This page is an index of the writings of Judge Anna von Reitz from Big Lake Alaska.

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If you really are serious about knowing how to restore the Republic and your freedom you need to put some effort into knowing how our freedoms are being robbed from us by fraud, lack of full disclosure, deception, threat, duress, coercion, and intimidation every day of our lives and have been for over 100 years by the criminals who have hijacked our government, wealth, and heritage for their own gain and evil intentions.

Knowledge is power, and the ultimate civil power resides in every individual in America. By studying the following links in the order presented, you will know more about freedom and what the creator expected from us and endowed us with Through His Divine Son, and you will know your responsibility in that regard.
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Anna has two books. They are both very important to freedom. Here are the links.

"Disclosure 101" is a compilation of some of her earlier writings: Disclosure 101
"You Know Something Is Wrong When... An American Affidavit of Probable Cause" is the blockbuster you need to read. This book blows the lid off the corrupt corporate entity calling itself our Federal government, and shows the entire history of Fraud, Deception, Threat, Duress, Coercion, and Intimidation the perpeTRAITORS have used to steal our entire heritage and prosperity for over 150 years: Get it Here at Amazon
177.Very important solution oriented article you need to read.
Solid Resources and Brief Explanations from Anna Von Reitz

299.Fundamental American Government Structure
What most people completely miss about American Government

313.Estate Claim Filed with the Pope
Estate Claim Filed with the Pope

383. A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse"

736. A Brief Report for Those Trying to Understand the New World.
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A NOTE FROM JUDGE ANNA about this information: Please post my apologies that I cannot practice law while sitting as a judge and cannot possibly respond to literally millions of foreclosure cases and custody cases and so on. I have one set of hands and only 24 hours each day, like everyone else. The facts of the fraud have been established and presented. All members of the Bar Associations are liable. We have placed a huge lien on them. See articles #86 and #87 on this page. People all over this country need to be filing claims and going after these corporations. Look up commercial obligation liens and liquidation of corporations guilty of criminal activity-- and see what you will see.

The most urgent thing people need to do besides cleaning up their own political status records is organize their county level jural assemblies. Toward that end, here is the contact info for the Michigan General Jural Assembly.

The Michigan General Jural Assembly is hosting a Thursday night call each week to help people find their own county history and follow through their own process to set up their land jurisdiction county jural assemblies--- call in at nine o'clock p.m., EST, 1-712-770-4160, access code 226823#.

They also offer help through their website at and a Hotline from 2 pm to 7 pm EST, Monday through Thursday: 989-450-5522.

Before you begin your studies Read This Introduction.

639. The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance

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" Come Holy Ghost, into the hearts of thy Faithful and enkindle in them the fire of Thy Love. Send forth Thy Spirit, and they shall be created, and Thou shalt renew the face of the Earth. Oh God, who didst instruct the hearts of Thy Faithful people by the light of Thy Holy Spirit, grant us by the gift of the same Spirit, that we might be always truly wise, and ever rejoice in His consolation, Through Christ Our Lord, Amen."

INTRODUCTION: Notice To Congress

1. My Dear Archbishop George

2. The Nut is Cracked

3. For a Deeper Understanding

4. Open Letter to Karen Hudes

5. Final Judgment and Civil Orders

6. Final Judgment with Addendums

7. Civil Orders 6 10 2014

8. Civil Orders 7 4 2014

9. Notice of Default

10. Regarding "Political Action"

11. The Cheapest, Most Efficient Prison of all, Your Mind

12. I am Your Anchorbaby

13. Defined: The Source of the Fraud! From the Beginning!

14. To the adults in the room

15. An in depth explanation of the games that have been played on the American sovereigns

16. Open letter to Jack Lew Secretary of the Treasury

17. Starting at first base

18. Second base What "They" have done "For" You

19. Third base The Guilty Parties

20. General Civil Orders

21. (W)rit of Assistance and Affidavit of Truth

22. Signed - Sealed - Proof of Delivery

23. Confirmation of Delivery by USPS

24. Final Judgment and Civil Orders with Final Addendums updated 10-14-14

25. Live People seal documents with an autograph; Corporations use signatures

26. The Real Criminals

27. US Corporation Fraud: Why the Courts are at Fault

28. US Corporation Fraud: What Can Be Done

29. What is the Constitution?

30. Your Offer to Contract is Rejected

31. Did you give your Consent to any of this?

32. Role of the Trustee - Members of Congress

33. Anna's Vetted Notice to the World

34. Anna's Will to the American People

35. Anna's Letter to Angela Merkel

36. Words of Wisdom from Anna

37. Sovereignty vs 515 members of Congress

38. Just So You Know

39. How the US Corporation changes shells

40. Dissecting the Maze

41. Honor ... The Lack of..

42. The Constitution is a LAW for rulers and the people in war and peace.

43. The Rod Class Case

44. One more time…Judge Anna attempts to Straighten out the old man.

45. A lot of information for individual people

46. The “Condo Association” Analogy – Re: the united States

47. Removing the Fangs

48. A statement of fact for the Bundy family in Nevada

49. Writ of Quo Warranto
I can't verify yet that the above document was authored by Anna von Reitz but it sounds like it might be.

