486. About Global Bilateral Banks - Commerce v Maritime Commerce

4487. Open Letter to Pope Francis, the Roman Curia, and Committee of 300

4488. You Are a Foreign Sovereign, Not a "Sovereign Citizen"

4489. Defective Product Recall -- Get Ready

4490. Return to Joe's Hamburger Shop

4491. A Second Open Letter to Pope Francis, the Roman Curia, and the Committee of 300

4492. My Remembrance of JFK and My Problems With Trump

4493. Have You Lost Your Minds? - "Fifth Generation Warfare"

4494. On the Other Side of GITMO

4495. Colonialism, Territorialism, Corporate Feudalism, Terrorism

4496. Which "United States" Are We Restoring?

4497. QFS -- The Brit-Chinese Trojan Pig Released by.... HSBC. Who Knew?

4498. "Off-Balance Sheet Funds"

4499. Return to Joe's Hamburger Shop 2.0

4500. Cheating Melchizadek

4501. International Public Notice of Lawfare

4502. Not the Great Reset -- the Great Reversal

4503. The Purpose of the Infant Decedent Estates-- Bona Vacantia

4504. My Work and Mission

4505. Why There Has to Be a Crash --or Not

4506. Please Note: About the "QFS"

4507. International Public Notice: We Are Exiting Babylon

4508. The Fruits of Monarchy and Empire

4509. Strontium, Barium, Aluminum Oxide

4510. And the Digit Counters Fall

4511. Basel III is Finally Here -- Thirty-plus Years Overdue

4512. Reform or Restore --- That is The Question

4513. Amnesty

4514. Federal Reserve Notes Are Less Than Worthless

4515. Don't Settle for Pennies -- Spread the Word

4516. Yes, I Question the Wisdom of God

4517. Public International Declaration and Claim: The Siphon 101

4518. Clarifications for Assemblies

4519. Public International Notice of Protest -- Urgent Request for Assistance

4520. Java Alert -- Incoming

4521. Regarding "UNITED STATES NOTES"

4522. Please Note: We Are Not Under Any Bench

4523. In Memorium

4524. Public International Notice: They Are Offering Our Money for Their Debts

4525. Introductory Training for Coordinators Series

4526. Down on the Farm

4527. Urgent Alert -- Situation Update for Americans

4528. What to Do About It

4529. Public Declaration Concerning Unlawful v Lawful Conversion

4530. Public International Notice: The Fatal Treaties of Utrecht and the Bottomry Bonds Scandal

4531. The Whisper

4532. Public Declaration Concerning Additional Unlawful Conversions

4533. Do Not Let Your Hearts Be Troubled

4534. Stand Up the Four Pillars

4535. International Public Notice of False Claims

4536. Artificial Stimulation

4537. You Can "Pull a Vladimir Putin" in Those United States

4538. Notice to All World Trust Trustees: December 24th 2023

4539. News Flashes for Americans

4540. JFK's Battle in Real Time

4541. Concerns Answered- Faith v. Bucks, Counties v. Boroughs

4542. Lies of Every Shape, Sort, and Kind

4543. American Orientation 101

4544. Notice Regarding the Dead Fed and the Government of the Philippines

4545. Ever Wonder How MUCH?

4546. Come, Sit With Me While I Explain....

4547. The Right and Duty

4548. Liars in Michigan -- Again and Still

4549. Progress Against the Seals of Houska and Delphi

4550. For the Assemblies - About Commercial Liens - UCC

4551. The Banks Were Never the Owners

4552. International Public Notice from the American Fiduciary

4553. International Public Notice Regarding Neil Keenan

4554. Cha-Cha-Cha-Ching!

4555. You, Safety, and Freedom -- A Message for Americans

4556. To All the Other Nations

4557. The Lose the Name Cult - An Answer to RL

4558. International Public Notice: Foreclosing His Imperial Majesty, et alia.

4559. Good News!

4560. Dave Hodges is Making a Common Mistake

4561. What Does It Mean to Foreclose on Kings?

4562. Wonders Abound

4563. Leaving Which "United Nations"?

4564. Reply to "Fearless Floyd" -- Alert to Law Enforcement

4565. International Public Notice -- APB Fraud Alert

4566. International Public Notice: Receivership Claim Announcement

4567. The Rule of Law or the rule of law....

4568. Let's See....About the RV

4569. An International Appeal for Research Assistance

4570. Public International Notice -- The Substance of the Law

4571. International Public Notice: One Good Fact v A Lot of Bad Law

4572. American Public Announcement: What Applies to You? ---And Doesn't?

4573. International Public Notice: What About Germany?

4574. Public Service Announcement: Black Swan My Rump

4575. No Debt Expansion Equals Collapse

4576. International Public Announcement: The Answer is Simple

4577. Retrain Your Brain

4578. Progress on the Gates of Hell Seal and Delphi

4579. International Public Notice -- There Are No "Confederates"

4580. International Public Notice -- Regarding Incompetence of Governments