50. Dear John - Regarding the IRS

51. Top 5 Banking Acts – UNITED STATES of AMERICA Inc Released from Bankruptcy July 1, 2013

52. Kevin Annett vs. Russell Means, Leonard Peltier, and Me — Or What’s Real –

53. Many politicians are just now beginning to wake up

54. America is a corporation and the state owns your children

55. Look up Public Laws governing Citizen’s Arrest in your state; get ready to use them.

56. The federal fiat U.S. dollar VS. The New Treasury Dollar

57. An Update from Anna von Reitz

58. The specific details of how you were defrauded

59. Declaration of Law by Anna Von Reitz

60. They cannot say that they were not told the truth!

61. The Civil Judge Advocates Council

62. Relief Is NOT Remedy

63. Before Things Get Out of Hand

64. In our quest for a “JUST” Society – Judge Anna von Reitz offers the following:

65. Public Order Document  http://public-order-with-cover-2.pdf

66. Public Order Timeline Document

67. Twelve Steps to Take if You Are Trapped in Court

68. Public Notice - Buyer Beware

69. Acting as a judge of a superior court

70. Folks, think about what you are doing

71. The Fourteenth Amendment Hoax

72. Alaska State Superior Court Judge, Anna von Reitz

73. Public Notice to Law Enforcement

74. Wait a Moment - How can it be illegal for people to get married?

75. It's In The Box

76. Anna von Reitz shares an important document

77. Another Book coming from Anna von Reitz

78. The "Pope" in America

79. The Correct Gun Control Argument

80. The Diabolical Nature of What Has Been Done

81. For the [Stupid] Love of Money

82. Here You Go.... Hot Off the Presses from Judge Anna

83. Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 1

84. Birth Certificate Discussion - Part 2

85. The Importance of County Sheriffs

86. Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien against the American Bar Association

87. The actual document of the Affidavit of Obligation and Commercial Lien against the American Bar Association

88. Dead Man Pays Multiple Mortgages 34 Years After His Death -- Notice to Sheriffs, Troopers, FBI, Militia

89. New Post About Karen Hudes and "The Rule of Law"

90. Be aware, a huge war is going on"

91. So What Does It All Mean?"

92. A Reply to Karen Hudes"

93. Far Behind the Curve - For Marge"

94. Begin at the Beginning

95. An Open Letter to General Dunford and the Joint Chiefs of Staff

96. Judge Anna on the Second Amendment

97. Open Letter to Sheriff Ward

98. Dear Federal Agents

99. Letter to Pope Francis 12 10 2015

100. Updated Live Affidavit

101. Letter to John Kerry and Ban Ki Moon

102. A Reply to Snopes and all others.

103. The Truth About Karen Hudes, The World Bank, and Your Gold

104. Solving the problem of Individual Freedom and Sovereignty

105. A Message To, For, and About Great Britain

106. Second Letter to Sheriff Ward

107. Response from Karen Hudes to Judge Anna Von Reitz

108. Another note from Karen Hudes and Judge Anna's Reply

109. Criminals on Our Shores

110. Steps to Take, Who To Notify, What to Be Aware Of

111. How you can help us make peace and real freedom in the world

112. Discussion with Neil Keenan, December 22, 2015, from Judge Anna

113. The Truth and Thomas Deegan

114. Christmas message For Veterans from Judge Anna and James Clinton Belcher

115. Third Round with Karen Hudes

116. Lawful Money versus Legal Tender

117. Land at peace, sea at war for 150 years

118. Deny the crooks jurisdiction over you, and destroy their power.

119. Questions for Judge Anna about the postmaster

120. Regarding the Take Over of BLM Facilities in the Western States

121. Final Notice of Commercial Obligation Lien to World Bank/IBRD/IMF

122. An Open Report to Pope Francis Regarding the Situation in Oregon and Other Matters

123. Brief Explanation of the Fundamental Fraud Against Us

124. My Answer to "Snopes", NBC, CBS, Ted Turner, and the American Press Club, Too.

125. Today's Missoulian about the Oregon situation

126. A Reply to Stewart Rhode's Recommended Honorable Exit Strategy For Ammon Bundy From Judge Anna

127. Open Swim for Lawyers!

128. Was Common Law shut down years ago?

129. Specifics for Sheriffs and Federal Agents

130. Questions from Montana for Judge Anna Von Reitz

131. Three part document on Karen Hudes by Judge Anna


133. The Lunatic Fringe Round Two, Gurus Be Damned

134. The Essential Five Second Statement of Why You Can Choose to Be Free Right NOW

135. To Betsy Hammond of the Oregonian RE "self appointed judge" showing up.

136. This is Karen Hudes' latest excuse---

137. How to Restore the Land Jurisdiction Government Owed to Your County

138. About Federal Title 12 USC 95a and b2 - Who owns your property?

139. Where We Are In The Fraud Process Briefly Explained

140. Ode to Sheriff Mack --- How To Get Enforcement of the Actual Law of the Land?

141. The Northwest Ordinance, Federal Proprietorship, and the Western States

142. Another American Speaks to Betsy Hammond and Provides References

143. Why Unrest of Any Kind Defeats Both Versions of America

144. Important Details for Everyone Regarding 12 USC 95a and 95 (2) b:

145. Round Four With Karen Hudes

146. Round Five with Karen Hudes--- Judge Anna, January 16, 2016

147. A Reply from Judge Anna About the National Debt, the National Credit, and the Pope's Role

148. ROUND SIX : Karen Hudes v. Judge Anna

149. Why All Contracts Are Void and Fraud By Nature -- Language and Parse Syntax

150. Question and Answers about Freedom to Travel and Other Freedoms and Responsibilities

151. In Regard to "Burning Question" Below:

152. Open Letter to Pope Francis and All Members of the Christian Clergy

153. Is The FBI Assembling Death Squads - Round Seven with Karen Hudes - A Commentary by Judge Anna Von Reitz

154. Cover Letter to Pope Francis - From Anna Von Reitz

155. General Joseph F. Dunford, Jr. , American Armed Forces

156. Open Letter to Congress and the Federal Governors

157. Extra-Judicial Notice Issued to the Justices of THE SUPREME COURT OF THE UNITED STATES

158. What China Can Expect and Needs to be Told - Judge Anna Von Reitz

159. Essential Knowledge for Every American to Know from Judge Anna

160. Instructions Regarding "FBI" Murderers Still Terrifying Burns, Oregon


162. The END of 400 Years of European Meddling and Predation in America

163. Answers for Tom--- and the Rest of the World, Too.

164. For Arnie Rosner-- Reply to Suggestions

165. Is America Under a Judgment?

166. Clarification -- What We Have Done from Anna Von Reitz

167. There IS No National Debt Owed by Americans

168. Are You Aware - This is crucial for Ammon Bundy

169. Update from Judge Anna -- February 10, 2016

170. The Need to Dismantle the Machine

171. Answer to Ralph Kermit Winterrowd and Anyone Else Who THINKS I Am Not a Judge:

172. Letter of Support for Sheriff Palmer, Grant County, Oregon

173. Me and the NLA by Anna Von Reitz

174. Global Currency Reset? Hello? This Isn't a "Reset"

175. Know Anyone in Canada Doing Anna's Work?

176. My Reply to John Daresh and NLA --- Round One

177. Solid Resources and Brief Explanations from Anna Von Reitz

178. NLA Shows Its True Colors - by Anna Von Reitz

179. Am I Worried About John Daresh, His Attacks and His False Charges?

180. Notice in Regard to Continuing Abuses

181. Nationality - A question for Anna Von Reitz

182. No Free Lunch, No Santa Claus, and No Tooth Fairy, Either

183. The Down and Dirty for Thomas Deegan, Ammon Bundy, and Everyone Else

184. To All Who Care About Justice

185. Long Form Birth Certificate Question - Who are you?

186. Questions for Judge Anna - Can't find you on the cabal's list of Judges?

187. The Genesis of the Fake Corporate "Personas"

188. De Facto versus De Jure - more questions for Judge Anna

189. A Report to the World - from Judge Anna Von Reitz

190. What is in a NAME? An Appeal for Pesach (Passover)

191. Anu:hotep/anaroth - what does this mean.

192. Comment on Arches of Ba-El Temple of Marduk Being Built in London and New York

193. Banker Truth - Global Currency Reset - by Anna Von Reitz

194. Elections? What Elections? Big News. BIG.

195. A Note About Money and Foreclosures---- Pun Intended

196. Disclosure is about to take place, re. Notice to the world

197. Questions for Anna - Please provide us with direction. How do we stop this evil?

198. Where Does Law Come From? -- Everything You Need To Know and Were Afraid to Ask

199. Step by Step -- Emancipation

200. Passport Fraud

201. Debunking We Go --- An Endless Game of Whump the Weasels

202. Claim Your Babies Now - Stop the Crime at the Source

203. People's Awareness Coalition Comments About

204. Law of Contract is Void; Law of Covenant is Valid

205. The Ancient Language We Are Heir To and the Web of Trusts

206. LB Bork, the Red Amendment, and The Dual System of Law

207. An Interview with Judge Anna Von Reitz About Our History

208. Restoring America, In Response to Bill Goode, Kingman, AZ

209. A One Page Reduction of the Situation

210. Letter to the Pope - 14 April 2016 from Anna Maria Riezinger

211. Your Future is at Stake

212. Definitions You Need to Know

213. Modus Operandi of Satanists - Recognizing the Hidden Hand

214. What to Expect on April 19, 2016

215. Neil Keenan, the Chinese, the "All of It" -- by Judge Anna

216. Repeat of What Anna Says About Contracts and Quantum Grammar

217. History Hash by Anna Von Reitz

218. Finally--- a Simple Fraud-Killing Remedy

219. Formal Notice to Congress Regarding Fraud -- 22 April 2016

220. Let's Get This Straight, Once and For All....Birth Certificate Fraud

221. Calling Out John Daresh and NLA

222. Common Law v. Admiralty Law, People v. Persons

223. How To Identify Liars and Fools --- They Talk About "Sovereign Citizens"

224. Calling Out John Daresh and NLA--- Round Two

225. Crazy Like a Fox -- Unanswered Letters 1 -- A Reply to John Smith

226. Which Is The Real American Government? --- Unanswered Letters 2 -- Reply to Pat Anderson