4581. Public International Notice: There Are Two Sets of Corporations Involved.

4582. International Public Notice -- The Three Crowns Final Summation

4583. Regarding the Current Military Under Trump

4584. Response to RL --- False Claim

4585. International Public Notice - Damnation Corruption

4586. This is So Simple

4587. International Public Notice -- Iteration of Error Consequences

4588. International Public Notice -- The Mistaken Schism

4589. Answer to Australia and Everyone Else

4590. A Public Official, or, Merely Pretending to Be?

4591. My Reply to "The Ultimate Delusion"

4592. International Public Notice -- Insurrection by Usurpation

4593. International Public Notice: The Recap 1:

4594. International Public Notice: Recap 2

4595. Ah, Gosh, the Payload Finally Revealed

4596. International Public Notice: Concerning the Jesuit Order

4597. The Two King Problem

4598. Your "Christian" Blood Oath

4599. Stop Using Old Processes

4600. Would You Extend Credit to Uncle Eddie? -- Mortgage Madness

4601. International Public Notice: The Power of the State Assemblies

4602. In the Interests of Preventing Mass Chaos

4603. Cui Bono -- Come Out of Her

4604. International Public Notice: Step by Step Analysis

4605. Spider, Spider .... Zoning is a Good Example

4606. News for You

4607. Britain, "At It" Again

4608. Answers to Questions About Affirmations, Etc., From Illinois

4609. International Public Notice: The Final Foreclosure Notice

4610. International Public Notice: My Sources

4611. My Podcast

4612. The Role of the Continental Marshals

4613. International Public Notice: Human v Man, Man v Human

4614. International Public Notice: Concerning "US NOTES"

4615. So It Begins

4616. Horror Stories Incoming

4617. International Public Notice: Notice of Insanity

4618. The Dead Baby Scam -- Update One

4619. International Public Notice: British Crown Tax Fraud in Progress

4620. International Public Notice: Declaration of Intervention

4621. About Cash and More

4622. International Public Notice: Country v. Territory

4623. International Public Notice: Israel is Not a State

4624. International Public Notice: Why "Britain" is a Territory

4625. International Public Notice: Any Fight is Not About Immigration

4626. International Public Notice: Dear Vladimir Putin

4627. International Public Notice: It's a Resurgence

4628. International Public Notice: Regarding the New World Order

4629. International Public Notice: Our Citizenship

4630. International Public Notice: The Constitutions Are in Effect

4631. International Public Notice: Motives of Genocide

4632. Yes, There is a Public Duty

4633. International Public Notice: You Ask How Did She Know?

4634. International Public Notice: Concurrent General Jurisdiction

4635. Even I Find This Moderately Offensive, But....

4636. An Invisibility Blanket -- For Real

4637. International Public Notice -- It Was Not a Mistake

4638. International Public Notice: Analysis for Laymen

4639. International Public Notice: Why We Say No

4640. And Just in Case of Dumb Bunny Psychosis

4641. International Public Notice: Essential Claims and Knowledges

4642. International Public Notice: Land Claim Frauds

4643. International Public Notice: Restitution to Wrong Parties

4644. No Notice to the Federation is Necessary Regarding State Office Resignations

4645. International Public Notice: "Military" Disposal Centers

4646. International Public Notice: There is No "Global Monetary Authority"

4647. International Public Notice: Damage Control Begins

4648. International Public Notice: Murder and Genocide

4649. International Public Notice: An Invasion by Any Other Name

4650. International Public Notice: Misapplication of Law

4651. Progress on Hell's Gate and Delphi

4652. The Evils of Pride, Ingratitude, and Fear

4653. International Public Notice: Invisible Enemies, Guilting and Fear

4654. International Public Notice: Prince of the Air Confirmed

4655. International Public Notice: The Bank for International Settlements

4656. International Public Notice: Regarding Quantum Financial System (QFS)

4657. Settlement Letter to Bank for International Settlements - True Scale

4658. International Public Notice: Federal Agencies and Proper Language

4659. International Public Notice: Identity Theft Via Substitution

4660. International Public Notice: Identity Theft Via Substitution (Part 2)

4661. International Public Notice: Identity Theft Via Substitution (Part 3)

4662. International Public Notice: Lincoln's "Nation"

4663. Meat of the Subject - Money and Not Money

4664. International Public Notice: Plain Speaking

4665. Remember -- No Act of Legislation

4666. A Force of Habit

4667. International Public Notice: They Have No Gold

4668. International Public Notice: HR5404 and Why Banks Are Collapsing

4669. International Public Notice: Stolen Russian Assets

4670. International Public Notice: General MacArthur and Black Eagle Trust

4671. International Public Notice -- Why We Must Declare

4672. For Declared Americans Only

4673. International Public Notice: Commentary on Furled and Blackened Union Jack

4674. More Confirmation

4675. Political Realism

4676. The New World Order is Upside Down

4677. International Public Notice: What Trump Is Doing

4678. Self-Governance and the Bank

4679. International Public Notice: Both Sides Now

4680. International Public Notice: Self-Service Denies the Change

4681. For Governor Greg Abbott

4682. For Declared Americans Only -- Part 2

4683. For Declared Americans Only -- Part 3, About Money Claims

4684. International Public Notice: QE2 Fraud Continuing

4685. International Public Notice - End of the FDA and NIH

4686. International Public Notice: Peace Plan Attached

4687. For Minnesota and Everyone Else

4688. International Public Notice: About "January 6th" Final Copy

4689. International Public Notice: Notice to Federal Agents and Agencies

4690. The Question of Government -- Thinking It Through

4691. Fraudulent Tax Sales

4692. International Public Notice: Banks Can Steal Your "Money"

4693. I Don't "Hate" the Pope

4694. Men of Action

4695. International Public Notice: MAC Addresses From Graves and Vials of Blood

4696. International Public Notice: Britain Again

4697. International Public Notice: Masters of Deceit

4698. International Public Notice: The Reasons

4699. International Public Notice: To All Players, Air, Land, and Sea

4700. International Public Notice: Regarding Money and Charges

4701. Fluoride is a Poison

4702. International Public Notice: Take This to Heart

4703. You Are Not Alone -- Just Uninformed

4704. Confirmation of Truth -- Take the Anna Challenge

4705. Mountain Magic and the Ten Commandments

4706. International Public Notice: We Do Not Live in a Constitutional Republic

4707. To Expedite Understanding

4708. International Public Notice -- Anchors Away

4709. A Vital Understanding About My Professionalism

4710. The Evaluation of The Fruits

4711. International Public Notice:The Situation

4712. The American Bison

4713. International Public Notice: The Myth of the Sovereign Citizen

4714. International Public Notice: Buyers and Creditors Beware!

4715. Today's Happy Place Reminder

4716. A Favor Request from All Americans, All Assembly Members

4717. More Dots -- and Not the Quantum Kind

4718. International Public Notice: Extra-Territorial Mischief

4719. International Public Notice: Failure of Legalization

4720. International Public Notice: Illegal and Unlawful Occupation

4721. International Public Notice: 2014 Final Judgment and Civil Orders

4722. International Public Notice: Thoughts to Keep Uppermost

4723. "Your" Social Security Card is a Bond Issued in "YOUR" Name

4724. International Public Notice: The Courts Have Been Weaponized Since 1865

4725. Tail-Chasing Remedy

4726. International Public Notice: The Importance of Non-Authority

4727. Orientation Help for Assemblies

4728. International Public Notice: Sorting Out State Authority

4729. There's No Delegation of Legislative Powers

4730. How to Think of This Situation

4731. International Public Notice: Put On Your Waders

4732. International Public Notice: The Black Sun

4733. International Public Notice: An Open Letter to Governor Abbott

4734. International Public Notice: The Greenbacks Scandal Revisited in Modern Terms

4735. International Public Notice: For All State-of-State Governors

4736. We Have Been "De-Humanized", Nuked, and Hacked. What Next?

4737. International Public Notice: For All of You Who Need to Know

4738. A Little Miracle

4739. International Public Notice: The American Federation Dollar

4740. International Public Notice: About Executive Orders

4741. Help Concerning the "Income Tax" and the Great Fraud

4742. International Public Notice: Concerning the Original Federal Constitution and the States of America

4743. International Public Notice: As Simple As We Can Make It

4744. The AFD --- Good News for Living People

4745. Enter Grandma and a Little Common Sense

4746. New Tech Alchemy and Taboo Math

4747. Visualize What You Want to See

4748. Another One of Us Breaks the Surface

4749. A Pause to Consider

4750. International Public Notice: Conflict of Interest and Our Objections

4751. International Public Notice: No Authority to Conduct War

4752. International Public Notice: Modern Feudalism and Corporate Press Ganging

4753. Nothing for Something