227. Salute to Lisa Havens: Just When You Thought American Journalism Was Dead.....

228. Crisis --- Letter to Pope Francis - Via Email, April 30, 2016

229. Slavery --- Unanswered Letters 3 -- Reply for Emily

230. The Role of Evil --- Unanswered Letters 4 --- Reply for Doreen

231. Fool Me Once.... Unanswered Letters 5 -- Reply for Robyna

232. Dr. William Mount, Le Neu Republique, and NESARA On the Hot Plate

233. Regarding Dunford as POTUS ---- Unanswered Letters 6 --- Reply for Richard

234. A Very Critical Point to Understand --- Unanswered Letters 7 -- Reply for Charles

235. Our Government v. Their Government -- Unanswered Letters 8 -- Reply to Jayne

236. Idiocy Abounds - Global Currency Reset? Ya - right.

237. Emergency Review About "Money"

238. "Network of Corporate Global Control" ---- My Fat Foot

239. More Evidence of IMF Sponsored Crime and Crisis --- May 5 Letter to Pope Francis

240. The Straight Skinny and What You Need to Do

241. Our Actual Credit Balance -- Unanswered Letters 9 -- For Emily Again

242. Mr. Jacob Rothschild ---- Let Me Ask You.....

243. To Kyle Rearden--- Try to Get the Labels Right

244. There Are No "Fake Judges" and No "Sovereign Citizens" Either

245. Apples or Oranges?

246. About the "Presidential Transition" --- Unanswered Letters 10---- for Sylvia (Thank You!)

247. Payment in Full Tendered for All Debts of the UNITED STATES

248. Calling Out John Daresh, and NLA --- Third Round

249. More Confusion About Common Law Courts --- Unanswered Letters 11 -- Reply to Sir David Andrew

250. Shinola Talks and America Walks - Who are you Ammon Bundy?

251. Wake Up, Please, and Tell Me----- Are You A Puerto Rican?

252. Dear Mr. Rothschild --- Payment of Account and Contract Status

253. Revocation of Election to Pay Income Tax -- Unanswered Letters 12 -- For "Princess"

254. Little Words --- Unanswered Letters 13 -- For Richard

255. "Naturalized Citizenship" -- Unanswered Letters 14 --- For Mors

256. Sheriff Mack -- Unanswered Letters 15 -- for Ron

257. Synopsis of Situation - To Whom it May Concern, or To Those it May Tend to Incriminate

258. Calling Out John Daresh and the NLA --- Round 4

259. Conference Settlement

260. May 10 Debt Transmittal Letter

261. May 10 Bank for International Settlements

262. Notice of Withdrawal of Appearance as Agent -- Example

263. Notice of Non-Representative Capacity -- Example

264. Reply for Tony --- Unanswered Letters 16 -- No, Not Like Karen Hudes in Any Respect

265. More Disinfo and Hogwash --- Unanswered Letters 17 --- For "Highly"

266. Hague Notice of Fraud, Order to Cease and Desist

267. Judge in International Capacity, Justice at Home --- Unanswered Letters 18 -- for Patriot Jenn

268. How To Use The Glossa Judicial Notice and Order

269. Letter to Pope Francis-- Memorial Day 2016

270. The Destruction of the constitution

271. Neu Republique II --- Unanswered Letters 19 --- For Nina

272. Regarding More Idiot-Speak About "Secession"

273. Once Again, What Kind of Judge Are You? ---- Unanswered Letters #20----- for laurence

274. The truth has come out finally and conclusively, by Judge Anna von Reitz

275. "Neu Republique" v. Old Republic--- Another Birthday Party Disaster by Judge Anna

276. "Why NLA Grand Juries Don't Work--- Unanswered Letters 20a --- for Joseph

277. Analysis of Latest Fulford Report ---- Unanswered Letters 21 ---- for Lorna

278. "US Citizenship" ---- Why Won't You Believe That You Have Made a Wrong Assumption?

279. For Our British Friends --- Unanswered Letter 22 --- for Roger

280. June 6: A Requiem for a Birthday

281. NLA and Karen Hudes ----Unanswered Letters 23 --- For Concerned Parties

282. Comments About Anarchy As a Solution-- Unanswered Letters 24 -- For Michael

283. Red Alert! Shout Out from Judge Anna Von Reitz!

284. Eric Williams' response 6-10-2016 from Anna Von Reitz

285. Are You a Citizen or a National?

286. We Are All "Indigenous" --- Like It or Not

287. Should Democrats Be Disarmed?

288. Progress and Flaming #@$!@s

289. What Do I Need Money For?----- The People's Law Firm

290. Why Do We Need a Totally Different Kind of Law Firm --- And Why NOW?

291. Why You Don't Hear About All These Bankruptcies

292. Question and Answer -- June 19, 2016 -- The Only Living Law Firm in the United States

293. The Living Law Firm: 20 to Nothing on Foreclosures Tonight--- All Wins for Our Side

294. James Belcher, July 4, and Sons of the Revolution

295. Citizen v. National Using Georgia as an Example

296. Reply Regarding "Global Connection" Piece for Sandra

297. Several Major Updates -- June 27, 2016 from Anna Von Reitz

298. Money is a Product Like Pork and Beans

299. Fundamental American Government Structure

300. Social Security and the Government of FRANCE

301. Question for David Crayford and An Answer

302. Breaking Our Contracts with the Dead

303. American States and Nations Bank Partners With Karatbars, International

304. No Need For Confusion of Any Kind

305. Answer to David Crayford and "American Lawyer" -- Round 2

306. For Jed --- More Questions and Answers About American States and Nations Bank

307. Independence Day - What are we celebrating?

308. Quite Possibly the Most Important Announcement You Ever Receive

309. The Definitive Reason Why General Dunford CANNOT Restore America

310. Why You Are Special

311. Monday -- Support Needed for the Living Law Firm

312. Trust No-Thing by Anna Von Reitz

313. Estate Claim Filed with the Pope - From Anna Von Reitz

314. Rumor that U.S. and NATO to Attack Russia

315. Welcome Home!

316. Please Pray For Mainstreet

317. Six Million Cases of Foreclosure

318. The United States is NOT America

319. Men and Angels

320. For SOME Indian Chiefs - Your claims violate Your Traditions

321. Reply to "American Lawyer"--- by Judge Anna

322. American States and Nations Bank Update

323. Question About Affects of Tribal Membership on Political Status

324. Reply to Tyron Parsons --- False Gods and Men Who Worship Them

325. Cow Patties and Shoe Shine --- My Challenge Back to Tyron Parsons and His Ilk

326. Two Kinds of "Money"

327. In Eve's Defense

328. The Final PUSH -- Update on Living Law Firm and Foreclosure Fraud

329. Great Quote from Make War Unprofitable

330. Obama Bans Gold Ownership for "United States Citizens"? So Who's a "Citizen"?

331. Source for your article on Obama banning gold

332. They Stole Our Names.....And Now, They've Lost Them.

333. Where's the Mandate?

334. Rebuttal Versus Reclamation -- Exodus to the Land

335. Why I Am Polite to the Devil

336. As a Thing Is Bound -- Or, What Goes Around

337. My Slogan--- Keep Calm and Get Even

338. Proper Wording for the Necessary Actions and Documents Part One

339. The Big Switch – An Open Accusation of Worldwide Fraud

340. Why Do Corporations Exist? What Can We Do About It?

341. Holy Crap Corporations

342. The Smell of the Rose - Anna Von Reitz

343. The Once and Future Story--- and One Simple Correction

344. From England Where All This Crappola Began --- The Word Goes Forth

345. Reply to Karen Hudes --- Again, Date Stamped August 10, 2016

346. The Two Are Not Two. They Are One.

347. Toward A More Complete Understanding

348. Update: Time to End the Civil War: the Necessity of Expatriation

349. Trusts or No Trusts - How they should work, and where they came from.

350. From the Trenches to the Sidelines - Questions Answered by Anna

351. Why A Name Change is Vital

352. The Second Summit -- British Government Gratitude Explained

353. What Your Donations Buy - From Anna Von Reitz

354. Unanswered Letters -- Second Batch, Number 1--- For Woody and Arnie Rosner

355. Hello? Earth? This is Anna....... Houston? We've Got a Problem Here....

356. A Heart-Breaking Call for Help

357. The People of the Whole World Have Been Defrauded

358. Be Inspired. Be VERY Inspired.....

359. Update on Living Law Firm Progress

360. The Watchmen - by Anna Von Reitz

361. The Bundys - An article by Anna Von Reitz

362. "I Don't Know, But I've Been Told"