4754. They Have Abandoned Ship

4755. International Public Notice: The Brits, Again

4756. This Time of Year

4757. International Public Notice: Reposting For the Military Lab Rats

4758. International Public Notice: The Problem With Critics

4759. International Public Notice: Notice of Liability, Etc.

4760. International Public Notice: to the Admirals, Generals, and All Others

4761. History of Me and MGJA and OGJA and Similar Groups

4762. All Banks Are Broke

4763. A Tree and It's Branches: Chapter One

4764. The Tree and It's Branches: Chapter Two

4765. Touche, Matthew Tucciarone

4766. International Public Notice: Our Government(s)

4767. The Tree and Its Branches: Chapter Three

4768. Danke Gott -- Finally, What We Knew to Be True

4769. International Public Notice: Why There Are No State Republics at This Time

4770. International Public Notice: A Source of Misunderstanding

4771. My Personal Suggestion

4772. International Public Notice: I Am

4773. The Michigan Assembly as Led by Paul Peterson Stands Dissolved

4774. The Horns -- Usually Two of Them

4775. International Public Notice: The Brits Again

4776. Dear Aaron -- An Overdue Letter

4777. The Most Targeted Assembly in America

4778. Greetings From The Frog

4779. Our Peacekeepers

4780. International Public Notice: About Ukraine Billings and the Federal Republic

4781. International Public Notice: An Explanation for Everyone

4782. International Public Notice: The Issues Raised

4783. "All Over The Internet...."

4784. The Long Journey of Eduardo Rivera -- The Nature of the Courts and Federal Taxes

4785. The Question Hunter Asked

4786. Told Ja So.

4787. Good News for Nebraskans - And Everyone Else

4788. International Public Notice: Freedom of Religion

4789. International Public Notice: The Long Journey of Eduardo Rivera 2

4790. International Public Notice: More Problems For the Jews

4791. Don't Believe Me? Prove Me Wrong.

4792. A Life Review

4793. International Public Notice: Exemption 21Claim

4794. International Public Notice: To the "White" Hats

4795. International Public Notice: How It Goes Down -- Financially

4796. Make Sure Every Politician, Military Officer and Scientist in America Gets a Copy

4797. Vindication Paramount

4798. Hard Times in the Roman Empire

4799. It Was Even Worse Than The Informer Imagined

4800. International Public Notice: Virus Fraud

4801. International Public Notice: The IRS Secret Sauce

4802. International Public Notice: Dear Donald Trump

4803. International Public Notice: Message to Pascal Najadi

4804. International Public Notice: Check the History

4805. International Public Notice: Sodomy as a "Tradition"

4806. International Public Notice: A Mixed Bag of Nuts

4807. Though Still a Bit Confused....Doing a Fine Job!

4808. A Timely Repost Concerning "Insurrection"

4809. "Secret Meetings"

4810. Assemblies Are Not Committees

4811. Our View

4812. International Public Notice: Venom, Venom, Everywhere

4813. Hotbed Alert

4814. International Public Notice: Stop the Probate Fraud

4815. International Public Notice: the Settlement of the Corporations

4816. International Public Notice: To NATO -- We Are Not Paying For It

4817. International Public Notice: This Is What They Do to Hide Their Crimes

4818. International Public Notice: This is Not Rocket Science

4819. Notice to All Coordinators and All State Assemblies

4820. International Public Notice: The Pyramid of Blame

4821. International Public Notice: The WHO Treaty Isn't a "Treaty"

4822. International Public Notice: The Crime of Unlawful Conversion

4823. International Public Notice: Taming the U.S. Debt Background

4824. International Public Notice: Taming the U.S. Debt -- Bretton Woods

4825. International Public Notice: Grey Hats and Nails

4826. Reply to Mattermost Posts About Hunter Aki, Etc.

4827. International Public Notice: For Hospital Administrators

4828. International Public Notice: It's Not Just History

4829. International Public Notice: Lawful Conversion

4830. International Public Notice: Israel, Another Incorporated Phantasm

4831. International Public Notice: Dangerous Impersonations

4832. To All State Assemblies

4833. International Public Notice: "Countermeasures"

4834. International Public Notice: Bloodline Claims

4835. International Public Notice: Why All the International Public Notices?

4836. International Public Notice: The Issue of Identification

4837. International Public Notice: The Great Debate

4838. Why General Amnesty?

4839. International Public Notice: Crashing the Federal Reserve -- and Blaming It on Us

4840. International Public Notice: For Actual White Hats

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