363. State UCC Filings -- The way you want it

364. New comment on State UCC Filings -- The way you want it.

365. Congressman Louis T. McFadden Speaks

Congressman McFadden's complete speech of May 23rd, 1933 as compiled and assembled by John White

366. Unanswered Letters, 2 of Second Batch---- For Rodger

367. My Prince Charming and the Battle of New Ulm

368. Prejudice is as Prejudice Does

369. Come Out of Babylon

370. What Happened to Checks and Balances?

371. Savvy Served Up Hot Every Thursday Night!

372. Ammon Bundy Totally Vindicated and Now......

373. Me and Walter Cronkite

374. Ancient Molmutine Laws of Britain

375. The Big One - 20 years of work filed in your behalf

376. A New World, Not a New World Order

377. The Arrogance of Central Planning

378. Jacob Rothschild = The New Republic = La Neu Republique

379. Most Beloved Francis -- Update September 26, 2016

380. No Dog in the Fight

381. Reply to Aptly Named "Son of Wind"

382. Regarding Calls for My "Arrest" and My Turn to Ask Questions

383. A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse"

384. There is Nothing Occult

385. Comment on Luis Ewing, Larry Becraft, and Admiralty Lawyers, et Alia

386. New comment on A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse".

387. Another comment adding to A Stern Warning About "Satanic Ritual Abuse"

388. Update: Bank Foreclosures and Mountain Climbing

389. COLB's, Social Security, RV's, Gold Hoards and Ponzi Schemes

390. Advantages of Just Saying----No! -- and Boycotting the Election

391. Comment on Fulford Report of October 3, 2016: FED v. IMF

392. Postmasters and Post Masters, Who Has the Post Master?

393. Dear Vladimir: It's Not Us

394. Answer Regarding Confusion

395. Housekeeping 101 --- Us and Them by Anna Von Reitz

396. Your Name, Please?

397. More to Know About Your Name

398. The Odious Karen Hudes, Once More Revisited

399. Waking Up 101 Revisited

400. Cleaning Up The Civil War --- 150 Years Later

401. GESARA and NESARA and NO-SERA about 90% correct

402. The Vanishing Act

403. The "False Flap" Over Bruce Doucette

404. Postscript to The "False Flap" Over Bruce Doucette

405. The Basics

406. A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations --- Reply for Ron

407. Late in the Evening Comes the Dawn -- The Bundys Exonerated

408. A Crash Course in Skepticism--- and Hope

409. Postscript to "A Plague of Hopelessly Inept Demands and Declarations"

410. Clarification of What Happened to Our Government

411. An Open Letter to General Dunford - From Anna Von Reitz

412. Standing Rock - Beyond Tribalism

413. You Want to Be Free? By-Pass Temptation to Vote

414. Preet Bharara --- The Hero You Never Heard Of

415. Why Would Canada "Help" the United States Clean House?

416. American States and Nations (Trading) Bank -- Part One

417. American States and Nations (Trading) Bank --- Part Two

418. Valley Forge 2.0 - Help Needed

419. So Trump is President- Elect

420. Good Morning, America…. from Anna Von Reitz

421. Living Law Firm Update -- November 2016

422. Attention, Please. The Answer to Standing Rock. Again.

423. Mainstream Media Corruption --- Tell Donald Trump

424. Dung Beetles, Vietnam and Donald Trump

425. Guys, I Know I Need to Do Videos

426. The Amazing Vanishing Debtors

427. Two Crocks in One Week

428. The Importance of Your State

429. International Notice Back to “The United States of America Government” --- And All Other Pretenders

430. What I Know About the "Reign of Heaven Society" and "The United States of America"

431. Settling Some Intel Hash

432. Feel Good BS as opposed to Scare Us Silly BS!

433. The Rest of the Story--- and a Correction (or Two or Three….)

434. More Bogus Claims from Keith Livingway and "The United States of America"

435. The Short List

436. What Donald Trump is Telling You

437. Cousin Bubba --- Call Out to All Serious Historical Researchers

438. The True History of the Income Tax and IRS ---- Again

439. The Legacy of Easy Eddie ..... Or, Stop Being Stupid

440. The Old World Order, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Two

441. About "Targeted" People and Weather Warfare, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 3

442. The Only Adult in the Room.... Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 4

443. Divide and Conquer....Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 5

444. Who Benefits?.....Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 6

445. Answer to Milt Farrow, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part Seven

446. Chinese Gold, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 8

447. American Civil War, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 9

448. Woe to Babylon, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 10

449. States of States, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 11

450. New Year's Eve 2016 Greeting

451. US v. Federal Districts, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 12

452. The Trading Companies, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 13

453. Fast Forward, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 14

454. Mortgage Fraud, Political Status and Law, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 15

455. The Rest of the Story, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 16

456. Hypothecation, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 17

457. Long Ago, Far Away -- Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 18

458. Words and Terms, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 19

459. It's the Language and the Court, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 20

460. Dear Doctor Trowbridge.....

461. The Final Lamb, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 21

462. It's the Banks, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 22

463. It's the Oil, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 23

464. It's the Media, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 24

465. The Sweet Spots, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 25

466. Practical Education -- Pure and Simple: Lighthouse Law Club

467. Interregnum My Rump, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 26

468. Ford and Carter's Bicentennial, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 27

469. The Pope and the Pontiff, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 28

470. The Government That Isn't, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 29

471. Thank You, and No, I Can't Keep Up.....And Did You Know You Are in The Service?

472. It's the Political System, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 30

473. It's the "ISMS"-- Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 31

474. It's Your Copyright, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 32


476. It’s Your Land, Or, Stop Being Stupid Part 33

477. The Final End of the Fraud - Hail, the Emperor's New Clothes

478. The Constitution

479. Trump Card will be played this month, or will it?

480. Continental Marshals - History You May Not Know

481. Clarification ----Exactly What Is the "Fourth Branch of Government" Justice Antonin Scalia Referenced?

482. The Situation Report

483. Reply to Michael R. Hamilton in Regard to Continental Marshals Service

484. What We Know About "YOU"

485. An End to My Association with Bruce Doucette and Michael R. Hamilton

486. Vetting. Think About It.

487. Anna Goes Queen for a Day.....

488. Anna Goes Queen for a Day.....

489. Just the Facts, Ma'am

490. Your Political Status and Your Oaths -- Bella Haywood's Case

491. What Has Been Done For You

492. The Right Way and the Wrong Way

493. Dear Monique--- The Nature of My Work With the Vatican

494. Clarification Regarding the Continental Marshals Service

495. Vital Terms and History

496. Issues of Sovereignty -- by James Belcher

497. Truly Off Base -- The Tempest in the Teapot Phenomenon

498. Incompetence -- and Really Crazy Stuff --on Parade

499. Things We DON'T Have to Research AGAIN

500. Your State is Your Nation

501. Badge Buffoonery -- Tempest in Teapot 2

502. Solutions? You Guys Want SOLUTIONS???

503. Ten Important Facts for Americans

504. About Oaths, Offices, and Civics -- For "Court of Record"......

505. 150 Years of British Criminality -- The Very Short Version

506. Mayhem and Misunderstanding in Illinois

507. About the Supposedly "Missing" Original 13th Amendment.... A Recap of the Scam

508. Public Offices Belong to the Public

509. Public Notice of Gross Judicial Misconduct

510. A Guide to Choosing Your Leaders

511. Our mission is to restore the lawful government that is owed to us.

512. Please Prevent Wholesale Anti-Semitism

513. So, I Am a Vatican Spy?

514. Continental, Federal, Territorial, and Municipal.....

515. Reply to Bruce Doucette Concerning the Continental Marshals Service

516. Not Overtaken, Reborn

517. Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

518. Do Your Ears Hang Low?

519. To Kevin --- RE: Mission Priorities, Militias, and Continental Marshals

520. For Kevin 2: The Fifty States Claim and You

521. Rogue Sabre --- Truth and Lies, Land and Sea

522. March 31, 2009 -- Take Note

523. The Very Short Explanation of Everything

524. Why Clinging to Your Chains is Not the Answer

525. Are We Idiots?

526. Blood Oath Fulfilled

527. A Life and A Reason

528. The Truth About Contracts, Parse Syntax, and Us

529. Global Collateral Accounts -- What's the Hold Up?

530. No Democracy, Not Now, Not Ever

531. Collapsing the Fraud -- April 15th is a National Holiday

532. Arrests

533. Your Mission, Jim, If You Decide to Accept It.....

534. Turkey Farming in Colorado

535. Article 1, Section 8, Clause 17 --- Reply to Arnie Rosner

536. The Fifty States Claim -- Update

537. FBI Informers, the Bundys, and Watering Horses

538. There Are No Secrets

539. Letter to President Trump on April 11, 2017

540. Why Would Catholic Bishops Pray for the Death of America?

541. Foxes in the Hen House

542. The Big Job --- Reply to Arnie Rosner

543. Exactly Why the Trump Administration Needs to Cooperate

544. The Truth About Larry Becraft and the "Federal Income Tax"

545. Just When You Thought It Couldn't Get Any Worse

546. Public Notice to the United States/UNITED STATES

547. Good Friday and the Kingdom of Heaven

548. Public Notice to Feds

549. Red Alert! Another Bankruptcy Fraud in Progress! Please Post Notice!

550. Business Letter to U.S. Attorney Jeffrey Sessions

551. Letter to the Hague Prosecutor's Office

552. American National Mortgage Foreclosure Moratorium

553. Repost from The Rebel Madman Blog

554. Why Civil Rights Are the Key to National Solidarity

555. Let's Send Them a Bill, Shall We?

556. Seeking the Truth as a Way of Life

557. The Doctrine of Scarcity -- Calling Out Pope Francis

558. Another Declaration of Independence --- Everyone Take Note, Share, Go Viral!

559. A Very Important Announcement--- The Nature of the Battle

560. How to Correct Your Political Status and Why

561. Trojan Horse Alert!

562. The Fruits of Endless War --- How Insurance Fraud Funds "Your" Government(s)

563. Let's Settle This Hash......

564. Pass the Word to Mr. Trump

565. What Was Done For You --- 2.0

566. Your Help is Needed

567. Reply to Bundy Stand-Off : A Century of Abuse

568. What is the UN? --- Probably Not What You Think

569. Rumors of "The Republic" -- What It Means, Actually.

570. Cookie Jar Money For "Cookie"

571. The "Situation" in Colorado

572. The Littlest Billy Goat Gruff -- Puerto Rico

573. Re-Flagging Your Vessels

574. Details of the Treason Against the Actual United States

575. General Dunford, Mr. Trump, Everyone Concerned ---Courage Is The First Virtue

576. The Best Explanation of "The System" -- Right From the Horse's Mouth

577. Your Right to Travel Freely - State V Marple

578. Final Reply to Thomas Deegan

579. Who or What Is At the Bottom of All This?

580. A Message of Hope for Pope Francis

581. What Every American Needs to Know About Sir Lancelot

582. Now What With Puerto Rico?

583. The Very Brief Explanation of the Corruption Process

584. The End of the "Re-Flagging" Controversy

585. Update on Cookie and a Couple Notes

586. "A" Does Not Equal "A"

587. For the Record, Rothschilds v. Rockefellers

588. Common Law, COMMON LAW, English Common Law, American Common Law....

589. A Canadian Leveraged Buy Out of the US Corp? Hahahahahahah!

590. An Overlooked Truth About the Shemitah

591. For the British Prime Minister and Principle Parties

592. The Concept of Common Wealth

593. Jeff Sessions Public Notice 2.0

594. Happy Mother's Day, Mr. Trump. Court Order Enclosed.

595. Mother's Day Decrees

596. The First Sin -- Update on State Non-Assumpsit Actions

597. The Truth About Governments -- Including Ours: Public Notice 3.0

598. Land Justices, The Bundys, and Pesticide Spraying of Azure Farms, Oregon

599. Until the New Bank Comes

600. Time Line of Territorial Fraud

601. To the Perpetrators:

602. What Is the Name of the Crime? ---Unlawful Conversion

603. Donald J. Trump and Jeff Sessions 3.0

604. Templar Treaties

605. Update on Cookie and Three Law Suits

606. More Personal (as in "Private Natural Person") Notes

607. Dear Lucretia --- Mortgage Relief -- and The Rest of the Story

608. Get Your Bearings -- in One Paragraph

609. Memorial Day 2017 --

610. Bank Update

611. Key Information---Everyone Read This

612. When You Deal With the Federales -- Either Territorial or Municipal

613. More Shinola 10.0

614. Christians Who Hate

615. Apologists

616. It's Spring. Look at the Garden....

617. Facts of Love

618. Climate Change. Uh-Huh.

619. "Power to Sell" -- The Latest Land Grab

620. "Pay Attention! -- If You Want to Save Your Butts!

621. Paul Harvey and the Reign of Heavens

622. What I Think. Really.

623. A Reply to "One Who Knows"---- And Apparently Knows Nothing

624. Thoughts About Kings and Brothers

625. The "UN", Swamp Draining, and Today's Situation Report

626. Improved Act of Expatriation

627. Retired Means Retired!

628. My Thanks to Mary

629. The "Federal Reserve" is Only The Whipping Boy

630. Title, Lien, and Bond

631. Step One Complete..... Now What? Dear Ernie.

632. The Four Kinds

633. International Commercial Obligation Lien status

634. IRS Claims of "Frivolous Return"

635. Four Unions. Two Are Bankrupt. How to Handle Obstructive Clerks

636. Letter to the Governor of Puerto Rico

637. We Delivered. And Now We Need Your Help.

638. To The Generals -- Get the Lead Out

639. The Top Ten Articles for Rapid Assistance

640. Judicial Notice of Claim - June 29, 2017

641. To The Leaders On The Earth

642. Medical Licensing, Yankee Doodle, Inc., and the Way Things Work

643. International Trade Bank? What?

644. The Great Fraud of Today - Part One: The Corruption of the Judicial Branch

645. The Great Fraud of Today - Part Two: Corporations Are Not Governments

646. The Great Fraud of Today, Part Three: Redemption

647. Why We Need Funds

648. The Fifth of July -- James Clinton Belcher

649. Both Flags Belong to Us

650. Dear George.... All White Hats See Actual Letter PDF Attached

651. Another Quick Explanation

652. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number One

653. The M1 Bond Scam

654. The Simple Fact of the Matter

655. Caution About Bonds

656. Rat Roping and the GCR

657. A Personal Note

658. Grandma Anna's Investment Advice

659. The Meeting of the Grand Poobahs

660. Clarifications About Bonds and Birth Certificates

661. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number Two

662. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number Three

663. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number Four

664. Public and Judicial Notice -- Number Five

665. Release of the Interest of the Holy See

666. Two Jurisdictions Down, One to Go

667. People-- You Must Learn From Your Mistakes

668. Hello? Campers? WAKE UP!!!

669. Just the Facts Ma'am --- AGAIN....

670. First Instruction Letter

671. The Secret Isn't Secret Anymore

672. Follow the Logic

673. Two Different Populations

674. Comptroller of the Currency Letter, July 2017

675. Gift Horses

676. Warning About Swissindo and Any Similar Offers

677. Actual Judicial Notice now up on Anna's Website

678. Forty Aces and a Mule -- Swissindo and Bondage in America

679. TDAs --- Not for Americans

680. The Misuse of Trusts

681. The Change in Presumptions

682. Arrests

683. Why I Am One of the Few "Judges" Left in America

684. Unfortunately, I Am Right Again

685. Our National Probate v. Their National Bankruptcy

686. Now Let's See

687. The Public Employee Fraud Against You in a Nutshell

688. The Simplest Answer -- Nationalize the Banks, Keep the Account Structure

689. Clarification Regarding Copyright to Your Trade Name

690. The Other Guys and We, the Cows

691. Public Announcement to the World: We Have Re-Venued

692. For the Babies

693. Dear President Putin 2.0 --- A Message From the Actual USA

694. Situation Update for August 8, 2017

695. Why World War Three?

696. The Bundys--- Again

697. My Apologies and Thanks

698. My Twentieth Anniversary

699. Full Court Press for The Historic Trusts

700. Immunity to Lies and the Lure of Power

701. What You Have Done

702. The Power of the Jury -- The Beginning of the End

703. The Monsters Under Our Beds -- Take 20 Minutes to Face Them

704. Monsters 2.0

705. Legal Kung-Fu

706. Urgent Message for Donald Trump

707. Additional Facts About Re-Venue

708. Psst...... What the Corporations Don't Know

709. A Reply to Concerns


711. So-Called Republic of North America

712. Claim Your Name and Estate -- the EZ Way

713. To All White Hats Everywhere

714. The Greatest Fraud of All

715. Notice of American Claim

716. New Assignment For the GCR Committee

717. Important Notice Regarding Territorial Claims

718. Third Party Claim of Interest and Paramount Security Interest Holder Status

719. Dear Clifford J. White, III: Please Get It Straight -- Unincorporated Versus Incorporated

720. Definitive Reply to: H.E. HRH Royal Prime Minister Earnest Rauthschild

721. Proof in The Pudding

722. The Importance of Sand

723. Private Jokes, Land, and Political Reality

724. Your Inheritance

725. The Shadow Government Testimony

726. Hurricane IRMA -- "War Goddess" --- Hahahahah!

727. Thuggery USA -- $10,000 an Ounce for Gold -- Because We Say So!

728. The Magic Beans Phenomenon

729. To Give You All a Cat-Bird's Seat

730. Calling Out Ben Fulford

731. Please Shepherd - Jurisdiction, Air, Land, and Sea

732. So You Took An Oath to Defend and Preserve the Constitution.....For All Members of the Military and Police Forces

733. New Republic-----My Big, Fat Rump!

734. A Message for American Bar Association Members

735. Let's Make It Very Simple For The Generals

736. A Brief Report for Those Trying to Understand the New World.

737. A Note Is A Note Is A Note Is A Note

738. Me and YouTube and Jerry Day

739. The Cynic in Me

740. Oldie But Goodie -- Zip Code Double-Dealing

741. Where Did Political Parties Come From?

742. Our Situation Report

743. Evil in High Places

744. A Walk In China's Slippers

745. 46,000 Arrests

746. Thank You, Cookie Jars of America!

747. Two Critical Documents sent to Judge Anna from RBY in Montana

748. The Truth at Last -- A Message to General Dunford

749. Suffering Fools But Not Gladly

750. Selling What Isn't Theirs

751. Rumors About A Congress in Philly----

752. Evil in High Places -- Part One

753. Conference Week

754. Conference Week - First Two Days

755. Conference Ends, Mountain Moving Begins

756. The Truth About Dunford -- Get Ready

757. Please Note

758. More Answers From the Field Manuals -- Who Is Responsible For This Mess?

759. Finally --- The Reason the Courts Are Corrupt

760. Morning Star

761. You Are Among the First to Know

762. Showtime

763. My Testament For My Sons and Daughters

764. Scanned Testament

765. Civilian Property Emblem - In the Case of Martial Law Intensifying

766. 226 Pages

767. Don't Worry Unduly

768. Dear Supreme World Settlement Commander

769. The Great Fraud in 25 Words Or Less

770. Memo to General Kelly

771. Global. Collateral. Accounts.

772. Jubilee

773. Money, Value, and Time

774. One Ticked-Off American

775. A Righteous Man in a Crazy World

776. The Sides of a Coin

777. The Un-Vacation Phenomenon

778. Property, Property Taxes, and The Whole Picture to Date

779. Communications About the Mess For the Military

780. This Will Leave Your Head Whirling

781. A Most Valuable Process

782. Special Message for the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, DIA, MI6, MI5, etc., etc., etc.,

783. JFK: Bethesda Autopsy Photos not JFK / Oswald Framed, Warren Report a Sham

784. Here Are the Rats Responsible for the Foreclosures:Dinner-Time!

785. The Logic of the Thing

786. On Death, Killing, and CopWatch

787. And We Do the Hokey-Pokey and We Turn It All Around....

788. Are You a Hue-Man? The Entrapment Game on a Global Scale

789. Anna in Wonderland

790. Big News for the World

791. Step By Step -- What You've All Been Screaming For -- Part One

792. Step By Step -- Part Two -- The Gas

793. This Time of Year

794. The Reason Why You Have to Get Moving

795. Here Are the Smoking Guns, Mr. Trump....

796. How Many Times Do I Have to Say This?

797. No, China Does Not Own California

798. For Those Incapable of Connecting the Dots

799. More Specious BS From the "Bar"

800. Intra-governmental Memo to President Trump

801. Something in the Air

802. BLM and FBI Criminality Exposed, Exposed, Exposed....

803. The Crux of Non-Representation

804. Please Note -- The State Chartered Credit Unions Are Ours

805. Commercial Feudalism

806. The Simple Solution and the Simplest Solution: Notice to Pontiff and United Nations

807. Why a Woman?

808. Special Treat for the Video-Minded

809. hristmas Thoughts - From Anna Von Reitz

810. Causes for Peace

811. 2018

812. Zig and Zag

813. The Hole in Our Mind

814. The Goat Standard

815. A Worthy Question--- A Name or a Name?

816. To Major General Kenneth A. Nava and Donald J. Trump

817. The REAL Scandal of the Hammond and Bundy Trials....

818. Color Code the Judges

819. Why Neither Gold Nor Silver Hold Any Answers


821. Special Message About Marijuana "Law"

822. Bundys Freed -- Extra! Extra! Hear All About It!

823. America's Grandma

824. Apologies, Again

825. Where Are the Koch Brothers and T-Boone Pickens When You Need Them?

826. Progress in Texas, the MGJA, and Everywhere Else

827. Access to Republic of Texas Teleconference

828. England, Again and Always

829. NOL's and Court System Basics

830. America: Some Assembly Required

831. Urgent Public Message for President Trump from Judge Anna

832. America: Some Assembly Required now released for immediate publication world wide.

833. The Tenth Leper.... A Call to Conscience

834. Why Equity Law is Evil

835. Global Currency Reset Comment for January 2018

836. Seventies and Eighties and Nineties

837. A Great Big Fat Misunderstanding

838. One More Time S-L-O-W-L-Y

839. Sample of a Mandatory FSIA Notice

840. Whether to Laugh or to Cry

841. Know Your Enemy

842. What to Want

843. Lies, Lies, and Liars

844. Protect Yourself

845. 150 Years of Non-Performance

846. Why Incorporating and Privatizing Government is Evil

847. Charity at Home

848. Euphemisms, Labeling, and Deceit--- More Tricks from Satan's Closet

849. The Government Under Contract

850. If You Understand Nothing Else, Ever --- Understand This

851. Service and Taxation

852. Be Grateful.....For the Russians???

853. Valentine's Day 2018 Letter to Donald J. Trump

854. Manna World Holding Trust: Pilate Attempts to Wash His Hands

855. Thomas Williams gives an update on the World Trust

856. Manna World Holdings Trust--- Again

857. The Cat by Anna Von Reitz

858. A Note For General Kelly

859. Now, I Am Mad. Officially.

860. About "The UN"

861. Another Reply to Manna "With Truth and Integrity"---

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